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  1. Elice "Come, this way." Elice started walking, signaling Vanessa to follow her. The young lady reminded her of a Pegasus Knight of her home country, they were similar in appearence, but the one that stood in front of her seemed more serious and dedicated, something Elice admired.
  2. Sorry for not being active these days, I just haven't been feeling well, I know my posts just keep getting smaller and smaller but I honestly don't have the energy to make bigger posts like before, I need some time to rest, and think about stuff, just a small apology for the time I've taken.
  3. Elice "Of course..." Seeking to help Elice moved to the side of the pegasus. She kneeled down before it and chanted her Mend staff, a bright blue light glowed , slowly restoring the pegasi's energy. Turning to Vanessa she said, "Your friend will wake up in a few seconds, after she does we should head back to Jake, he helped me and many others when we found ourselves in the same situation as you did... he's a good man, although I wonder... nevermind. Well then, shall we head off?"
  4. Finally time to solve this, I guess I'll use just Dratini, you can remove Lance. I'll make the IC input soon @NoahStratos Also will it learn moves by level up or will it just be stuck with wrap until it evolves?
  5. Elice "Who...might you be...?" "I am Elice, the princess of Altea. Who might you be? I presume you are not Est...". Elice noticed Boey had rushed to her side, also worried about the green haired Pegasus Knight. ''Hey... could you do something about that?'' "Yes... I'll be able to heal her, just a second.". Elice kneeled down before the Pegasus Knight and chanted her Mend Staff. "You'll be okay..." (OOC: Short posts ftw)
  6. I wanted to prioritize Lance, but It's ok if you put the Pokémon instead.
  7. I did Lance because the character I want to use is, well, Lance, the human, I was going to make a Pokémon before but changed my mind, and I don't understand what's wrong about the sheet, it's for the character Lance, the human, not his Pokémon.
  8. Elice "Young lady? Please do me a favor and ask Jake about the kidnapping. I must aid the fallen pegasus knight. If not for my sake, for Anna's." Elice turned to Raven, "Wait! I'll help you check on the pegasus knight, it might be someone I know..." Elice walked up to Raven and kept heading towards the injured Pegasus Knight by his side. Gabriella "Thank god she's gone... I guess there's no pain in asking." Gabriella murmured to herself. She stretched and turned to Jake, "So where do you think thet took Anna? I hope she's alright, she was pretty cool, plus she was the only one with a sense of style around here."
  9. How will Pokémon evolve? Btw I'll post my sheet soon.
  10. For Sophia not to suck, also making Idoun not die to a poke from the Binding Blade.
  11. Take Sheena! This time I actually want to watch the streams ._.
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