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  1. Also just reached 100k finally! Never again with a 20% bonus unit, ugh.
  2. I'm considering joining Team Shanna over Soren even though he's my favorite out of this bunch just to maximize feather gains since it's pretty obvious that she will lose badly to Hinoka. I'm kinda worried Soren is gonna have a tough matchup against Ryoma though so part of me thinks I should just support him from the get-go. Hmmm.
  3. Ugh. I know I really should just aim to 4*+10 my Olivia since I already have quite a few 4* versions of her in my barracks and I will never 5*+10 her as a F2P player, but part of me just hates not having a golden border for her lmao. We'll see. I'd like to wait for a +ATK/-RES one anyway before deciding anything since the one I'm using currently is +SPD/-HP which is good but not ideal, I think.
  4. I originally only wanted to use my free summon but I've been hoarding orbs for a while so I figured why not. Spent 24 orbs in total with the following units to show: 3* Saizo (+HP/-RES) - Feathers. 3* Laslow (+RES/-ATK) - Feathers. 4* Shanna (+HP/-ATK) - Not necessarily needed since I do have a lot of Shannas but Desperation/Iceberg fodder is always appreciated. 4* Frederick (+SPD/-RES) - I already have a +ATK/-SPD one and +SPD is questionable on Fred. I did actually need Luna fodder though, so this is great. 4* Barte (+SPD/-RES) - Again, I have a +ATK/-RES one which is better. Probably Fury 2 fodder since I can't pull Hinata to save my life. 5* Halloween Henry (+ATK/-RES) - YASSS, jackpot! I desperately needed a good green mage and B!Lyn/Reinhardt check. Those IVs look pretty damn good as well. Not sure if +ATK or +SPD is ideal but should be good either way. I don't mind the -RES either since he's got a fuckton of it anyway. 4* Serra (+SPD/-RES) - My Serra with the best IVs so far. Keeping this one for now. Super stoked with my pulls. Even though I'm still sitting on 102 orbs, I doubt I'll summon again since none of the other focus units interest me too much. Maybe Jakob since I could actually build an armor emblem team now but fuck braving colorless hell.
  5. Currently at almost 27k rolling with 4* Arvis as my bonus unit, so I should be able to get 5* Arden just in time for double SP weekend tomorrow. Probably going to be spending most of my stamina leveling up both him and the PA!Azura I pulled recently though, so won't be focusing on Tempest Trials too much during the next couple of days.
  6. The amount of Americanocentrism is one single post, jfc. This will never happen. Please stop.
  7. Decided to go for a full summon on the Performing Arts banner when I was presented with 2 green orbs and 3 blue orbs. Since I have only pulled PA!Olivia so far, I really wanted to try and get another one of the focus dancers/singers. 1. 5* PA!Azura (+SPD/-DEF). I was really happy when this one popped up! I would have preferred PA!Inigo since I am in desperate need of a good green mage/Reinhardt/B!Lyn check but I will gladly take her, especially since those IVs are pretty much ideal. 2. 4* Camilla (+HP/-SPD). Draconic Aura/Savage Blow fodder. 3. 4* Roderick (+HP/-SPD). A new edition to my roster! -SPD is pretty unfortunate though, so he won't likely be seeing any use. Probably Firesweep Lance and/or Rally Def/Res fodder. 4. 3* Donnel (+RES/-DEF). Probably feathers since I am drowning in Donnels. 5. 4* Est (+DEF/-ATK). Feathers for sure. I still have 85 orbs left so I'm considering sniping greens and blues again. Inigo fills a niche my current roster is lacking and I don't really care about Shigure but he would be a new singer for arena assault, I guess. I might just wait until the last day of the banner and see if they reveal potential Halloween units.
  8. Finally managed to beat Lunatic with Celica, B!Lucina, PA!Olivia and 4* Anna. My account is fairly new and I have limited access to good units/SI but it worked out in the end thankfully. I'm not sure whether I even want to attempt Infernal though. Two copies of Arvis should be enough. One I'll keep but probably only use for TT if he's a bonus unit since I have two strong 5* red mages with Celica and Lilina already and the other I'll use as Def Ploy fodder in the future.
  9. So I got my pity rate broken by a Soren with bad IVs recently and the sight of him annoys me, which is why I want to get rid of him and use him as Watersweep fodder. +SPD/-DEF PA!Olivia or +ATK/-DEF Celica seem to be my best options at the moment. Should I go with one of them or wait for a better recipient?
  10. My free summon ended up being a 3* +SPD/-ATK Shanna and she will most definitely end up being Desperation fodder. Pulled out after since every other orb was colorless. Really unsure whether I should pull on this banner or not. I have about 60 orbs saved up but I might just spend those on the Performing Arts banner since I only got Olivia from it and the free TT/GHB units seem more interesting.
  11. Berkut is not necessarily a bad villain but he's overrated and I don't get why everyone's hyping up his voice actor so damn much.
  12. I'm having a lot of fun with my second account I made around the time the starter support orbs started rolling in. My goal for this account is to only use the starter trio, HB, GHB, Tempest Trials and free summon units and keep accumulating orbs until I reach like 1k maybe. I was inspired by someone on reddit who did the same thing but started at launch. I purposely rerolled for a 4* Klein with +ATK/-DEF IVs since he was my first 5* on my original account and I felt nostalgic + I can't stand the sight of Virion lol~ I've mostly been using him, Olivia and the starter trio so far. Alfonse and Sharena are already at 4*, Anna will follow once I've gathered 2k feathers again. I'm in the process of figuring out decent SI builds for them with the free units available so any help would be appreciated. I'm already at around 200 orbs and I haven't even beaten half of the story maps so far. Can't wait for some of the better GHB units like Xander, Camus and Ursula to return to beat PVE content more easily. Hopefully I won't get tempted by CYL. I only intend to spend orbs any time soon in case they release special versions of my favorite archers (Leon and Niles), mage Lucius, Pent, Louise, Orochi or Aversa/Nuibaba (although the latter 2 would most likely be GHB units).
  13. Haha yes true. Funny how Gordin was actually my favorite archer until Klein came along, looks like I had a thing for brave archers from the get go. I'd argue that Gordin at least kept his niche as a defense tank though, Leon was the one that truly powercreeped him.
  14. My poor Klein is crying in a corner over getting powercreeped by yet another archer. At least he still has 1 more ATK at +ATK than neutral Innes so hope you all pull him with shitty natures. lol jk.
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