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  1. Simply patch the game first and head to https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/563015-fire-emblem-fuuin-no-tsurugi/saves Download the first save file. Open up the emulator, click on File > Import > Gameshark Snapshot > choose the downloaded save file > click yes to reset and there you go. You can delete the saves and start a new game with hard mode available.
  2. While these choices aren't exactly thrown at you because having someone like Valbar or Matilda dying is highly impossible (can you even revive them again? I would assume it's too late to revive them as they have been dead for a while and that'd be awkward especially how mad Clive was at Alm, idk maybe I'm thinking about TRS) but it's great to see what would have happened as for a consequence. I guess this was sorta what Fates was trying to go for? Or at least that what I thought when it came to choices mattered. The endings for characters when somebody dies are neat too because the idea of showing a bad ending shows us how losing a person can greatly affect a character like Clive losing Matilda or Gray's ending with Tobin. It just simply shows how important that person was to them. Are you talking about when a character dies and Soren gives a battle report reporting of a unit's death? If so, those are pretty neat. It also reminds of me with the special dialogues in RD that you have to go out of your way to see.
  3. I would agree with you, and thanks for clarifying. I didn't pay much attention the story of Awakening so I didn't know about Alm's dynasty lasting for that long.
  4. I did forget about Henry and Kellam and I did not know it was a trope and hey, who knows they might be related.
  5. You made a great point. The other tribe that Kamui's family lost to could have been Korean or another kind of Asian. It somewhat parallels to what you've said. When it comes to the word "dynasts" it makes me think of the Chinese. Chon'sin possibly being more Korean and Say'ri looking different than her brother so she can be Asian could say all types of Asians melded into one tribe or country.
  6. I wanted to see if killing Duma only would have change anything like Sonya's relatives living or the followers of Duma. I was able to have Alm defeat Duma without killing any of the villains with a unique character portrait besides the Mogalls but everything still played out the same way. An excerpt from the Fire Emblem wikia for witches, "In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the Witch class is given a background. According to Lukas and Saber, Witches are women whose souls have been offered to Duma, either willingly or by force. While the Witch gains unrivaled magical powers their souls are ripped from their bodies, becoming nothing more than hollow husks with the sole purpose of serving Duma. The process of becoming a Witch seems to have various degrees as Delthea was brainwashed and nearly turned into a Witch, but was able to return to normal once Tatarrah was killed. However, once a woman has fully become a Witch, there is no possible means to restore them other than to kill them. In their deaths, it seems that their soul temporarily returns to their bodies before they expire." I guess story wise the followers of Duma would have still fought for revenge but wouldn't killing Duma release the souls of those who were offered to himself? Were the souls bound to him or killing him wouldn't have an effect at all? If there were no effects then Sonya's ending would have made sense. I just don't understand how offering your soul to him makes sense.
  7. I was thinking if Kamui is related to the people of Chon'sin like Say'ri and especially Yen'fay because of their squinty eyes. Kamui is a Japanese name and the Chon'sin are based on the Japanese. Chon'sin is in Valm but I dunno where to be exact but let's say it's somewhere Kamui had disappeared in Valm (unclear if he's in Valentia or elsewhere) and settle down for some kind of desire because maybe he got tired of the good life in the kingdom that Jesse had made in Greith's territory. He might have wanted to do something for his hometown or his family. Kamui isn't the only one of his kind so it can be that Chon'sin became a country of its own that was from the hometown of Kamui and his family or the other tribe that beated his family out in the business were related to Chon'sin. If Jesse was dead, Kamui would have taken over in his place so it can be possibly located there. The place for deceased bodies of legendary swordsmen are found in Chon'sin called the Warrior's Tomb which is located by the Thieves Shrine in Gaiden. These guys are the founders of Chon'sin and Jesse, Saber, and Kamui are Mercenaries/Swordsmen and Jeese's kingdom is for Mercenaries but it's hard to make connections when Gaiden and Awakening takes place 2000 years later so when Chon'sin became a country is unclear. The small things like this or how Walhart is similar to Rudolf in what he did for the greater good, how you're able to go to Faria Port(aka Port Ferox) in Echoes and Thabest Labyrinth is between Arena Ferox makes the world feel much richer in history.
  8. Is it late to suggest using a character? I'd want to see you use Elincia but I assume you would have use her at least for healing and I'm not exactly sure but I think in some maps she's mandatory and there's a map with 16 units available for deployment.
  9. That's great to hear! This sounds like the most usefulness for a refresher unit has ever been. Can't wait to test the game out.
  10. How much experience do herons get? Is it still 10 experience all the time? It'd be pretty nice for them to gain 20 exp at each time.
  11. Just finished beating Bloodlines 2.4. The game plays in a very smooth pace and overall, it's great so far. I don't have any major complaints on the gameplay but only one small problem that I found. One of the reinforcements in chapter 2-6, a priest that shows up later in the map at the top right corner house. He has a berserk staff and a new item that I don't think I saw in patch 2.3, the Star Mirror, most likely it seems droppable but it wasn't and Tyren couldn't steal it. The priest didn't even use the berserk staff either. I had Uuni attack him right when he showed up so I can prevent it from using the staff so maybe that changed his AI? The Star Mirror says "a mystical mirror that boosts the user's magic" not so sure if it meant the character's magic growth or their magic stat entirely by how many points it does give. There wasn't a plus 2 magic or anything on the priest. By the end, the character's stats were either better or worse than my previous playthrough. Malcolm is still as good. 1st playthrough, he had a 16 strength and a 13 defense. 2nd playthrough, he has 12 strength and 15 defense. The only differnece I noticed was his aid is now a 6 instead an aid of 18 which isn't so much of a nerf. I was able to promote Sadaati and Rallel during/after chapter 2-4 with the 2 out of 3 earth seals that I got and they're much stronger than the rest of the cast since healers get more experience so they're up ahead than everyone. So far Lv12 Kael in both playthroughs, not once he has has never gotten a stats up in defense which is weird. I would like that Tyren's personal weapon, the Starchaser, should be unbreakable. It would suck if that's the only one in the game. Maybe to balance it out is to nerf its attack by 1 or 2 might?
  12. Where can I get the growth rates for these characters?
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