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  1. Good specificity here, since I know American farmers in the western plains were already experiencing the cycle of debt amassed from agricultural modernization and overproduction that the arrival of the Dust Bowl would later bring to a crisis point. The 1920s were also when the totalitarian tides began to rise, which sure is happening in this contemporary age of democratic decline. It's not until the 1930s that it peaked, but it seems we're a little ahead of schedule this time. Just limited Awakening & Fates styled random quips. The franchise probably can't afford voicing every line. I would say the issue with always setting the postgame after the story's conclusion, is that sometimes concluding the story makes the idea of further fighting difficult. For Pokemon, having a postgame is fine, because all the story ends with is the player becoming champion, it's nothing out of the ordinary, nothing world-changing. Etrian Odyssey also always has a postgame b/c all you've done is kill a big evil, no reason you can't go on and explore a sixth portion of the labyrinth. To pick something like Shin Megami Tensei instead, SMTIII: Nocturne has four of its six endings end with you recreating the world in the image that you desire for it. Since it's a world you want, what is there to fight in it? Technically, two of those four endings could feature fighting, but then we get into another issue- the Vortex World which the game takes place in ceases to exist once the world has been reborn. The developers would have to invest a good bit of resources working around this to make a postgame work, more than they would possibly want. Final Fantasy VI on a different note would have the problem of magic fading away with the game's ending, there goes a huge portion of everyone's arsenal of attacks. *Remembers TBS* ...Fire Emblem already did BGM-altering special weapons with Shadow Dragon Starlight, and I think the divine weapons in FE7 too.
  2. It's a mistake as forgivable as changing "SRX" to "SEX". Which is to say, the standard QWERTY keyboard just has to place "i" and "o" right next to each other. Your little error got a chuckle out of me. No need to apologize.πŸ˜‰
  3. Ah, my mistake. The fact that mod-writing isn't official means it's the equivalent of inserting fanfiction, which I'm not exactly fond of. And, the mere addition of s/s marriage is enough to make me content with the game in that aspect. I shouldn't need more chatter or under the sheets stuff hacked in to feel the good feels. The best feels would be IRL relationships, but that's nowhere near as easy unloading $60. I can't tell if this is intentional or not.πŸ€”
  4. Are you referring to the buttplug.io software I was referring to like yesterday?πŸ˜› I haven't purchased RF5 yet, so there is a chance I could go PC with it. (The little lava lamp lookalike for where the Sun don't shine would have to be a hypothetical gift from a hypothetical very accepting boyfriend.) Although I have my doubts a PC release will fix the "performaaaaaaaaaaaance!" issues. I don't know much about programming, and yet, I speculate the technical problems stem of RF5 from spaghetti code, or vermicelli, perhaps farfalle, macaroni maybe even fusili. Putting old wine in new bottles makes no difference if the fermented grapes were very unripe when they got pressed. I was meaning to ask, what got you into playing AI: The Somnium Files? I had heard of the game before, a decently reviewed story. IIRC though, doesn't the game have a very dislikable, rather perverted male lead?
  5. Official Yoyo Kirby plushie. Yoyo. I adore how antiquated it is.πŸ˜„ I need to give Super Star Ultra another play. I'm fine. I've taken a few days' break from Ys IX, but I ought to get back to it tomorrow. I refuse to let it be one of those many games that I never finish.
  6. Seems like it's software that lets you connect any electronic device that can vibrate to a video game and allows you to set when the device gives a shake during the video game. I mean, since the old N64, video game controllers have had a rumble feature that makes the experience more "immersive", this lets you add that programming to anything, particularly certain kinds of toys. "And there’s a lot to play. β€œThere’s something really kinky about your partner beating you up in a game, and you actively feel that effect with your vibe,” Valens said. β€œThere’s also something really sexy about playing a game like League of Legends with your friends and everyone getting each other off by using their abilities as they play. But I don’t know if I would necessarily advise people play [single-player games like] Metal Gear Solid 3 with a vibrating butt plug, unless they just want something to go off in their bodies and tease them as they play a video game.”" So just another form of video game interactivity. That some may want, others may not. The article said it's probably far better using a dedicated nahnahnah πŸ“³ device than a standard video game controller, which is not designed to give the most thrilling of shakes, nor fit where it should, nor be made of skin-sensitive bacteria-free plastic. I had seen an article about this last week. If you don't want to know the exact locations, I'll just say this- get high.
  7. "This allows buttplug.io to yield what Machulis calls β€œshitposts,” like using the haptic feedback in social simulation game Animal Crossing: New Horizons to twitch a linked buttplug or heavy blows in Elden Ring to buzz a Lovense Diamo cock ring. But you can use it in earnest for more intimate endeavors, too." I need to stop giving Kotaku a glimpse when I'm bored and on the Internet. Although NGL, I am a curious if I'd be into those... things. 'Tho that'd mean buying πŸ“³ and I am totally not interested in doing that in my present situation. You know, if this was FE7 epilogue Child Roy and he was homo/bi/pansexual and knew it at an early age, this would be kinda innocently cute. A young child having a moment where they want to "marry" their parents is a perfectly normal thing. As is, just another case of "IS doesn't want to suggest any pairing is canon". Although there is a hint of irony in that Eliwood is the lord who doesn't a canon pairing, yet IS so blatantly implies has a canon one at the same time.
  8. Well... I'm not so sure of that.πŸ˜… Technically if you want to maximize your resources, you gotta do the dailies, and the weeklies, and if stamina is an issue in the game in question, you gotta do multiple play sessions in a single day. That mobile games have to invent auto-battle features that some players utilize to take care of this stuff, says the dailies stuff might not be fundamentally such a good idea. And even auto battling takes a series of taps requiring conscious effort before and after. Now, if you don't care about resource maximization and are okay not logging in every day, I suppose it ain't so bad. But I couldn't get into out of that mindset of "missing out" by not playing every day. And being stuck in it, the two mobile gatchas I've tried became total chores, it wasn't fun. A 60 hour JRPG might seem like the typical example of a drawn-out game, but really, a gatcha that forces at least 15 minutes of your time every day for months and years is the real enslaver that doesn't respect your time. -Or maybe it does.πŸ˜ƒ There are multiple kinds of gaming mindsets, for some, 20 minutes of gatcha mobile a day is perfectly fine. Although you probably don't have time for more than maybe three mainstay gatchas if you do I would speculate. For me personally, I'm very mercurial with my video game playing, I'm too inconsistent and too free for gatcha (and probably subscription MMOs and live service stuff). A standard non-mobile video game might take a while, but when take a few days or months off from playing it, I know I haven't missed out on anything. And when the main portion of the game is over and maybe the postgame if it has one, I'm done with the game, for good. I have finality and I can feel free to move on to something else. All forms of behavior concerning how one uses their own precious time alive on video games are perfectly valid.πŸ™‚ There is no single "superior" play mindset. Different strokes for different folks.
  9. I've never played a single KH, and never intend to, but funny naming and supposed needlessly convoluted plots aside, but I've been told that categorizing it all isn't actually that bad. Birth By Sleep and the no-decimals or fraction numbered ones are the "main" titles, there are a few "bridges" that provide important connections for the main games, and the stuff that -while relevant b/c everything is- can be considered "spinoffs". Not that I'm going out of my way to seriously defend KH. All I'm saying is that you can make chronology more complicated than a title can contain, without making it convoluted or overwrought. I think most video game franchises where the plot matters will run into this at some point. Final Fantasy didn't b/c each game is its own story... until they made a sequel for X, which Square came with the admittedly elegant Roman-Arabic solution of "X-2" for.
  10. ...Because sometimes we have no filters on what we say. Even when we have to type it out. It happens to us all.πŸ˜† Now you're reminding me of this thing that I saw flipping through the gaming news. (Thrown in spoilers to not force anyone to see it.): Some upcoming, seemingly second-rate, Western game. 30 different options for your self-censoring your forbidden zones.
  11. Watch Rex get sidelined for the Aegis girls. Don't do it Monolith, defy the haters. If they're going to bring back Elma again (Overdrive go brrrrrrr), please have her tease some new stuff about her backstory and whatnot. Maybe make the battle to recruit her involve a Skell now to change it up. But don't (XCX spoilers)... Old Nia and Melia... maybe? I'm personally disinclined to see Fiora again. Shulk is very likely if he isn't still alive in the main game (though for one who dislikes gods governing the world, it'd be a little hypocritical), but I wouldn't mind Dunban instead to change it up a little. Dundun has just enough pizzaz to stand out on his own. Zeke has his own brand of charisma and could work as a joke of a returning character. There is a rather diverse range of opinions as to when the Switch successor will arrive. 2023 is a total no with chip storages still a thing, 2024-26 gives us a more reasonable but rather large window. Perhaps Monolith could return to some kind of non-Xeno project to have another release before the Switch 2. Double checking, nah, it's only 60% for the final phase of the final battle. 'Course being the last fight, you can go absolutely crazy with the consumable items and Spirit usage, you have no reason to hold anything back. Ah yes, the spoiler that is absolutely no spoiler at all.πŸ˜„ Ezel's Assist Character status was a tad unexpected. None of the other "rulers" of the Endless Frontier join, the game already passed over Shuten. But then, I suppose they wanted to complete the Orchestral Army. Next dungeon BTW has a timed escape sequence at the end, time will pass during battles. Though they might have been merciful and replaced random encounters during the countdown with a couple of encounters at fixed locations.
  12. Nice! Fortunately we've scientists and professional stargazers and whatnot for the real good images. Shame you missed the moment where the local Lynel respawned right behind me. And I getcha on the sleep, I was lucky last night in that I wasn't in my "struggles to keep my eyes open while using the laptop at 10:30 PM" state of mind. While solar eclipses got a lot of attention, it doesn't seem like there is as much cosmic hoopla over the lunar ones. But, I suppose a nickname like "Blood Moon" and every red moon in fiction ever is enough to go on. I'm thinking however they could use this for a character death situation as well. I mean, it's not like Monolith hasn't had temporaries before, but "guest" status would suit them best I'd think. Full class customization for everyone... well it would prevent things like Hope again, possibly the worst permanent Xenoblade playable character. While I already considered XC2's Blades an indicator that a playable cast filled with minor side characters could remain an XC staple, XC3 is further confirming that XCX2 could retain its large crew of BLADE members. Although, if X2 did allow you customize everyone's weapon load out, what would keep Cross (or "Double Cross" if they wanted to give us a new avatar) special? Does Cross need to still have some kind of advantage over everyone else? No, they don't. Elma needs an infinite-energy phenomena-altering Skell, I refuse to let her power level stay lower than everyone except Lora's. I hate to say the diabolical evil blasphemous heretical heathen ungrateful disgusting technobratic graphics-whoring phrase... "Switch Pro". But I will say that X2 will NEED to be on the successor to the Switch. Both for graphics and the processing load you're making me think about. X2 would be the perfect game to showcase how much stronger the Switch Mk. II is compared to the original system. Anywho, don't MMORPGs often have raid battles that exceed four players in number? XCX is MMO-lite, upping the playable count wouldn't be out of line. Plus, it'd up the feeling of playing not as a BLADE, but as BLADE, the entire organization, not just a single member. I'd love to be able to bring: Cross, Elma, Lin, Doug, Phog, Irina, Hope, and Murderess and Nagi into a single battle. If I made Cross a Pathfinder, the above eight (I could opt for a different combination) would cover every BLADE Division, plus Nagi the Division-less NLA Defense Secretary who towers above them all. Then, if the squad of nine accidentally aggros a Millesaur while fighting some Grexes, I order everyone to board their Skells. Would be kinda sweetalicious.🀩 Would also make me crave a 100% not-canon "turf wars" mode where players can duke it for control of Mira. Try to steal as many Ganglion strongholds, Earthling Base Camps, and FrontierNav Probe Sites from fellow players and hostile indigens.
  13. It did. I'm not much of a stargazer, it's too complicated and the weather isn't consistently good where I am. But this was fortunate and easy enough that I could see it.
  14. You're reminding me of these.: The stained glass Ocarina of Time Sage portraits that appear in Wind Waker. My guidebook back in the day had images all six of these so I stared at them a bunch, more so than I would've had I only seen them ingame. Since OoT and everything prior to it were my first Zelda experiences growing up, I loved these. As stained glass is pretty vibrant and intricate, I wouldn't mind at all if Xenoblade opted for it. I could've sworn that Aschen sometimes says "DAISERVICE!" during some of her attacks, but none of the vids I can find give evidence of that. "Dai" probably meaning "big" in this case. --- I did a check on the Moon, the lunar eclipse has begun. Right now, you should notice the Moon is being devoured by shadow going from the bottom left. The eclipse should continue to grow as the next hour and little extra passes. I'm not sure when the color change happens, probably once enough direct sunlight is cut off from the Moon.
  15. Finally, an unbroken pattern of warm weather has arrived! ...Except it jumped from cold to humid and hot today, I was sweating. Winter became summer, whatever happened to spring?πŸ˜• It's cool outside now, and I have a fan going b/c the windows open at night tend to attract tiny gnats along the ceiling that I don't want to deal with. Yet it seems the weather can't cooperate in daytime and give me that happy medium. Oh, and for those in North America who don't have cloudy skies, tonight is a total lunar eclipse.πŸŒ• It grows and wanes over several hours unlike its more famed and less frequent cousin the solar eclipse, which only lasts for a couple minutes at most. At its peak (~12:11 AM EST), the Moon should be covered in a shade of red. Astronomically, a lunar eclipse is when the Earth completely blocks out sunlight from reaching the Moon without passing through the Earth's atmosphere first. You know I'm not watching any trailers. Though for me, the questions of expectations are things like: "how much does this fit into or contradict the established lore and characters?", "how dependent is the new plot on the old plot?", and "is the game going out of its way to engage in more appeals than necessary to fans of the old stuff?". If the game ends up being a happy, incoherent mess of throwbacks that diminishes the new stuff... it wouldn't make the story bad ...but not exactly great either. Melly and Nia aside, I don't want that many returning faces, particularly since a great deal of time has passed. If Shulk and Rex are to make miraculous returns by the game's end, they need to learn their place after any flashy introductions, and never walk in front of all the new dudes. If Sharla and Morag show up, then things have definitely crossed a line, since they're low-tier in importance in their games, and their returns would likely mean a whole lotta others more important than them have as well. Riki and Tora... I would be okay either of them have become Nopon Sages and show up unexpectedly at the end of a little sidequest busywork.
  16. Option 3- Doubt you'll be able to fix anything on your own or even via collective action -possibly potentially fearing the results of speaking up in the wrong country- and keep your thoughts in the closet or only harmlessly among trust friends, family, and community. I'm sure it's a common pick worldwide, particularly in countries where democracy doesn't truly exist. Those with enormous hope in the possibility of change and or anger against injustice that outweigh other considerations, are the bold yet foolish who push for reform. I haven't the courage to join those living saints.
  17. Even a lazy person like myself sometimes feels like "I should've hit the treadmill today" when I'm still awake at night and struggling to sleep.πŸ˜† Exercise is good in general for one's sleep routine. I oddly think I might've heard of an attempt at a hate-based dating app before. Either must've failed or been relegated to a deep niche if I've never heard of it again. The old tribal/religious/nationalistic divide. Us vs. Them, Self vs. Other. As old as Ancient Greece with the old Elite Greek Men vs. Poor Greeks, Women, and Barbarians worldview. Or the Chinese Emperor > Chinese Bureaucracy > Chinese People > Tributary Barbarians > Non-tributary Barbarians hierarchy. Probably older than Antiquity even, just not so well recorded. The foreign, the minority, even the masses, everything has been discriminated against at some point -and probably still is.
  18. I was surprised as well. Although I rather liked it, it showed a vulnerability to the invincible KOS-MOS I hadn't seen with the first EF. -Although as you've a full understanding of Xenosaga (I really need to start watching Ep. II soon), maybe fragility with Kossy is something you aren't so taken aback by. I also realized that with Aschie getting brainwashed in Exceed, that both of the androids, who are also the two not-Suzuka playables who didn't get cloned in the first EF, were victimized in Exceed. Not sure what the writers' intention behind this was. Although it does provide T-elos with a solid, serious reason to join the heroes. Oh sweet summer child. Wait two years and the new regime quite frankly won't give damn what a judge they don't like thinks. ...Time for some escapism now. Glad to hear you're improving.πŸ˜ƒ Take it easy still, you don't want to exacerbate things by attempting needless exertions.
  19. More like 😬 to me. Well it isn't to "cure" drunkenness. It's more the not unreasonable approach of "an outright ban on something is never going to be obeyed and will lead to uncontrolled illegal activity, permitting something with regulations stands a better chance of succeeding". However, the Rule of St. Benedict and other monastic rules used by other orders, failed to fully restrain the human failings of supposed holy men. The Rule, like modern political constitutions, are inert documents and won't come alive and give violators -either blatant or indirectly such that it's not technically illegal what they're doing- flurry of very nasty paper cuts to punish them. For more on monastic dietary violations, there is this.: If the timestamp isn't working, skip to 7:00. -Assuming anyone who didn't live at the abbey/priory/monastery got a sip of the stuff being fermented there. Travelers stopping at the holy house for a safe and refreshing rest might, but the rest of the population? Well, it depends on the size of the monastery, it's holdings, and its geographical location. For an economically flourishing Dark Age monastery, the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Pres near Paris in 814 AD is provided as an example.: It owned 20000 hectares of cultivable land. 300-400 hectares of which were vineyards. The vineyards took the form of many small holdings scattered throughout the countryside near the rivers Seine or Marne. Fewer than half the vineyards were cultivated by the monks themselves, most were leased to tenants who paid their rent and taxes in wine. Each hectare provided 30-40 hectoliters of wine per year. The abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Pres reserved about 640000 liters of wine per year for church services, daily monk consumption, and sale. The tenants on the ecclesiastical lands were allowed to keep about 700000 liters of wine per year. What for? Maybe local peasant consumption, or maybe selling on the wine regional market, or perhaps both, we can't say for certain. So yeah, this totally sounds like top-tier Church wealth, more than capable of selling off some surplus vino. I am reminded that Turkey has a popular street beverage -I forget what it's called- that fluctuates according to present politics. If the central gov't is presently secular, it's mildly alcoholic, if the government is conservative (as it is now) they take the intoxication out of the drink. TBF, I'm not sure how much value that film has. The 60-80s were the "Disney dark age" after the titular man died and the studio receded into the background. The 90s was the start of Disney's modern resurgence and prosperous capitalist empire, a film well-suited to being symbolic of the start of this expansionary rebirth is The Little Mermaid (which is queer-coded I read once and gay men inspired by Broadway were involved in its creation).
  20. I get that.πŸ™‚ Not doing anything then makes the next worse b/c you feel pathetic for not having done anything yesterday. ...Which then leads you to do nothing again, which affects the day after that, and so on and so forth. You find yourself overwhelmed with ever-compounding self-misery that leaves you desperately wanting to do something, but at the same time paralyzes you from doing anything. It's an awful cycle. Reminds me of what I've heard about the first Luigi's Mansion. The hardest ending rank to get isn't the highest, it's the lowest. It's easier to get enough money for the glorious mansion than avoiding as much money as possible to get the tent.
  21. Chapter Seven of Monstrum Nox is done and I stand ready to head into Chapter Eight's dungeon. A lot narratively seems to be riding on what shall soon come, as the plot keeps holding tantalizing things back. This kind of approach leaves one craving more, but is arguably not good storytelling. At least I'm breezing through it, that isn't the worst thing. --- @Benice Why does Yakuza get this stuff? -This is the second set of colognes that let you smell Like A Dragon. Night Emperor to the left is described as calm musk and fruity floral; Mad Dog is a mad(???) floral fragrance. $25 USD per bottle. Perfect for a nerd who wants to smell good, but I can't possibly imagine what occasion they would need it for.πŸ€” Reminds me I need to get back to reading the wine history book, I've still 150 pages to go. Most of the stuff that fascinated me was in the earlier eras, while 1800s to the modern day should still be interesting, it probably won't be to the same extent as Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Also, since you might be interested, I feel like jotting down the one major Bible quote the book cited.: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the winemaker... I am the vine, and you the branches. He who dwells in me, as I dwell in him, bears much fruit; for apart from me you can do nothing". -A passage cited by French vignerons (those who grew vines and also made wine) suggesting why they factually were overwhelmingly doctrinally conservative in France and tended to be a solid bastion of Catholic support during the Reformation. Not to say Protestantism and Huguenots were always teetotalers, they weren't. Both sides of the Age of Religious Wars had critics of the immorality brought on by too much alcohol. And the Protestants did restore wine to the laity during Communion. The book also cites the famed Rule of St. Benedict. In which it is written that wine is not a drink suited for monks, yet as banning it is practically impossible, let wine be consumed, but not enough to induce drunkenness. One hermina (about a quarter liter) of wine a day was the permitted ration. Sick monks can ask for extra wine, as wine was sometimes considered medicine. For more Biblical mentions, the famed "water into wine" New Testament miracle (the very first miracle Jesus carries out) implies that it was common practice in the Mediterranean during the early 1st century AD to serve the best wine first at any gathering. Makes some logical sense, as a sloshed mind with tastebuds saturated with booze is less likely to be discerning than a sober mind with a clean palette. The "wine" that Christ was given to ease or mock (depends on the specific Gospel) his dying while crucified was possibly posca- a mix of water and either vinegar or sour wine (wine that hasn't become vinegar just yet and still has some characteristics of wine, but very little alcohol), which Roman legions drank as a daily ration (posca dehydrates in large quantities, but does taste refreshing). With regards to the Old Testament/Tanakh in Judaism, the book does mention that it is regarded positively. When Moses sent out scouts to the promised land, they came back with big bushels of grapes, and one of the first things Noah did after the Great Flood was over was to plant vineyards and make wine. Although, Noah then got himself irresponsibly drunk, and we can't forget how Lot was made drunk by his daughters so they could reproduce with him. The Tanakh appreciates a good wine grape, but not drinking-induced immorality. A few ancient Jewish sects strictly limited or banned alcohol, perhaps in emulation of the earliest Jewish nomads, but these groups were certainly the exception to the norms. Scripturally, Judaism/Tanakh/Old Testament is arguably not as pro-wine as Christianity/New Testament would be (blame Greco-Roman influences?), but neither was it anti-alcohol. On Islam, the Quran does contain negative but also positive references to wine. Islamic Heaven does according to its Prophet Muhammad contain "rivers of delectable wine". The holy man according to one story (must be a hadith) visited a house one day and saw how jovial wine had made it and blessed the drink. The Prophet returned the next day and saw the same house was filled with bloodshed, he changed the blessing he gave to wine into a curse. The problem wasn't wine itself, but all the problems associated with drunkenness. So Islam's founder decided that his followers shouldn't drink on Earth, even though it would be perfectly fine for them to drink the abundant vino in paradise. From a cynical perspective, prohibiting alcohol in a world where nobody else did that made Muslims easier for their rulers to control and separated them from other cultures. However, a complete ban on intoxicating beverages took a couple centuries to sink in, and some peripheries like Islamic Spain continued to imbibe for a time while a few early Islamic scholars debated what if any amount of alcohol was okay. ...I need to take more notes like these.πŸ€“
  22. A little later than expected. I don't have NSO at all, and this was an inevitable inclusion ofc, but it's still nice to see it on here. I had a physical game guide (which oddly never mentioned the true final boss) and played through the whole thing at least twice -minus never defeating the untrue final boss. Nowadays, creative visual design aside, Kirby is slooooooooow, and everything looks rigid, I don't think I could replay it. The fruit-collecting minigame was very popular in my family though, that would still totally hold up.πŸ˜„ It has been over five years since I wrote that.😐 This feels weird, a combination of old and "was that really me?". Rapier-ism has been on the decline though. Chrom & Lucina were the last to have it locked to them. Corrin got the Yato & Dragonstone. Alm and Celica are from an old weird game and the remake added a Rapier anyone could use (but wasn't quite as useful as it could've been). 3H has a Rapier, and I'm pretty sure some NPC lady with the Lord class carried one when she showed up, a nod towards the old association, but anyone playable could use a Rapier any time. May you enter the workforce with a tolerable form of employment whose tolls and tedium are outweighed by sufficient income and a sense of independence and increased self-satisfaction!πŸ˜ƒ I think at this point I think we just have to accept you have different FE standards from others in this thread. Which is why I never tried debating with you, persuasion should only be attempted if it has a chance to succeed. -If the goal one assigns to argument is persuasion in the first place.
  23. I'm aware of some ominous secret bonus scene in ZX Advent, might be hard mode only if you didn't see it. It would appear ZX was going to be a trilogy, but Capcom for some reason never gave the go ahead for the last game. This makes ZX one of two unfinished Mega Man subseries, the other being Mega Man Legends. Mega Man Zero you know ends smashingly, Battle Network from what I'm aware concluded well, Star Force ended pretty fine, X has essentially three games that count as the ending, and lol plot in Classic Mega Man.
  24. WTD interferes with effective bonuses. All unpromoted Knights are lance users, as are many of the cavaliers. His 15 Mt Rapier is only 12 against those guys, and WTD also makes him more liable for eating a counterblow if he isn't finishing a weakened enemy off. Roy isn't exactly super dodgy or have skin made of titanium, so he won't like somebody making a counter-stab at him.
  25. https://www.gematsu.com/2022/05/rune-factory-5-shipments-and-digital-sales-top-500000 500k for RF5. Sure it's not amazing. But it sounds like it guarantees another entry. Distribution of sales is unknown, but at least 128k of them were Japanese physical. Sounds like 3D transition and frame rate issues weren't the death knell people were thinking it'd be after all. Now I just need to pick up a copy myself. That's RF tradition going back to RF1. Because, rainbow.🌧️ Best watering can has a ❀️ design instead. Don't read anything into it.πŸ˜‰ Cue the Doctor Strangelove scene where the mad scientist advises that humans go underground for nuclear doomsday survival at a ratio of 1 male per 10 females. You got the recruit from the depths of Hell? Without save states? Congrats!πŸ˜ƒ Sir, this is Thracia. You know stats are trivial to max. Though 14 Def unpromoted is still very good on Leif. (Mine got like 2 early Mov procs instead.) From what I've heard, you don't want to make a translation team too big. One is certainly too small for a text-heavy meaty JRPG, if fine for a story-light action-platformer. I'm not sure what the perfect number is, but I get the sense it should be under ten crew members. Maybe 5 or 6. Ideally native speakers of both the original language and the language being translated into are on the team; I've also been told you should never professionally translate into a language that isn't your native tongue. I believe the stated issue with an oversized localization team is keeping the script consistent.
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