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  1. There's a few reasons why that error code can pop up. It could be that the CIA is corrupted in which case you'd need to repack it. It's also caused by an SD card that is reporting more space than it has available. I'd double check your SD card and available space. What size is your card? IIRC the larger cards can sometimes cause issues without proper formatting.
  2. Hmm... try closing out of FEFTwiddler and then reopening it, but don't select a save file. See if that opens up another option there under File -> Save. If that doesn't work I'll take a look at the program once I'm back at my PC later this week. We'll get it sorted out. :)
  3. Great! The save can be loaded through FEFTwiddler once you've edited the files and installed the new CIA file. I don't have access to the program right now but it's an option there somewhere. Your next step after it is done unpacking will be to move the patch files that you have in Luma over to their corresponding folders and overwright them. Once you've done all the changes you want and are sure they are in the right spot, load up the hacking tool again and this time you'll choose to rebuild the CIA file. You can then install that CIA file as normal using FBI or another program. Once that's done and you've verified that it runs correctly, you can remove the luma patch folder and it should load much quicker.
  4. I'm glad to hear that the save files were able to be transferred. They'll work with any version of Fates. Hmm... I can't see anything that you're doing wrong with the tool. Getting a dumb question out of the way-- have you run the setupUS.exe yet? You'll need that prior to doing anything. If you have, maybe try renaming the CIA to Fates.cia and type it in manually. Sometimes copying and pasting causes a hickup.
  5. It's been a while since I've used FEFTwiddler, but I believe it only recognizes the first 3 save files. So if you have special edition, it won't recognize the other saves you have on the game. I'd make a backup of the save files that it is letting you archive, then in the Fate main menu copy over the file you want to use over one of the files that you are able to archive. DISCLAIMER: JUST MAKE SURE IT IS A FILE YOU ARE OKAY LOSING. YOU PROBABLY WON'T BUT IT COULD HAPPEN. *ahem* For the hacking toolkit, it should take a few moments to unpack and when it is finished the folders from the CIA should in the hacking toolkit directory. Do you have a special edition Fates CIA that you are unpacking? How large is the file? It's no trouble at all. I won't have access to my workbench PC for a few days otherwise I'd be including screenshots of what it should look like, but if you are still having issues later in the week I'll see about making a visual walkthrough.
  6. Okay, double check the pathway then uncompress a vanilla CIA and recompress it without changing anything to see if it makes a usable CIA. If it doesn't work, check the error log and consider a clean reinstall.
  7. Yes, just use FEFTwiddler to extract a chapter save from your physical copy, then load it into the digital version. It also has some additional functions such as editing the convey items and unit skills.
  8. Is that the Fates Revelation DLC CIA or the Special Edition USA CIA? If it's DLC it targets a different path and won't work correctly. If you're using FE Special Edition, I don't see where the problem would be. I'd suggest starting fresh and uncompressing the CIA, then without putting new files into it recompressing and see if that works. If it doesn't work then you know the issue is the Hacking Tools program. If it DOES work, then that means there may be an issue with the replacing process and I'd check the error log. Also make sure to double check the pathway directory where you're telling it to make the CIA from.
  9. No, a CIA is like a self-contained 3DS game. It's kind of like a .zip file in that it has a lot of extra files and folders inside of it that the 3DS reads, but in order to "unzip" it you need a special program, like the one in the link I posted. Once you unzip or extract the CIA, you'll find lots of folders such as "extracted romfs" which has the majority of the files that you'll want to edit. These files are what Luma Patches. A barebones explanation of what Luma does is below. This is what's causing the slowdown. To get around that you'd need to get a copy of the digital game (CIA) file, manually patch it yourself, then install it. However, this isn't something that can be done for physical copies of the game IIRC so if you are using one then you may be stuck with the load times.
  10. The lag-time is an unfortunate byproduct of Luma patching. With each load (such as entering a battle) Luma scans every base gamefile for a corresponding file in the patch directory and loads that instead. The only way to reduce lag time is to create a CIA gamefile which replaces the old files with the patch files. This would bypass Luma entirely and run at the same speed as a base game. A good guide for extracting your game and rebuilding it can be found here.
  11. That odd interaction between Silas and Camilla is an another unfortunate change made by Treehouse. In the original A support, Silas doesn't say that he is in love with Camilla, only that he was jealous that Corrin had siblings that cared for him. It ends with Camilla doting on him and asking that he call her Big Sister. It does leave things open for developing a future relationship, but there's nothing as cut and dry as Treehouse's version. Some have speculated that Treehouse was uncomfortable with Camilla's obsession with Corrin so they tried to soften it by having her be in love with someone else. Whether that's true or not I can't say, but it does make the A support rather odd.
  12. I have limited free time, so I'd rather put that creative energy to work on re-writing the Revelations route. In order to transcribe a working script from the program I use, I would need to copy and paste the twenty or so individual sub-chapters, arrange them so they were chronologically consistent, then go in and manually review each section to edit out the remaining artifacts the game uses to process in-game events. This would need to be done for every chapter. Additionally, this is intended to be experienced as audiovisual media. There are moments, especially in latter chapters, that will completely lose their emotional impact if restricted to simple text. This is why I've gone through the effort of uploading the chapter videos, so people who do not wish to mod their 3DS can still experience the story in its completeness.
  13. Thank you! I'm very curious to see what you think by the end! I'm working on a Revelations re-write so I unfortunately have my hands too full to parse the script from the programming language. However, you can find find the uploaded chapters here, which also include the vocal and musical changes that add to the experience. Once I'm done with Rev (and possibly BR) I'll see about going back and creating it in a script format!
  14. New patch added! I also added a link to the playlist which contains all the uploaded chapters for those not wishing to mod their 3DS.
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