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  1. Hi, I've got a question about the new Marth SR B13, and Leon B11. If I try to use Math's skill " Conquest: In the Name of the Hero-King [ , Tap 5 other allies ] If your opponent has 0 orbs, you win the game. " May I tap Leon two times with his first skill : " A World That Must Be Protected When this unit is tapped as the result of a skill's cost or effect, untap this unit. Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack. " ? Thank you. edit: Oh and About Lachesis bond skill : " Valiant Princess's Persuasion When you place this card in your bond area, if you have 3 or fewer cards in your hand, draw 1 card. " Is it : you have 4 cards in hand, put Lachesis in Bond zone from your hand, you have now 3 and you can use her bond skill" or "3cards in hand, put Lachesis in the Bond zone, you have 2 cards in hand and use the BS."
  2. Hi, i've got a question about Eldigan and Seliph combo. If I use Eldigan 5/4 first skill: " Darkness-Cleaving Sacred Blade At the end of your Bond Phase, before you begin your Deployment Phase you may have a second Bond Phase. " If During this Second Bond Phase I play Seliph, Can I activate " Seal of Light When this card is placed in your Bond Area by the effect of a skill, you may unflip a card in your Bond Area. " from Seliph 5/4 ? (In my mind it's a No, but I hope for a Yes..) Thank you!
  3. Hi! I've tried to play with two friends, but it dosen't work. Did you succed or did something special ? Sometimes there is "Player 1 is in the room" > Enter the room > "Player2 want to join" > Ok . And nothing. Any idees ?
  4. Hi, I've got a question about Supports, and the skill "Name of the Hero King Treat this card as if this card's name is also "Marth" " If Lucina is supported by Marth, does this support fail ? Does this effect take place in the Hand ? (to Crit, or Evasion) Same question for Zelgius/BK, and other Double identity Characters (except Sirius/Camus/Zeke).
  5. Thank you, So with Leanne' skill " Blessing [ ] When this unit is untapped, you may pay the cost, and if you do: Choose a card in your Retreat Area except "Leanne", and add that card to your hand. " I can only heal when she untaps at the beginning of my turn, or If I move her and use an effect to untap?
  6. Hi, here are the next questions! Q1: During the Battle Phase, Can I critic on a successful attack ? (I play Skrimir, and it's to growth him from retreat with Ena) Q2 : If I want to Class Change Marth-Following Dragon Princess, Tiki (Basic) B11-094HN with Awoken Daughter of the Dragon Ruler, Tiki (Promoted) B11-093SR , I need 4Bonds : Does one of this bond need to be facedown (colorless) to CC, or I can play colorless card with, for example, 4 Red Bonds ? Q3 : The 3rd Skill of : Nightmarish Rampaging Hero, Ike (Promoted) , If you don't have any ally (or ally 'cannot be destroy by the effect of a skill'), what happens ? I should destroy Ike himself? (orbs, if he's MC) Q4: I want to clarify the " When this unit is untapped" skill, on Leanne, Ayra, Tiki, : Is it When this card pass from the position Tapped to Untapped, or As long as the unit is in the position untap ? " When this unit is untapped, it gains 20 attack until the end of turn. " If I play Ayra: At the beginning of my turn, she gains +20, I attack, Ayra is tapped, during my opponent's turn, Ayra loses the +20, At the beginning of my turn, she's still tapped so the effect doesn't run, and then there is the untapping all of the beginning of the turn, then draw phase,...? Thank you !
  7. Hi! If you can find other way to buy card, do it beacause TCG republic is very expensive.
  8. Hi, i've got questions about Holy War Flag's rules. It's about the skills that can exchange bond, like Deirdre or Julia's skill. Deirdre's skill allow to send a card from your bond to the retreat and then from your bond to the retreat. Can I sent an ultimate Seliph 5/4 from my bond to the retreat and then take back this card (in the purpose to unflip a bond)? And if I send a tapped bond to the retreat or my hand, is the bond I put back tapped or I can play it untapped ( and deploy more card?) And last question, for exemple I have Ares 4/3 as MC, if I play Base Seliph in my bond (with the Bond Skill : This card name is treated as your MC) I can use the skill of Ares (flip1 bond and add a bond face down) ? Thank you!
  9. @TheVinceKnight thank you !!
  10. Hi ! I've got more questions again ! With Heroic Inherithor of the Blaze, Eliwood; his Skill Rallying the Flames: by flipping 2 bonds, he can deploy his support if the support as succed. If the support is a promoted card and the unpromoted is on the play, is it possible to deploy the support and class change ? (By the way, failing a support is only possible if a character support himself or by the effect of a skill, right ?) In the Green card: with Sanaki, Begnion Emperess, her skill Supreme Ennoblement, it only works on the first card you deploy in the turn ? (I'm sure because it's an Auto Skill and not an Act , and Once per turn, so if you don't use it on the first deployement you can't then..) With Caineghis skill, deployement cost reduced by one also work for the classe change ? Thank you !
  11. Hi guys, I've some questions about the different area on the field, could you help me ? About Retreat Area and Support area, a card destroyed after a battle goes to the retreat area, and a support goes to the support area. When you end your deck, you shuffle the retreat to make your deck. What about the support area ? (And i've heard someone who's speaking about discard area ??? Discarded card goes in the retreat no ?) Currently when I play with my friends, the support goes in the same place that the defeated unit.. afe we wrong ? Thanks! edit : I've find the answer to my question.. "Both players send the support card used for this battle to the retreat area" a youtube video make me doubt sorry
  12. I know about the number of character and the number of card in a game for the strat (50 -51) but I think in this card game, you draw very often with the CCS, and playing sanaki as lord, makes me draw again, I end my deck quickly.. thats why I try to put other characters and end to have 58 cards Maybe when the S9 with laguz extension will arrive kurthnaga will be a good choice, but i'm limited with 4 kurthnaga and i can have 10 Ike, the basic support destroy 2 orbs, and others are nice to play.. If i dont play others Laguz, i'm not sure about Kurthnaga. About Edward, yes i'm not sure how usefull he is.. he is good but I put it because i think with sanaki he will be very good.. The strongest Nephenee benefit of Sanaki's skill because she gains 10atk for every card stacks under her during my turn @whase "However, as Sanaki (IIRC) never reaches at least 70 power, this might be a bad choice" If there are promoted cards on the field, she wins 10 atk for each of them. It's not bad. But yes my opponent can sweep my field.
  13. Hey Guys ! I create this topic because I think I need advice about my deck, and the old topic is dead since 1 years.. So let's exchange about our respective decks ? I'm creating my Green Deck, With Sanaki as Lord. He is not done, but in construction, and if there is something bad you see about it, tell me before i spend all my money in a useless card ahah! Composition : Lord : Sanaki (My lord can't attack as long as she is unpromoted.. it's a bit complicated in the beginning of the game...) 3x Edward, Back-Alley Sword 2x Edward, Cheerful Swordsman 2x Elincia, Esteemed Queen 2x Elincia, Lone Heiress 3x Geoffrey, Eternally Loyal Spear 3x Geoffrey, Queen's Knight 2x Haar, Black Gale 3x Haar, Black Wyvern Rider 2x Ike, Brave Crimean General 1x Ike, Crimean Knight 2x Ike, General of the Divine Blade 2x Ike, Radiant Hero 3x Ike, Rookie of the Mercenaries 2x Mia, Aspiring Lady of Blades 3x Mia, Unrivaled Swordswoman 2x Mist, Doting Sister 1x Mist, Healing Battle Princess 3x Mist, Purehearted Valkyrie 2x Nephenee, Patriotic Rebel Fither 3x Nephenee, Quiet Soldier 2x Nephenee, Swift Lance of Liberation 1x Nephenee, The strongest Countrygirl 1x Sanaki, Apostle of Begnion (LORD) 2x Sanaki, Child Emperor 4x Sanaki, Empress of Begnion Deck : 58 Cards The goal is to use the skill of Sanaki to promote card easily. Mist/Elincia's skills allow me to add in my hand a card in the retreat/deploy a unit in my deck. Nephenee and Ike are the strongest unit I think, and will benefit from Sanaki and Mist/Elincia. Haar can promote himself and is a good support, Mia/Edward/Geoffrey are also good cards I think.. (Geoffrey is the last one I add.. I wasn't sure about this one because my strat don't turn around Elincia..) So What do you think ?
  14. I've noticed on the Cipher part of this site, in the green card of Sanaki 4/2 , the description on the card says : bonus against dragon, and the translated description says an Armor. Thanks.
  15. Hi, i've got few questions about strategy, and I haven't seen answers with the research option.. 1) I've got Ike on my field, ike unpromoted Can i put the exactly same card, Ike unpromoted, on top of that ike with a cost of 1 ? And if I have Brave Crimean General Ike with cost 4/3 : if I want to play the exactly same card on it, is it possible ? Should i pay a cost of 3 or 4 ? (Without drawing because it's a level up?) 2) About the support Skill : Mage Emblem Bastian has the skill : "Crimea's Tactician When this card is sent from your hand to the Retreat Zone as the result of an opponent's skill or support skill, your opponent must discard a card. " I attack my opponent and my support has Mage Emblem, I draw and i discard. If I discard Bastian, does my opponent have to discard a card? (In fact I don't know if its an opponent's support skill, or a support skill) Same things with Emma, who can be deploy if she's discarded (if I remember well)
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