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  1. Plenty of written entries without descriptions, I made a list of which games they’re focused on for anyone interested: A Shiver from Beyond · Blazing Sword A Soulweaver’s Journey · Fates Anna's Surprise · Awakening Azel’s Epilogue · Inspired by the fanfic “While you were sleeping” by Mark of the Asphodel (author’s note) Battle of Alucia · Original Setting Beyond the Horizon · Blazing Sword Cages · Fates Fairy Tale Ending · Genealogy of the Holy War Fire Emblem Echoes from Time · Some future with Chiki/Tiki Fire Emblem Generations Blazing Sword Grief and Resolve Fates Hatari Investigations – An Interactive Adventure Radiant Dawn Historian of Johanna The Sacred Stones I’d Do Anything Fates In His Lonely Footsteps (New) Mystery of the Emblem No Longer “Human” Path of Radiance Pray to the Dark Fates The Path of Conquest and Dragon Pokémon Fates The Prince of Verdane Genealogy of the Holy War The Value of Refuse Blazing Sword too much, not enough Blazing Sword
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