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  1. Exactly, that would be cool! I remembered creating a short fan fiction story about those heroes who sealed Formotiis.
  2. Is that a battle I see? Let's chaaaaaarge!!! I want to be a DOZLA archetype, full of vigor and energy but in reality I think I'm good with being like Kaden, easy going, happy-go-lucky fella, just leave out that repaying the debt thing cause I'm not going that far. For class I prefer to be a heavily-armored-knight guy ala General as for I want to tank hits and laugh at those peasants trying to scratch my armor. Just get me away from those pesky magic users. :D
  3. haha I thought I was the only one thinking about this. I usually do not change the mount on promotion because, well, I don't know how to put it,but...back then I once promoted Vanessa into a Wyvern Knight but had an uneasy feeling about it when I was using her, it feels different. So I reset the game and since then, I never changed mount when doing class promotions. HAHAHA
  4. For me it's Myrrh (O gosh I miss her) because well, for being in Sacred Stones which was the first FE game I played.
  5. 3DS, I don't see myself buying Switch anytime in the near future (but I hope I do! just need to get outta those #responsibilities) but I'll definitely be buying the FE Warriors for 3DS
  6. You're right, and also the fact that this is not being advertised that well, it is expected that it won't sell well compared with Awakening and Fates. But I'm buying this nonetheless since I haven't played the original Gaiden, I'm curious what makes it stand out different from standard FE games
  7. This will be awesome as SS is my first FE game to play. Oh nostalgia.. But I wouldn't mind for other remakes of other series as well. After all, I haven't played Thracia 776, Binding Blade, and New Mystery and Geneology of the Holy War. It's win-win situation either way. :D :D
  8. I have not played the original Gaiden, but I am too hyped for this game! Can't wait for 5/19!
  9. I'm one of those types who spends a lot of time on creating an avatar, LOL, as long as it does not affect the plot I'm cool with it :D
  10. I really hope it does well, like some other says, as long as we do not expect Echoes to be something it's not, I think it'll do well and yeah, the mobile game's a good way to introduce these to peop.e. I've never played the original Gaiden and only played Sacred Stones, SD, and Birthright but I'm excited for this nonetheless. Too bad there's no special edition for the western release though, it would be really awesome to get that artbook :D
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