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  1. Hi, I've been lurking this thread for a while now and I'd be very thanksful if someone could answer a few questions for me. First of all, this is my first time of even thinking of hacking my 3DS, I just want to patch the horrible localization Fates from what I've heard with stuff like Soleil's supports. I haven't played fates yet either despite having the special edition since release, but I guess it's for the better if I get to experience the game for the first time as intended thanks to you guys, lmao. Anyway, does this patch also work for the european special edition? I've seen a few other threads that make it sound like it's not possible to do so the same way. I might be wrong, mind you. Furthermore, is it possible to combine patches like the undubbed audio with this one? I'd also like to know if you have to "boot up" the game via the homebrew everytime you want to play the game or if the patch is permanent, it probably is a dumb question. Preparing the DS doesn't seem all that hard, but I rather be sure before I brick the console by accident. Edit: I almost forget, I've read everywhere that it's compatible with the 11.2.0 version or below, but does this also apply to the 11.2.0-25E? Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated
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