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  1. Bear in mind Anastasia has a debuff resistance down effect on her Mana Burst & a stun stapled to her NP battery. Her kit is actually pretty amazing. It's a bit hard to use, but it's pretty well-rounded for everything you might want to use her for. For me, Sieg has the slight issue where he's competing against Nitocris as a farming caster, and it's pretty hard to beat High Speed Divine Words when it comes to spamming NPs. He's still good, though, especially if you happen to be farming dragons and Instant Kill the ability to proc instant kills isn't a factor.
  2. Well, I actually value Rescue higher than Warp, so sacrificing Bernadetta to turn her into a caster feels like a reasonable choice to me. Thanks to the mage line being so strong in terms of combat she can actually get away with her awful 20% Mag growth by picking up 15 base mag from Bishop (17 from Warlock if you're willing to dump a fairly significant amount of Reason exp into her), +2 Magic from Monk, and 6 Atk from Fiendish Blow, so it's not like her combat is going to suffer that much for it. Plus she even has one of the easiest times getting into mage cavalry, which would get her Tomefaire. I'll admit you'd need to know about spell lists to have Rescue at all in Crimson Flower, though... Making Bernadetta into a caster isn't exactly an obvious move. Strictly speaking you can also get away with Canto, Reposition, and Stride, but that's just Rescue with extra steps. (And it's probably more of a hassle to get that many copies of Reposition than to make Bernadetta get Rescue.)
  3. Yeah, I kind of assumed that the companies providing tests are making money, but I didn't know where to look up the info on who/what is getting the money from that, hence me asking. Mind, my impression of the No Child Left Behind thing was that schools were cooking the books in terms of test scores and graduation rates anyway, so I'm not sure how much ESSA would actually help. They might not have been directly cheating or whatever (although some were), but teachers definitely seemed encouraged to teach to the test & make their courses easier. Yeah, that'll increase test scores and graduation rates, but that doesn't mean they actually got better at teaching stuff.
  4. Mostly just because I like her art. That is, I was thinking about NP5 because of reasons other than performance. Not that Atalanta Alter's bad, mind. Regarding 4* tickets, I tend to value them more than any given 4*, unless they're limited 4*s that you can't get via tickets. I also don't consider spooks when considering how many copies of a servant I go for. Plus it's not like I dislike Anastasia, who's on the banner with Atalanta.
  5. Can you elaborate, though? Like who benefited in terms of profits and how?
  6. Are you talking money profit or profit in terms of vote-count? I should mention that I have no opinion on the money profit angle---I have no idea what companies/schools/whatever benefited on that front. Anyway, as far as I know, voter turnout is still heavily biased towards older and more educated people, so crappy education didn't swing votes much either way at the start. So the votes angle is actually a plus for the GOP in my opinion---it's scummy way to lock down your voter base, but the fact that it only takes full effect 2+ decades down the line means the GOP at least knows how to plan for the future. It's kind of interesting that it's the GOP doing that, since people tend to be more likely to be Democratic the more education they got past high school, so you'd think the Democratic party would be better at future planning. *shrug* Admittedly it means the median US citizen is kind of a gullible dumbass relative other 1st world countries, but the US gets to import its best people from other countries, so it'll only be an issue if median intelligence/education mattered. Or if the US stopped being able to import their best people from other countries. A quick skim of immigration demographics supports my guess that the US is importing smart people rather than growing them on home ground, but mind that I didn't spend a lot of time to fact check. So I could be in the middle of a massive case of confirmation bias right now. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/key-findings-about-u-s-immigrants/ < Website I skimmed the data from. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/key-findings-about-u-s-immigrants/ft_19-06-17_keyfindingsimmigrants_update_educational-attainment-us-immigrants-2017/ < A graph of education vs. demographics in terms of immigrants. Yeah, some people are imported to do drudge work, but the US imports a lot of people from certain countries that get way better education than the average American. (Europe, like you'd expect, and maybe Asia as well, but the Middle East was actually a bit surprising to me. Guess the Middle East put that oil money to good use by planning for the future via educating their citizens. Pity the US is skimming from the top. ) So basically the No Child Left Behind thing benefited the GOP (but only a whiles down the line), was neutral to the US (since the US can just import its brains), and was negative for the Earth as a whole (since the US gave 3rd world educations to people born in a first world country). I'm honestly kind of surprised that making the average American less educated would help one party over the other, though. You'd think getting dumb people votes would be politics 101 or something. (Hell, maybe even politics 001.)
  7. Chapter 15: Rare Monster Sighting & 2nd Academy Session Rare Monster Sighting, tl;dr version: Academy:
  8. That feeling when Asterios casually one-shots Jeanne from full hp. -_- (Jeanne has 18k hp) Fights have been relatively easy despite that, though, since you get 6 slots and they're not making you chew through both break bars most of the time. But it still feels like it's about time to swap to a serious team rather than keep using my bond farming one. Edit: Oh wow the golem makes it feel like you're playing with triple Waver, that's some dope ass stuff. Double Edit: Anastasia hits like a paper towel... and the tree is about as dangerous as a RL tree (branches can fall on you, but you're probably fine).
  9. Personally I like Mordred's new instinct a lot from a power perspective, but not at all from a design perspective. Mordred only has 2 Busters, so it basically guarantees that she'll use at least one of them very productively in a draw cycle, and in the uncommon case where she draws them both in a single turn (should be around 1 - (13/14 * 12/13), or about 14% of the time, if I'm doing my math right), 15 stars gives decent odds of both of them landing crits. It's basically as good as it gets for a crit skill, you get 50% crit, star draw (tied to the best damage face card), and even stars on top, which is strong and well balanced. From a design perspective, though, it's better to have servants that are very strong but also unbalanced rather than servants that are strong and balanced.* Waver belongs in the strong and balanced camp, which is pretty much why you can stuff him into pretty much anything. It makes for boring team building. *Balanced in the sense that they have everything they need, i.e., self-sufficient, not balanced in the sense that they're 'fair.' The rest of Mordred's kit is still a bit 'meh' by my standards, so she isn't crazy strong or anything, and the rest of her kit isn't very self-sufficient, either, so I can see why they gave her a skill that's pretty much an entire kit by itself (except toned down), but I don't like that kind of skill design. Edit: Oh wow, Anastasia already out. Ugh... not sure if I want to drop the money to NP5 Atalanta Alter right now, but she won't get a rate up after this one, as far as I know. : S
  10. Well that's basically the trick of the two party system, isn't it? Give people two awful choices and it doesn't really matter who they vote for. Either they vote for one of the two, in which case it doesn't matter since they're both awful. Or they don't. In which case their vote doesn't matter since either: A, they don't vote at all, or B, they vote for a third party candidate---which means their votes don't matter. The fact that both parties did that implies both sides want a weak executive branch, though. Interesting choice since we're in a situation where a strong executive branch would be useful, but *shrug.*
  11. Got all of the gold Fous, so I'm not too worried about the rest of the ladder now. I probably overshot a bit, but I can't be assed to look up how much Altrium the daily quests give and properly calculate the exact amount of runs I need to do. Kind of hope they release Anastasia a bit early, but I guess I don't care too much either way.
  12. Chapter 15: Foreign Land and Sky (Petra and Bernadetta's Paralogue) Map:
  13. Mostly sitting in the F/GO section of the forums & occasionally updating my Crimson Flower LP. Which has gotten to the point where Byleth could solo entire maps without assistance, so I'm assuming nobody is actually interested anymore.* Three Houses has a distinctly... odd... difficulty curve, in that the hardest map was like 5 maps in or something. *Well actually it got to that point around time Byleth hit level 20, but it wasn't as obvious back then. I should mention that I don't really mind foreigners, I'm calling them 'useless' in the sense that the US in aggregate doesn't really care about them, similar to how the US doesn't really care about its own citizens. Ordinarily healthcare is a huge concern for a government since people are a very valuable resource, but the value of individual people is actually very low for the US as an economic entity, since they're so easy to replace for the US. (Even easier than China or India, yeah, they have like a billion each, but the US has the full population of the planet to draw from.) Hell, not caring about its own citizens isn't even a PR issue because of the way the US is setup. If you don't have money you don't deserve healthcare/food/etc. When you have like 8 billion people to draw from you wouldn't really care even if you had to replace the entire population once in a while.
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