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  1. The DLC is called Rise of the Deliverance, and it basically tracks the formation Deliverance after King Lima's death. It's heavily centered around Clive and Fernand, and also expands significantly on the rest of the Deliverance (Mathilda, Clair, Lukas, Forsyth, and Python). In addition to the 4 chapters that it contains, it also unlocks a plethora of supports for the main characters that are generally of really high quality and absolutely should have been included in the main game. It also unlocks a few new Memory Prisms. If you're planning on buying any Echoes DLC, this one is definitely the one to get IMO. Alternatively, you can just watch a playthrough of the DLC on Youtube, which I highly recommend you do if you don't get the DLC yourself; trust me, it's well worth your time, and it really fleshes out the Deliverance characters.
  2. Alright, I'll remove the first mug; my mistake. I found a mug on google images (I think it was GBA Sigurd?), thought it looked nice, and decided to use the face. Also, if possible, could someone tell me exactly which user I stole from so I can clear things up with them? Thanks, and sorry about that.
  3. If we're counting the DLC, then my favorite moment would have to be Lukas's ultimatum to Slayde after the battle in part 4. It was just so unexpected in a fire emblem game, and it represented such an important shift in Clive's and Fernand's respective character arcs. It also feeds into my Lukas is a secret psychopath theory. I also really liked Fernand's lines about not having someone like Clive has Clair right before the siege of Zofia Castle. I think the voice acting really sold those lines. The DLC as a whole just made me appreciate Fernand's character so much more.
  4. kingpiny


    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on the various forums here for a while, decided to make an account last winter, took a break from FE, forgot all about said account, and just now rediscovered it. I got introduced to Fire Emblem through (surprise, surprise) Super Smash Bros. because I really liked playing Ike and I decided to finally give his games a shot. I picked up Awakening, and quickly found out that Ike wasn't in it but I loved the game regardless. Since then, I have started every single FE game including TRS and multiple ROMHacks like Midnight Sun and Bloodlines, put I've only finished FE6-10, 12, 13, and Conquest. I might have a slight problem. Anyway, I'm pleased to be here and I hope to be able to make friends with people with whom I can talk about something that I am passionate about!
  5. Hey guys, I've been lurking on the Serenes spriting forum for a bit now and I wanted to try my hand at a few splices. I've been working on variations of these four splices for about 2-3 weeks now, and I would greatly appreciate any critiques or just general feedback I could get on the splices that I've made so far.
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