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  1. Solid three losses, teaming with all the characters I had planned (Sanaki, Julia and Robin). I should end up with a net 10k feathers. Worth it. (I didn't mind Tharja much in Awakening... because dark mage . But there's something unsettling about her popularity... I mean... why?)
  2. Can hope for 4* Genny... 4* Wrathful Staff would only be from 50% HP upwards (but who am I kidding...)
  3. I first thought it was a 4* 10 merge... but no... Serra did always like rich men to dote her... I can almost see absorb and threaten res working together (but assault for the extra damage). Six rounds for that miracle charge with rehabilitate... I just wonder what that Serra does on her field day (absorbing who knows what until a miracle happens . Usually not the good kind...)
  4. Wow, this is definitely my favorite (ah... take that British English spellchecker) saying of the month. Mages/Brides/New characters? Can't have them all... (unless... $) I managed to get Genny with my 40 so free orbs (ah, no Celica ). Genny's nice, and I've always been a great fan of healers in fire emblem games (I'm still waiting for a unique weapon healer in Heroes ) I just don't get why Genny has that monroe'esque pose. Why? I'm feeling bad for wanting more of her to sacrifice to other healers. (But Elise, Lucius and Serra become a bit more interesting. A wrathful staff elise on a cavalry team. Image the fun)
  5. Sorry, I'm not at the pinnacle of tracking skills today You ran Soren,Nino+1,Eirika,Nowi+1 last week and replaced Soren with Xander. Who did Reinhardt replace? (since taking Reinhart would explain your dip in points...). The SP grinding is real! Luckily stamina lets you only grind (your soul) so much. I know the procedure. This week's run started with a deathless run ( 2x682, 3x284, 2x686->4788) with Reinhardt 5*(-hp,+def,Smite,Fury 2, Spur Atk 2, Attack + 1) Alfonse 5*(Ardent Sacrifice,Renewal 3) Anna 5*(Reposition, Iceberg, Fury 3, Speed + 1) Sanaki 5*(-hp,+atk, Rally Speed, Draconic Aura, Swordbreaker 3) which will be too low to stay in tier 17. (It was a few points less than last season, where I did some testing to see how well things would run) Will do some testing with a new 5* Sharena (Triangle Adept 3, Quick Riposte 2, New Moon) (don't have the sp and feathers (and maybe characters ) to get a better special yet. I suppose my score should go up. It just seems lame using a team with the complete Askr trio (but hey... It gives me the most points... and can maybe be run the same every week )
  6. Still keeping those notes... But putting things together is a pain. The variances are huge... ergo alot of data is needed for precision. If the calculations change from week to week... *Goes off to do a table flip* @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi: You do a nice listing of your points each week. What is your team? (Skills+BST+merges (in case you're willing to share)? @Arcanite: Is your Celica already at 40 . And with Life and Death 3 . The levelling is real I'll be posting my runs later, when I get to it. Somehow I'm happy the defense tiles are gone.
  7. Yes, that's definitely a nice collection of values, as it makes estimates of the mean all that more accurate. 45 runs with your Rising Thunder Nino In case anyone else wants to post all the individual scores they encounter in the arena, those are even more useful than the deathless run results. Anyone who is already happy with their deathless run and was to help with some data points you can either keep the same team and have a character swap a skill or a weapon against another with a different sp cost, or swap a single character and post the results.
  8. Amazing you noted the individual scores. Yep those should be useful as well @azurrys : You had a fairly high score considering you're running a cavalry team with two mages. Did you occasionally surrender to get more points? Keep those/that (argh... English...) data coming. The more similar the teams are, the easier it becomes to pinpoint individual differences. It's just really important to know how often someone surrendered (since that can really scew results)
  9. I'm interested in more Arena score min-maxing and want to see how far we can deduce the arena offense point score calculations. To work towards this it would be useful to have deathless run scores and the characters that participated with their skills. Since surrendering for different reasons skews scores, it would be nice if you could mention how often and why you surrendered (for example to avoid low point opponents). Let's see how long it takes to get some results... Anyway this format should be sufficient for my needs: I'm assuming you only have vanilla skills otherwise? What are the C skills your Reinhardt and Ninian are using? Spur Atk 2 and Fortify Def 2 or Goad Cavalry and Fortify Dragons? Did you keep Knockback on Barst? Did you ever surrender during your run? First results on my side: 5/11 - offense 4780 rank in tier 15 4456 (no surrenders) Team: (lvl 40) 5* Anna (187,Fury 3,Reposition,Iceberg,Speed+1 Seal) 5* Reinhardt (157,Fury 2, Smite, Spur Atk 2, Attack+1 Seal) 5* Sanaki (164,Rally Speed,Draconic Aura,Swordbreaker 3, HP+3 Seal) 5* Julia+1 (167,Rally Defense,Lancebreaker 3, Hone Spd 3)
  10. Hah, managed to prevent a double post (couldn't help the amusement). Anyhow... something tells me you'd have to burn a ton of crest to get all those 686+ from the 678~688 range.
  11. I've nearly filled up all those slots for all my characters, but I still have the impression I'm getting a lower score per run than previously . Maybe IS doesn't like mage emblem... even though mage emblem really likes those new maps . Alas, I'll do a first run for deathless, and then might need to swap for more melee characters... In the end score doesn't matter as much anymore. I'll consider once I see how tough it is to make top 5% in tier 15. On a side note: We can actually evaluate how many people play Heroes on a regular basis. At the end of the season it would be nice to have a list how many people were in each tier. I'm surprised how many people go for deathless runs on day 1 . Wasting those crests that come throughout the week...
  12. I have fun with 3*s. Anna and I have been working on this special protein powder Yeah, not sure about team Julia yet... I can't choose between Sanaki and Julia
  13. ... not quite... I see you people are bad influences... I'm keeping my Julia away from you.
  14. As long as we don't do what they tell us to (unless reverse psychology...) Well, I checked the dialogues... it seems there were more than I thought for each character (and I had encountered so few... I guess that shows, I don't provide those heroes enough love.) Please don't curse us Anna...
  15. I considered as much. But I actually did have the impression I was getting new sayings at some point. I know... it all starts with the voices...
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