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  1. Even with the patch, my Leif's don't come with the Gungnir
  2. I think Enemys could have they stats capped too
  3. Game: FE8 Challenge: You can't use two characters of the same class ,you have to promote all the units in Level 10 , and Seth is banned Reason you want me to LP this: Because i want a true FE8 hard mode
  4. Grey : Mercenary or Archer Tobin : Archer Kliff : Mage or Mercenary Faye : Cleric or Cavalier Atlas : Archer , Mercenary or Mage (For the Fun )
  5. Villager - Kliff Cavalier - Zeke Mercenary - Kamui Mage - Sonya Archer - Leon Soldier/Knight - Valbar Cleric - Silque Pegasus Knight - Catria
  6. It's impossible to use the Mine Glitch to get Two Gae Bolg ?
  7. I like the dex ,i think Camus ---> Sirius is a bit unnecessary (Technically ,Sirius has worst bases that Boss Camus ) And Anankos will be in him human form or in him Dragon form ?
  8. I Firered we have some Pokemon for other generation (Second and Third Generations ) , so you will delete this Pokemon ?
  9. The 151 Pokemon thing is to substitute the Pokemon of the dex ?
  10. Another question , this history connect to Tiki in Awakening ?
  11. It's best to decide the evolution of the caracters and see the total numbers of Eirherjar (The Dex with evolution ) Great Shield could be a renamed Protect/Iron Defense only learned be Armor ,i'm not a Pokemon programmer ,but i think a ability like this is hard to put in the game
  12. Pre-Promote characters will have a evolution ? If No , 90 - 100 is a good number in this list
  13. These list counts NPC ,Trainers ,Gym Leader and Elite Four ?
  14. I don't played the game ,but there is characters that could be removed FE9/10 - Tormod Astrid Gatrie Shinon Illyana Leanne/Reyson Jill/Haar
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