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  1. dragonkin always has issues with humankind huh.
  2. excited for byleth. too bad the smash community says otherwise. blue lions alt looks really nice
  3. a bit biased considering its my 2nd favorite route and not a fan of edelgard but i dont really hate her. If she would first attack those who slither and then the church, i would probably enjoy it better. it sucks it falls on most parts but i dont regret playing it.
  4. one of my top 5's for sure. Azure Moon and Silver Snow were the best for me.
  5. true it gets a bit boring. having my favorite routes AM and SS were the best. I finally started my last route (Crimson Flower). the plus side is that its short i guess lol.
  6. playing SS first than VW after, it is really hard for me to choose one over the other. SS does have its bad sides but i still like it overall.
  7. pretty much what i felt. even though i still think Silver moon is the true BE route since that gets a proper transition and movie scenes. crimson flower was short and really jarring to me and how edelgard relied on you so much.
  8. I really like the BE church path and almost done with BL route. I'll be doing edel route last becuase I just dont like the methods no matter what people say.
  9. they just need more screen time tbh. i wish the church path could do more instead of only 1 chapter of TWSITD
  10. after playing the Black Eagles church route (my favorite currently ). i dont really like her that much. you dont even get to deal with those who slither in the dark do you?
  11. same score as SoV? im totally ready for it now
  12. finally excited for this. mortal savant looks cool
  13. Honestly liking the new look. I dont really care if the MC is an avatar/my unit. Adding random soldiers fighting alongside is a good touch.
  14. Favorite character: Gotta be Conrad, being the masked knight he is. Least favorite character: tbh i don't have one. they're all good to me I guess. I wish their was a DLC for more backstory in Celica's side to flesh em out more.
  15. Terrain plays a big part in echoes (i think around 40 - 60 avoid?). Magic attacks are a fixed hit rate so you will need to use mages to hit enemies who are in those terrain bonuses. But casting magic cost hp depending on the magic type. No weapon triangle. That's all i can think of at the top of my head right now.
  16. that's pretty sweet we can use other amiibo to summon in battle but will just be monsters.
  17. I'm gonna go with Sonya in my first run. Like i did in gaiden
  18. It's going to be refreshing getting introduce to the new mechanics of the game and of course the epic "gaiden" maps
  19. I really like this opening cutscene. especially when Alm and Celica finally reunited
  20. I will haha. Oh i already look into that topic, i couldn't resist but I just hastily scrolled through them which i regretted. Thanks for the heads up but ill still enjoy the game when it comes out. I may get impatient again ehe..
  21. Hi, I found out about this forum since January and now decided to make an account here in Serenes Forest. This isn't my first time in a forums site so i should get use to this set up. I like read a lot preferably Light novels and manga. In college right now just wondering what to do and stuff. Anyways I've been a fan of fire emblem since i started playing Sacred Stones. Games I have already finished: Blazing sword, Sacred stones, Awakening, and all 3 paths of fates. Other Fire emblems that I'm in the middle with and taking forever to finish: Gaiden, Genealogy of the Holy War, and Binding Blade. I've heard stuff that the fanbase is split in two: Veteran players and the ones that started since Awakening. When i first played Sacred Stones, I was hook and I loved it. After that, I completely forgot fire emblem (and miss the ones like shadow dragon, PoR, and RD). Until awakening arrived which got me started to play Fire Emblem again. So then I got the chance to play some of the old GBA ones I could fine and NES that I heard about. I'm lenient to every Fire Emblem Game that is out. I like the old ones and the new ones (no matter how bad fates is and I accept its story writing even with its huge flaws and other things). And the Waifu thing (S supports)? Eh I don't mind that but not like what fates did which was forced. Echoes wont have that and I'm fine without it. So I'm just excited for Echoes coming out. Hah, i gotta finish gaiden before its released or ill just put it on aside again and play Echoes instead. Anyways that's my introduction. Hope I can be part of a discussion anytime soon i guess.
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