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  1. Personally, I find the idea of a “fourth” house more game breaking than just slotting in a few more students to each house since so much of the story and gameplay is built around the three. If the new students are given proper supports, it won’t feel that removed from how recruits currently work. However, the concept of Abyss mode being an alternate route from the current four that deeply explores Agarthan and Nabatean stuff sounds fantastic.
  2. I think it’s worth adding that the Agarthans completely ruined Fodlan with their nukes. The whole reason Sothis went into hibernation was because she wore herself to the bone restoring the natural land. If they had the means to nuke everything, they didn’t have the means to repair the damage.
  3. Oh thank God. This is actually my first go at Hard/Classic anything FE, so mild panic happened lol
  4. Enlightened One can use gauntlets since brawling is one of Byleth’s better weapon paths at the start, and the job is a infantry catch-all surprise promotion for whatever build you were playing Byleth with. Mortal Savant is pitched as a master step for Swordmaster, with each canon sword focussed unit also supporting gauntlet usage. Dancer could also be any unit aside from teachers, so you need to have all weapons open. Right now I have a sword/gauntlet Byleth build going because it works with Enlightened One and I’ve hardly experimented with the weapons so far, and the real advantage is the brave effect. The thing that really bugs me is brawler path jobs being gender locked, but it is what it is.
  5. I forgot all about this chapter, and sure enough I’m playing GD hard with half my class replaced by recruits...😬 Only chapter 6 so I can fix this.
  6. Well, now I’m curious if Dorothea gets mad if you say you’ll help her find it as M!Byleth, since she’s super relieved if you say you will help yourself verses referring to asking Manuela as F!Byleth. In things they DID NOT get past the radar, the changed Bernadetta dialogue in which she mentioned being tied to a chair by her father to learn to be a submissive wife, changed to cut out the latter part entirely. Big ol yikes once it clicked.
  7. I don’t exactly disagree, but it all felt strange in retrospect. Despite being Edelgard’s endgame, CF really doesn’t go that deeply into the lore of TWSITD. CF being such a blitz to take out the other main royal forces without pause left no room to build them up organically, instead focusing on Rhea’s mental breakdown and second Seiros style revenge bender. Which is a shame since the Slither’s existence and past actions are used to justify Edelgard’s otherwise villainous actions up until Rhea starts screaming literal bloody murder. As for the whole deal with students siding with Edelgard and Byleth despite the holy tomb chapter, keep in mind Rhea waxes horrific and goes full Immaculate One in front of everyone immediately after the confusing, botched ceremony with Byleth, all with Edelgard calm and collected. In that position, I probably would’ve ran from the bloodthirsty dragon to protect my friend, so that never bothered me. The missile shot in CF was a warning to Edelgard to stay in line. The Slithers absolutely have the power to nuke everything, but don’t want to use it because the first time they had, during the huge wars in the pre-Red Canyon incident era, messed up the world so badly. I mean, they did let Sothis restore everything and go nap it off before Nemesis waltzed in. Thales unleashing the missiles in VW was a petty f-you move since they were completely defeated
  8. Dimitri is plenty busted from his bases and crest stuff, and he’s the only lance infantry at that level.
  9. Dimitri was part of their kid squad. It’s also why Felix is so venomous to Dimitri; seeing his dear friend go blood frenzied while both were still in mourning scared him to the core.
  10. Tea and the same level of pre-planning as your other units. Though it would absolutely be a pain in the ass if you aren’t pushing NG+ renown and need those limited hours to boost everyone’s motivation, but turning Dorothea into a better mage unit could be more worth it than Lindy-heal botting and Dorothea dancing every turn. The other option is dark mage and working for fiendish blow, but I don’t think encouraging Death Knight action on maddening (without Lysithea, at least) is the best idea.
  11. Dimitri’s route, Azure Moon, is uniquely disjointed from the others, as it focuses almost entirely on his fall and redemption and the how the tragedies that catalyzed the war affected him and the other BL students. I think it stands best on its own in isolation compared to the other routes, but it leaves so many small details unanswered that it nags you to play the others. What baffles me now is why Verdant Wind has so much copy paste from Silver Snow when Claude’s background could lead to multiple story threads beyond what we got. Edelgard’s Crimson Flower becoming a DLC route while putting the dev time into Claude’s side could’ve lead to a better game. But I guess they had little choice with Edel being the face of the game in most advertising.
  12. Crimson Flower also has the issue of Flayn bouncing out of your team when you are already dealing with limited EXP gains. Lindhardt’s crippled from not having access to Gremory, as his attack prowess is garbage despite warp utility. He’s as good of dancer material as Dorothea, if only for her having access to the better final class. Petra also has the same potential but slow build quirk as Ferdinand if you direct her to becoming your main flyer. I actually took full advantage of Byleth’s budding talent in white magic and made her a holy knight on my CF run, and I would not have won those last maps without her.
  13. A magical flyer is my biggest wish, preferably unisex. I saw the lack of a lance infantry unit at that level as another suggestion, and seconding the female war master. Male units need something to balance Gremory, but with Dark Mages being male locked, a master class version to finish that line off could work.
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