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  1. Aaaaand after over 2 years of not being here I’m back! ~^__^~ After my trip to Japan I’ve almost got all the cards I want save for 2 SR that I didn’t find at a reasonable price. also looking for a lot of promo cards. Wish list: Have list:
  2. +1 to ChibiToastExplosion, as always really nice to deal with and very fast responses and shipping :D
  3. Sweet! I'd better get to do a drawing of my character then. where there any blanks in arcs to fill in, or where the spots sufficiently filled?
  4. I kinda like the idea... Seeing as relations between Crimea's royalty and Daein's royalty became better during RD. I can kinda see the possibility of diplomatic visits turning children into lovers into a united 2 nations ("after a long debate by snobby lords who only disagree but the couple are people pleasers so the population wants it"-clichè)
  5. +1 to omegaweapon, thanks for letting go of an extra card ;)
  6. (everything I want for now is heading my way/in my possesion) (shoot, forgot to edit my last post instead of doing a new post)
  7. +1 Mallow, Thanks again! I'll definitely buy from you again when there's cards I need and you have :D +2 oh.glory, First international shipment has been a success :D and thanks for mentioning/selling the unlisted extra card ^^
  8. seems like when the forum can't help me out finding a card I need my best bet is trying Amenity Dream then and looking into the proxy shipping. and hope that google translate helps enough with helping me understand what it is that I need to be doing haha. also what payment options do those sites have? I've seen most accept credit cards, but rakuten also has that UnionPay. I'm wondering do some of those sites also do paypal? I don't own a credit card and where I've grown up it's really ill-advised to own or use one. (my parents literally like only own one which is inactive just for the sake of being able to activate it if something goes horribly wrong on vacation so we can rent things)
  9. haha np, it happens. there's been a chat topic made in the other part of the rp forum seeing as sign-ups got closed.
  10. in all honesty, I don't even mind the pink haha. All hail Sakura!
  11. hmmm I'm sure he said something about being really busy in the other topic, so I'm sure it'll be fine. otherwise we would just need a new gm and fill in his blank important spots? kugh
  12. following too, I might try to fumble around with some art when I'm in class, ahum, when I have time :D
  13. +1 to yunjaelove, thanks again for reaching out to me for my wants <3
  14. +1 to Wobblinghood, literally just opened the package :D Thanks again ^^
  15. I've had an R4 card for the longest time and FE did work on that. You do need to patch the rom directly though or it won't work on the card. Also the firmware needs to support the game, but I believe they managed that for this FE a long time ago. (I'm fairly certain there were also games that don't work on any of the DS flashcards, either because people didn't bother, or because it was too much effort to make them work)
  16. So I've been wondering, what are everyone's experiences with the different online shops for Cipher? I've seen that most people pre-order from AmiAmi and most singles get traded around on the forums. A few have told me to avoid TCGRepublic for mostly all N/HN/R's because of inflated pricing, but I've seen some R (and SR) cards recently get into the "decent/normal" price rate. Also really neat to mention they added a bonus B07 pack with my shipment as a gift, which surprised me a hell of a lot too. Anyone similar experiences on first buys? I'm also wondering about experiences with Rakuten, Bigweb and Amenity Dream (and maybe some other stores that aren't listed on the wiki). So with experiences I mean things that stood out to you and are not in the short store summaries on the Merchandise Guide ;)
  17. we only said tiger is more popular, probably because of high str and being overall stronger, but eh. I'm personally more a fan of speed+skill then str. glad to hear that that is a shared opinion though, I'm looking forward too playing :D
  18. If I can slot as an extra in Act 2 (I now only play in 3) I'd love to play as a cat in act 2. so if you want/need a cat, just ping me and I'll gladly play 2 characters.
  19. That is what absolute bliss looks like... If I could spread out every card in a series like that. dammm that'd be so awesome.
  20. I've known skills since Path of Radiance, I don't know if games older than the GBA had a form of Luna, but in PoR it definitely only is halve defence (or halve res if using a magic weapon). Checked the Serenes page as well, Path of Radiance Skills. it says halve. anyway the Pierce skill is usefull, but I've had it break my game xD I think it's also possible to break your game on Cyclopses with this too (seeing as they have a pretty huge hp bar as well). There are quite a few videos of it on Youtube.
  21. nice Sheets :D as for your lion(ess) growths, I think she might even do with an extra 15-25% in hp. seeing as Laguz normally level up hp on every level anyway and Lion's do tend to be quite tanky and strong. like if you level up the skill every time up until max RD level you will end up at 72HP, which is 8 away from the max. when Skrimir enters at lv 25 he has 66HP. your lioness would have 57 HP, which in my opinion is slightly too low for a lion :P Do with it as you want seeing as they may be guidelines anyway, but I think you'd benefit from a little increase to potentially cap HP at max level and not never being able too ;)
  22. 1 I'm fine with whichever you decide, if a system to come up with is too complex for now, just use 'm guideline wise. 2 All at once does seem like fun. and if you as the storyteller know some set pieces of the story which will make sure we'll be forced into "Endgame arc" status there shouldn't be a problem.
  23. I only chose adept and the basic myrm +5 crit. I deemed Vantage too op, though if we ever find that scroll... :3
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