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  1. That's what I'm doing right now... Its stupid funny to watch BlarBlade Ursula rip green faces clean off. Or Xander Quick Riposte bonfire blues... so tasty. Wrong Book MB!
  2. You can use Ursula or Olwen very effectively. I have all three (Neutral Reinhart, Olwen and Ursula). Without +Atk or +Speed Olwen they are very close. If your Olwen has +atk or +spd I would use her. If you have Blarblade+ Ursula is fantastic with Calvary buffs and I would consider using her. Personally I use Ursula because I like her art and voice the best. I have her with the following: Blarblade+ Ardent Sacrifice Moonblow Deathblow 3 (replacing with Life or Death 3 later) Desperation 3 (may replace with Vantage 3 later) Hone Cavalary With that build Ursula easily replaces Reinhardt and outpaces him in some situations when she has both sets of Calvary buffs.
  3. You have to be careful when running with non level 40 characters. Doing so often results in really crazy matchups... many of which are painfully unfair. Since the last set of bans though my matchups have been fine. The worst I saw was a 4star +10 merged Cecelia with Gronblade, Fury3, and Vantage. She was just so freaky bulky with those merges, fury and buffs. The map was horrible for the encounter and blade greenmages can prove problematic for my current comp. So that was painful.
  4. I ran the numbers on all three of them using the matchup calculator both with defaults, vs fury, vs +Spd, +Atk, etc. Reinhardt, Olwen and Ursula and quite frankly they come out very close depending primarily on how many buffs they have AND what A slot you are comparing. As Icedragon has stated before Ursula +Speed with Dire or Blade totem will win out with the highest coverage and most kills when the highest number of damage/defensive buffs are available. Blarblade Ursula comes in very close second and will often have near identical or identical coverage to blade totem Olwen. +Att Reinhardt will win out in situations where defensive buffs are available but not offensive or no buffs are available. Its notable that Olwen and Reinhardt with Dire Thunder have very bad counter/bait support. Blarblade provides much better counter support on all of them. The questions really hit when you don't have a +Atk Reinhart or +Atk+Spd Olwen. In either of these situations Ursula with Blarblade will win out with the best coverage given +Atk and +Spd support. But again, when the buffs fall a neutral Reinhart with Deathblow 3 will outpace Ursula with better coverage (but terrible counter/bait support). So ultimately if you are running a horse team with +Atk and +Spd available there is very little difference in their performance. It really becomes a choice of who you have available, if you have the right boons/banes, if you have the right team support, the right inheritance support, and finally how you want the units to respond defensively. Some of these choices are marginal, while others are extremely significant.
  5. I'm in tier 17 and moving to 18 next week. I concur with others I'm fighting with adjusting my comp with feathers or starting merges. I really want to start with merges but my comp has a gap right now. Essentially I have Cecilia (Gronraven) and Reinhardt doing the damage. Which gives my insta death for Red, Blue and Colorless but leaves me vulnerable to green mages specifically blade ones. Xander will counter kill most green mages but blade mages are dangerous. At this point I'm realizing it would be optimal for me to change Cecilia to Gronblade, Fury, Vantage and make a Reinhardt or Ursula Blarraven, Triangle Adept. That way the two mages cover each other leaving no ranged coverage gap. But I can't complain much... horse emblem for the lazy people.
  6. That's exactly what I did and I don't regret it. 9/10 Xander wants the fortify more than any other buff, and his ranged allies want the juicy damage/speed buff he can provide. I gave Cecilia Fortify and Xander Hone. I don't regret it at all.
  7. Smited him across the river... that is hilarious... 10 points! I did not know you could smite units across water thanks for the tip ;-) Cecilia destroys this group too with her default tomb and triangle adept. She tears the archers and blue units to shreds.
  8. I was doing the math on Elise this morning on a horse team... and she could be really... really scary. None the less that is a super impressive Serra. She'd be a tough kill given her Resistance and speed.
  9. That is a really spectacular character summary. Very nicely written thanks for the interesting read MrSmokestack! Will have to read your other character summaries!
  10. I agree with you on the emulators to some extent. Being the majority of players on emulators are simply playing the game. I'll admit its a tricky hill though. By blocking emulator users and root users you eliminate many users at the source. Its unquestionably harder to hack the game on a non rooted android device. I'm not sure how I feel about the issue. Especially since as you pointed out. Most of our HD videos come from emulation captured devices, not hardware.
  11. Yeah QR 2 is great on Xander. Actually I'm falling over laughing right now. I'm facing Azura with Zander... who has Saphire lance so a red coming at her has a 0.6 modifier... well I haven't replaced blazing light yet and poor Azura is going to get oneshotted by Xander... Triangle failure for the win! Honestly after playing with Xander quiet a bit since his release I think people are crazy to put Fury 3 on him. From what I've seen in normal play he takes much less damage with +2 Attack/Def. On the other hand this means you have to have a Spring Chrom laying around.. but its so worth the sacrifice.
  12. I've heard the same from previous posts here. Though its interesting to actually see a post from Nintendo. Personally I will not play this game on bluestacks or a rooted phone (and I use bluestacks a bit and swear by it as being one of the best emulators for andriod game play). I would skip buying orbs on bluestacks though, or sharing access to your phone account with bluestacks. Better safe than sorry. I would love to hug Nintendo for hunting hackers here though. They really dampen the game, and the arena is quite fun.
  13. I agree desperation is a good option. I want to get Ursula setup with Desperation and Life or death on my Cavalry team. Her speed is juicy with Hone and her attack is crazy high. On the other hand with this type of investment you may want to save orbs and go for Olwen +Spd or +Atk. Its probably a wash between any of their combinations though. Your target is most likely going to explode regardless with Blarblade. The other thing you can do with your B slot is ask, what can't you kill. When Reinhardt considers this same question the issue of what he can't kill usually hits with spear users. Some spear users have either high Resistance, High speed, or both. Just like Reinhardt's Deathblow doubletap, Ursula or Olwen will sometimes either not do enough damage in one blow or fail to get two blows against a spear user. The simplest solution is run Spearbreaker. So Spearbreaker or Desperation are solid options On Ursula or Olwen with Blarblade.
  14. Thanks. I was in a weird mood and decided to marker up the post. I'm enjoying my horse emblem too much right now. Its overly easy to build with a wad of feathers.. given so many core members, one from each color are literally handed out to us. Well... Xander was a bit of a tough fight for his 4 star unit. But so worth it! I agree on the lack of red magic and the fun thought of LoD Brave ;-). I forgot about Cain being decent. My friend loves her Peri though, with that crazy hair ;-) Awesome Scarlet. Xander is really sexypants. I honestly haven't had to give him a B slot yet even with his horrible speed, because his defense is just so darn high. And my Cecilia passes +6 Def/Res to him so he literally takes no damage from most melee reds and all greens. I do have to say the choice between Fury and SChroms +2 Def/Attack was super hard... Personally the +2Def/Attack was the right choice, because Cecilia stays glued to his butt. But I can definitely see where Fury can be comical when Xander gets +4 Attack/Speed and or +6 Attack/Speed buffs. I used Gunter for a while while building up my horse team and he's actually not that terrible. He would actually be pretty darn good with Distant counter and an Emerald Axe... but I don't really need that roll with Cecilia running amok. GL on your team!
  15. Strange none the less very nice on the wins! I'm suspecting mixing some of my vantage nastygrams in with my horse emblem may make a better overall defense... but who knows. Today is weird.
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