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  1. Changing the names of FE characters is as harmful to me as physical rape.
  2. And here I thought you couldn't get any stupider than Bookofholsety's "Erin" or Gringe's "High Chancellor"... You know, some this name drama could probably be mitigated if we had access to patching tools for people to manually change the names of characters whose new translations piss me off. Or if we just had the patchers make a different version of the patch that restores all the names.
  3. Huh. You're welcome, then. It's the same thing for enemies, too.
  4. Additional observation: The Ena in 4-1 is not the same Ena that actually joins you for the Finale. I wasted two hours training her breath to SS rank for nothing. Dang it.
  5. So I'm replaying FE10 from a save I made in 3-7 in order to fix my mistake with the Black Knight. I've made it to 4-1, and then this peculiarity happens: Yeah, I don't even know. It's not like it's anything earth-shattering, but it is blatantly something out of the ordinary from how this chapter goes, since Ena usually just stays untransformed the entire level, and her dialogue post-battle reflects that. Just thought I should share. And I just checked, and nope, there's no change to the post-battle dialogue if this happens. This is just weird.
  6. Never doubt the power of Bonus EXP, FE9 stat transfers, and deliberately feeding entire levels to Haar for the sake of quick promotion.
  7. Hey, if it actually was +10, then 1-E would be infamous, and 3-13 even more of a nightmare than it already is. And yet, I feel like they still didn't do nearly enough with leadership stars in FE10, since almost no bosses have them, a whole bunch of usable units get them despite how they mean nothing unless they're Ike, Elincia, Lucia, Geoffrey, Skrimir or Tibarn, and Micaiah never gets any in the entire game even though they could easily give her a star or two after she promoted to Light Sage.
  8. BK ain't actually any weaker on Easy mode, just so everyone knows. And I actually fought him on Normal mode, anyways. Heck, I managed to get Ike the killing blow one time using a max-strength forged Steel Sword, an A support with Soren, and some scratch assistance from Shinon, Janaff, and a turncoated Jill. And Haar, obviously. Correction: Authority stars give +5 hit/avoid each, not +10.
  9. Turns out that when the hints page said that "both Ike and the Black Knight have to survive their encounter in Chapter 3-7", they weren't kidding. I decided to go completely nuts on that level and have the BK get KO'd by Haar after Ike attacked him, and now I'm paying the price by not getting Lehran in Endgame. Ah well. Learn something new everyday.
  10. >this item might not exist or is no longer available Anyways, anyone know a working code for guaranteed growths?
  11. >this item might not exist or is no longer available Anyways, anyone know a working code for guaranteed growths?
  12. I have no idea what's wrong, only that the emulator just doesn't load the unit select for the endgame.
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