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  1. Morgan seems like how a Buster farmer has to be in order to compete with Quick and Arts options. Quick and Arts can get NP refills from the NP, but unless your NP straight up refunds NP gauge Buster servants don't have that option. Morgan gets around that issue by having basically the most broken NP battery skillset. Compared to Waver she has comparable damage buffs but also a bit more NP gauge for the team. (20% * 3 + 30% = 90% versus 30% * 3 + 20% = 110%) Practically speaking, Waver's NP isn't really worth it for farming, so it's actually closer to 20% * 2 + 30% versus 30% * 3 + 20%. I'm ignoring Artoria Caster since if you're using her you're probably Arts looping. (Despite how similar their skillsets are, the fact that Morgan has a damaging NP and Artoria doesn't means that Morgan would be better outside of Arts farming.) She does have the slight downside where the defense down is tied to her main NP battery skill, meaning you'll have a hard time saving it for the last (and usually tankiest) wave, but that can't be helped. On paper it seems like you'd only need another 80% worth of battery in order to use 3 NPs, but the fact that what you really need is something like 20% to the whole team and then another 20% to a single target means that a Morgan/Morgan/Third Servant lineup is actually fairly selective in terms of who can fill that third slot. You can't just slap Nitocrisis in there and say 110% + 110% + 100% = 320% and call it a day, for example. Cheng Gong and the like would trivialize matters by giving you a 4th Servant to work with, but outside of post-Strengthening Helena I'm actually having a hard time thinking of people who can make a 3 Servant team with Morgan. Edit: Did some digging and it seems like, out of the 5* AoE servants, only Voyager fits the bill. OG Medb actually happens to work as well---she gives Fae servants 30% NP gauge---but she's single target. (Parvati would've been perfect since her NP refills 20% for the whole team at level 3 overcharge and she has a 20% battery skill, but the only way for her to get to level 3 is by having the two Morgans use their NP first, meaning the team can't actually take advantage of Parvati's teamwide NP refill. i.e. There wouldn't be enough NP gauge for her to NP in the first place.) Too bad you can't run a triple Morgan team, because that team would actually work.
  2. Arjuna ended up pretty easy---I did swap out of my exp farming mystic code and also my bond CEs, but he went down in the first attempt in all of his fights. Targetable guts completely steamrolls him. He's immune to debuffs and basically untankable, but every single guts you have buys another turn. I didn't need a lot of turns considering my team's sheer damage output, so the single guts from Caster Nero was enough. In retrospect, I should've used the guts mystic code over the invul one (I held the invul until the last break bar, but didn't get to use it since Arjuna has ignore invincible), but whatever. I imagine Hercules would completely wreck him. One disappointment about the last Arjuna fight was that Karna never got to use his NP---I kept prioritizing using all of Artoria's NP and cards over Karna NP, and Karna ended up dying to Arjuna's surprise NP from his last breakbar.
  3. Arjuna Alter is a bit uncomfortable because I think this is his only banner outside of Lucky Bags. I'm definitely going to pick up at least one copy (probably 2), but I don't like his aesthetics all that much. I'll probably be using Musashi as my primary AoE Beserker once she drops. If it wasn't for the fact that this is his only banner I'd probably be fine with 1 single copy or even skipping him if RNG wasn't favorable, since there's a lot of servants I want to pick up soon. (Including Summer Jeanne, who I failed to get last year---I forgot how much quartz I used, but I think it was around 600-900?)
  4. Ended up voting for Ryouma's pitch. Liked Arash and Ryouma's pitches the most, but Arash's ending needs the audience to know that him & Ozymandias are prince and attendant, and that hasn't been established yet in the 'film'. It's possible we're supposed to gloss over minor details like this, but whatever. (That is, you can't do a role swap from prince to attendant and attendant to prince if the audience didn't know you were prince and attendant to begin with.) Part of what pushed me to Ryouma's ending is the fact that Hokusai mentioned the painting was supposed to be a father and daughter, and the first draft was too much like a couple. If Miguel is properly keeping his promise to take care of Gabriela then the painting makes sense, and so does 'dying' right after marrying her. That's just my assumption on what the ending's like, though. On a meta note, I do like how the way the Meihousou plays out fixes the issue where the players who were here for Kogetsukan probably has absolutely no trust in the storyteller when it comes to a murder mystery. Since we're on the storyteller side rather than the audience side there's no need to doubt the storyteller. The Detective Conan references were pretty fun, incidentally.
  5. Finally done with the event. Had a bunch of missions I still had to do after Barbados went down so only got done with the missions now. Jack was a bonus servant so the CQ ended up pretty easy. I think her NP does like 200k with just Black Grail and the event buff, and Waver doesn't really do anything by himself---he did manage to kill Jack, but my back line had King Protea, and KP vs. Waver is unwinnable for Waver. I'll probably keep farming bronze currency to try and pick up the Fou cards that are still in the event shop, but if I don't manage to get all of them then oh well. Everything else is cleaned out aside from the monuments and... gears. Barbados dropped like 500 of those, so I'm not going to buy them
  6. Pretty much all out of apples now (have like 7 silver and 2 copper left), and I'm not going to eat rainbow apples, so a bit more than 600 runs is all I'm doing. My natural AP regen will go towards Barbados as long as he's still alive, but it won't add much more. Don't really have anything against eating rainbow apples (I think 30% of my premium currency went towards refilling sanity in Arknights), but my box is established enough that I'm not in a hurry to farm anything in FGO. Despite all this farming, I think I still don't have enough QP to max all my SSRs, not to mention the materials and EXP. One downside of Barbados farming compared to lottery events, it doesn't rain EXP.
  7. Mind that the raid quest gives more Bond points per AP since it's 30 AP while giving 815 AP (compared to 915 AP for 40 AP which is what usually happens). And not being a lottery event means you can use non-event CEs that boost Bond/QP drops. Considering it's way faster to farm than a lottery node it's probably significantly better than a lottery event in terms of farming. Lottery events also tend to be backloaded, since early on you have worse nodes + don't have that many CE drops yet, but you get full efficiency here right off the bat. I think I'll make a macro to farm automatically for me. I need a lot of QP right now.
  8. If you still need an Illya I happen to have her. She did like 700k when I used Black Grail with Waver & Skadi , so I'm assuming Kaleidoscope Illya should do fine. Edit: Assuming the card type down debuff is 50% 700k should mean she'll OHKO even with Buster Down, since 700k * (120/170) = 494k, and two random face cards should finish. Illya gets 50% from her skill 1 and 20% from her NP, so a Buster Down debuff doesn't do much unless the number is huge. Double Edit: Gonna go to bed and hope Barbados is still alive when I wake up. : / My friend code is : 896,232,609, in game name is: DNC. Give me your in game name before you send me an invite, though.
  9. Took a few apples, but mostly done with missions until 5/5. There's still some farming ones I have to do, but I got to the point where the rest of the event will unlock immediately on 5/5. Pity the missions means that I have to farm some nodes I don't really want to farm, but whatever. I'd prefer to just spam the node that drops pages, which also happens to drop all 3 types of currency.
  10. Honestly it might be better for me to take a 5* event servant rather than just bringing Bunyan everywhere, but between Waver and Reines she's decently survivable despite being level 60. (If we napkin math a level 90 servant to have 50% more Atk than Bunyan it's not really useful to bring her, since the higher Atk basically cancels out her Berserker type effectiveness.) Also, it's a very good thing this event drops QP in its nodes, because I'm like 600 million QP in the hole just to level and skill all the new servants I got since the last lottery event. I'm also getting killed by materials, but one problem at a time. I don't have Mona Lisa to boost the 500k drop but even for QP nodes I run the bond CE anyway, so it doesn't matter. My pulls got me everything I cared about (at least 1 5* CE and MLB of the more common ones). Luvia didn't show up, but I don't really care enough to roll just for her, especially considering the 11 roll thing is only a few months away.
  11. Jeanne's buff is interesting, and so is Helena getting a 50% battery after factoring in her Mana Tuning. I probably won't use Helena much despite the battery since I have Caster Nero, but Jeanne getting NP damage down on all targets should come in handy if the team has other NP damage debuff servants. (Another Jeanne, or, ideally, someone like Melt or Nightingale who has 50% NP down.) The defense down is great, but not having an NP battery means that she'll still be something like 30% slower than Waver just because you'll need to spend turns making Arts Chains despite the fact that the damage output during NP turns will be similar. 30% slower than Waver is a pretty great place to be, though, considering the fact that the team's basically indestructible with Jeanne in it.
  12. Oh man, the icon for extra spawn on min-Nobus is amazing. Didn't notice until now since usually it's displaying the Bond Up and Damage Up bonuses from being an event servant.
  13. Oh, wow. Vlad got a double strengthening on his NP. Only puts him up to regular post-interlude NP damage levels since he started at AoE NP damage, but it's an interesting precedent.
  14. Hmmm... Can anyone who did the event before tell me if they got the 3* CE from the first node? I believe I saw the drop screen for it, but then I checked my inventory afterwards I didn't actually get an extra copy of the CE. Edit: Oh, nevermind. The 3* CE is given in a later node. My memory is just garbage.
  15. Finally an exp campaign, now I can get rid of all the exp CEs and Valentine CEs I've been holding for like 2 months now. I don't usually leave stuff in the mail box, but right now I have like ~80 CEs in the mail on top of a completely full inventory. Strictly speaking if I moved stuff to the 2nd archive I should still have some space left over, but there's not much difference between moving all the exp CEs to the 2nd archive and leaving a bunch of valentine CEs in the mail. Also, I don't know when they added it, but the fact you can filter for CEs by what they do means it's a lot easier to separate Valentine CEs from everything else, now. Just search for CEs that do literally nothing. Now I'll just need a lottery event to refill my QP and level up the new servants I got. Not sure if I'll be rolling for MHXA. I do need a ST Beserker, but I have a decent selection of 4* ones and, while I do like MHXA's aesthetics, it's not to the point of rolling a bunch for her. For gameplay I'm probably just going to wait for Galatea. Edit: Ended up rolling for the Choco Angel CE since I needed one more to MLB. Took more than a few rolls, considering it's a 4* CE, but MHXA also came along for the ride. (Also, Yan Qing showed up twice for some reason.)
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