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  1. I remember this battle being veery easy back in 2019, it wasn't a problem even today ofcourse.
  2. Third time I'm editing this battle, but I decided to use different music than last times.
  3. This looked easy on the outside, but I had to resort to so many exact combinations that I almost couldn't do it. In the end, giving Lewyn the solo and savage blow to Kempf saved me.
  4. I've not been this excited for a banner for a very long time (last time I think it was for the Fomo + Gotoh banner). I like every unit present, especially Marianne, and I wish I had the orbs to actually pull and try and get her, but the recent Legendary banner drained my orb stash to the limit.... There will be other chances for me to get her surely (I also believe the community will vote to rerun it next year). Fallen banners are ones I always look up for, I can't get tired of them and I hope IS will keep them for the future.
  5. Another one done, 1 more to go (also, I hate battles with dancers in it, luckily I managed to get to Plumeria on turn 1)
  6. The red mage with the Oath skill messed up a lot of attempts, but I finally made it. I've only got 2 more abyssal to tackle (Ullr excluded), and then I'll be over with the necroposting (not yet for the GHBs though)
  7. Not too hard, being more passive made my life easier this time around, I could enemy phase pretty much every enemy except for Nerthuz herself.
  8. I beat it so efficiently that the last reinforcements didn't even show up LOL
  9. I had to use LnD on Leif to ensure that the blue manakete would target him rather than any other unit I used, but it came with the price of having to redo the whole strategy to get enough damage with the AoE (and actually getting the AoE charged) to finally kill the 3 enemies in one go.
  10. Holy war in New Mystery foesn't sound as menacing as in the original, it gets the job done regardless.
  11. Theme Battle for Binding's "Final Boss". Getting Larum to kill the blue mage took me like 3 hours of grinding, I think it was worth it. (Subtitles for the dialogues will come at a later date)
  12. I've used Gaiden music for once, a nice throwback to the old times when Delthea was called Dyute.
  13. I remember how I finished this battle when it first aired, with freaking Lukas as a tank for 80% of the enemies, and I'm here not struggling at all with a true solo.
  14. Legendary Marth was an interesting add-on to this battle, but leaving both him and Askr alone makes it really easy to beat them.
  15. I got it on the first try! And luckily the AI doesn't use assist skills like a realò human would, or else this battle would be nightmarish.
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