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  1. could someone can explain what do Accesories do? Same as Fates? Aesthethic purpose only? And could you please dump the map sprite of the characters ?
  2. They are separate, But i think is already on the game but unused because this, The breath is handled like a spell and is fully functional i think
  3. ElibeBoy

    Hello SF.

    Hello SF I don't know where to start but i was seeing the forums from a long time but i never created a account before so i made this one. I played Sword Of Seals when i was 6 years old on a emulator when my dad bring me to the High School he was working on the Library on a pc I made the thing of everyone was doing on that time: Marcus all the time Then i re discovered the name of that game when i was 11 years old and being a fan of the franchise since that moment so now i have 15 years old I was playing some of the old games i need to play FE4 FE1 FE3 Gaiden and PoR and i'm actually playing Sacred Stones and waiting for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia I'm going to admit something that i have some shame on me : Sometime i came to the forums to edit some sprites and fusion from other people without permission to see the results of the work of two people or a splice doing a good frankenstein of sprites but i never publish nothing, A long time ago i liked a sprite that i made with the hair of his sprite and i was going to tell to the original autor to ask the permission but the person never sign again on years so i think that happen to me for doing that without permission I'm not doing that on a long of time i learned my lesson I'm so sorry for that but i also make some sprites from my own hand like this Narshen artwork based I'm really sorry for doing that and i hope that you can accept me:(
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