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  1. Mind taking a peek at your workspace? Just a screenshot of the root and event assembler folders will suffice
  2. Yes its 11.0.1 i even have the core, but i noticed something odd... Your EventAssembler (Spelled like that for clarity) looks weird, my makehack.cmd file, while more complicated, has Event Assembler(Again for clarity) written on it. Basically your computer is moving to a folder that doesn't exist, as EventAssembler and Event Assembler are 2 different things to computers TL;DR try to respell EventAssembler as Event Assembler and that should maybe fix your problem
  3. Well that solves that, so I guess that marks the problem as solved then. Thanks to everyone that participated, have a great day!
  4. Nice! Got the edits to work, but i still have one final issue, This needs to be automated by the MAKEHACK.cmd method, as I use it to create the hack I'm working on.Is there a way to apply hex edits using EA? Sorry still trying to learn :(
  5. Sorry for late reply.... went on a vacation So, I have three things to say. 1. Is this Fe7 data? Looks like it, if it is, this wont do 2.Nightmare ain't helping, i tried that one before making this thread 3. I decided to put up the Ch1 data at my first post for analysis
  6. I have tried a new game, and the change still didn't apply..... So, i tried to disassemble the Ch1 events, and I could'nt find data pertaining to their starting classes, so could you a bit more specific? (BTW i added event assembler to the tags, guess i forgot about that)
  7. I'm trying to find the event where Vanessa and Moulder join your party, I'm trying to modify their starting class, could someone point me in the right direction? Ch1.txt
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