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  1. Do I need to get a newer version of HANS? Because i access HANS and it freeze when i hit ok at the bottom screen it would say region FF language FF ballin prepared to run loader that is where it freeze.
  2. I got this file after i did the romfs builder i think its a p something file but i saved into the hans folder and i think i named it properly i am using a conquest cartridge.The file that came out of romfs builder was is next to the thing i open.
  3. I don't know what i am doing wrong i have the correct folders and such and the randomizer app wouldn't react i tried moving the gamedata.bin file out the game data folder and tried it when it was in.This is basically what i have
  4. Sorry i didn't know that was double posting i have just read the code of conduct i am new to this ill try not to double post again was trying to help thank you for the heads up.Should i delete that double post then? if that is an option
  5. do you have braindump and hans on your home brew? latest brain dump lets you pick what game your dumping.
  6. Hi again i have a question what do you mean by main directory i had fixed my problem and i followed the steps like the files and such i dont know if im missing something for the randomizer to load up is the main directory? dont really know what that means lol thanks again if you reply and help
  7. ill just re download brain dump and see if that works
  8. The romfs_ file that i got after i extracted the romfs.bin the file contained a message folder,message_hud folder,shaders folder,sound folder, and the other to are a debug_text_LZ.bin and dlplay_LZ.bin
  9. Hi sorry to ask this but i dont really get the instructions to randomize fates im completely new to using brain dump and hans because i actually never bothered to use it before till i seen this post and some lets plays. the issue im having is how do i know the dumped worked? it gave me a folder called 0004001000021100 opened it has has a romfs.bin and another file next to it i used romfs extractor tool and i got the romfs_ folder from it. that is were i am up to but i don't see anything like GameData.bin.lz and the rest of the stuff like that on the readme inside the file any help or hints would be cool thanks you if you respond.
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