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  1. The name has nothing to do with what animations the weapon loads; the location of the weapon data does. I have no idea what you're talking about. (I've been testing it, and I've been testing it in the original Japanese) I don't really wanna "swap" the Yewfelle and Gungnir anyway, that's gonna cause problems with the characters that use the Gungnir. But thank you anyway.
  2. Still doesn't work, unless you're meaning i should change the name outside of the weapon editor?
  3. Doesn't work, still trying to load bow animations
  4. I'm trying to change the Yewfelle from a bow to a lance. I changed the weapon type to throwing lance in Nightmare, but the animations it uses are glitchy, and it's clearly still counted as a bow. I assume because it's a holy weapon there's more I'd have to alter than if I were trying to change a regular weapon (although I futzed with the holy blood editor and that didn't seem help.) Also, the character that's receiving the Yewfelle has a different class and sprite, and the convo that gives them the weapon tends to (but doesn't always) lock the game, and is visually glitchy. Is there a way to solve that?
  5. Eirika is an idiot Leif is an idiot Lyon is an idiot Tailtiu is a very, very hard unit to train Nino is too Sain is a creeper Inigo is also a creeper and frankly just awful, which is weird why I like the Laslow version, considering they are the same character Johan is a creeper- you know, I have a weird affinity for the fuckbois of Fire Emblem. Dunno why. Jill's heel-turn doesn't feel wholly earned Soren is an asshole Shinon is an asshole Delthea is an asshole Myrrh doesn't have enough agency in the story Mozu isn't as useful a trainee as many of the previous ones. Catria is a bit bland. Fredrick is more... gimmicky than interesting Glade is too good for this world
  6. I really don't want to imagine what Valter Emblem would entail, but I do know that at the least it would be M rated and probably banned in a few countries
  7. Honestly, if I had to guess I'd say that the gender ratio is probably 50-50, even maybe approaching female majority. They just aren't in the place you're looking. I mean, in the Awakening art book, the popularity poll they have in there had 68% female participants. Okay, only 700 people polled, but still an shocking number, ya know? Women tend to prefer story based games. This is why JRPG fandoms are pretty woman-dominated. It still amuses me that whenever the creators of these games meet the fans they're always surprised they have such large female fanbase.
  8. Story wise I gotta be boring and say Corrin and Roy. It almost kinda feels pointless to pick on Corrin, though, since the writing in Fates is so scattershot that no one with significant amount of dialogue makes it out unscathed. Roy is just... dull, but I have to admit to just plain not liking fe6, so I'm biased. Gameplay wise, hm. I know Leif, Roy, and Eliwood are considered the holy trio of bad (gameplay-wise) lord, but as for Leif once he gets over his shitty starting stats he's fine. Especially since he's always going to be overleveled after the prison escape, and he is one of rare sources of magic damage you have early on. Roy is bad, but in the context of his game he's not that bad (he's a pretty decent dodge tank) and of course he get the Binding Blade. So I guess I'd say Eliwood. Leif's usefulness goes up and down, but he is genuinely useful in a pretty tough spot of the game, Roy is a god in the endgame, but Eliwood is just mediocre to bad the whole time. It really doesn't help that he's inevitably going to be compared to Lyn, who can at least dodge-tank, and Hector, who is Hector. I've never had a good Eliwood, anyway.
  9. I'm pretty sure all staff accuracy, included status staff accuracy, are calculated the same way; base 60 plus Skill times four. I mean, once you hit 10 skill even status staves never miss. I'm pretty sure status staves don't roll for evasion whatsoever. I dunno, on the one hand it'd probably be for the best if a hypothetical remake limited staff range, reduced status staff accuracy (while making healing/buffing staves auto-hit), and make status ailments wear off over time. The player couldn't cheese through the later half AND overall it'd be less frustrating. On the other hand, I think that'd be taking something away from the game. Also in said hypothetical remake I hope Veld stays pathetic, because it's endlessly funny.
  10. ....should have realized that. I'm a dumb. Anyway, fixed.
  11. I didn't know where to post this, so I guess I'll make a new thread? Anyway, I complied all of fe5's portrait pointers and address into a spreadsheet. I know plenty of this information was in the binary files, but I figure this is easier to read (plus I haven't seen documentation on the pointers)
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