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  1. I kept one person in my front line with Sweet Crystal the whole time through Shimousa just to smack the people who want to evade spam. Honestly I'll probably level 100 a copy of it eventually, since it's such a good general purpose CE, but it'll be awhile since it basically takes a whole year to get enough exp to max level a 5* CE. Parasio kicked my ass the first time I fought her since I was still running a full Knight Class lineup up to that point---after that I decided 'fuck it' and started running actual min-maxed comps. Caster Nero punched Parasio's face in once I actually brought her to the fight, though. (Yagyu was pretty lulsy for me since I brought in Black Grail Archer Archuria for his fight, so his third break bar of only taking NP damage was pretty hilarious, especially since he was kind enough to give everyone NP gain up.) IRRC the two Hells and Parasio were the major fights that took two attempts, everyone else had issues that made them far less of a threat. (The two Hells technically took 4 attempts between the two fights, since I didn't know they'd retreat after losing a single hp bar the first time---saw the 500k break bars and nope'd out with my Bond farming team.) I remember losing more fights than just 3, though, so I probably lost a few to trash mobs as well from running Bond farming comps.
  2. ...God dammit. First time I see the two Hells and their 2 hp bars each I noped out of there and went back in with a min-maxed team and the fight's like, 'Just Kidding Bro, we didn't mean to make you use a team that can do 500k damage per turn for 4 turns in a row.' They bloody skipped out on me after the first bar broke, R.I.P. bond points, R.I.P. AP.
  3. Shimousa's battle music is pretty dope, shame it's on such a short loop, though. Gameplay wise: It's pretty interesting how the enemies with NP seals try to NP seal someone with 80% or higher NP gauge as much as possible. It makes the fights a lot easier than they'd otherwise be since they're wasting an action on something that does no damage. Part of this is because I'm running an all Knight Class + story support lineup, though, meaning I don't have any meaningful defense buffs. (Archuria hit bond 10 already, and even Bride and her single target defense up is getting close.) Getting killed from full in 3 actions is actually very possible, so it's nice that they waste one every turn.
  4. Well, that was annoying. My Android 4 installation of Nox is crying because of it being incompatible with FGO now. Fortunately all it took to get me in was installing an Android 7 instance, even if I was quite a bit worried about being locked out for weeks~months while I wait for Nox to update + install FGO again. Bit annoying that I had to get another bind code, but turns out the copy button lets me paste to my computer, so that's cool. (Pretty neat that the Nox devs got that working.) Edit: Not gonna be able to play through the story in a midnight binge like usual, though, gonna be busy as hell for the foreseeable future. : (
  5. Oh, that's interesting. Guess the problem was server side, then. (I expected to have to download a patch if it got fixed---but then again, I also could've just missed the patch.)
  6. I probably spent a whole hour trying to get past that party formation thing if you count up the time I spent changing party members and the time I spent looking up the problem in the 'Issues' news section & on reddit. At least they marked it as an Issue now, so it'll probably be patched soon. It's just a re-run for me since I already have NP5 Brave Liz, so I don't mind the problem too much, fortunately. In the worst case I miss 5 boxes worth of gems + a Lore, which is pretty whatever. (Sucks to be a newcomer though.)
  7. Well, that's interesting. I don't know if it's always been that way, but if you have an invul and a hit based evasion buff up at the same time you won't lose evasion stacks until you run out of invul. Mostly relevant for Ishtar Rider (basically gives her a 2 hit protection from arrows), but CE + one of the hit based dodge\invulnerable people can also take advantage. It explains why people like Volumen Hydrargyrum on Cu's, I guess.
  8. Kind of wish SAlter would get an NP strengthening. It won't happen until people start getting double NP upgrades, but it'd be a sweet ass niche for a servant. Crappy ass skills tacked onto a hilarious AoE NP. (Bonus gravy points if she somehow manages to get 30% NP damage up stapled to her NP from the upgrade.) Slightly tempted to make the ultimate 4Head choice and use my ticket for a rare prism, but I'll probably just grab Nito. (At NP1 she won't be useful for much, unfortunately, but I'm sure an AoE death NP will occasionally come in handy.)
  9. Ended up farming slightly more than 155 boxes, if I did my math right. Used most of the exp already, but I still have 50 boxes unopened for the exp rate up. For the first time since Fuyuki or thereabouts, I have more servants at level cap than servants at silver Fou cap. (Didn't grab the 40 Fou from the event shop, however---farming petals were a bigger priority despite that.) Probably have more than enough exp cards to get all my 3* and above servants to level cap, and quite a few bronze as well. (Gonna leave Angra and Bunyan level 1 for reasons, though. Angra for memes---tempted to make a level 100 Angra without any Fou just so he keeps the silver stat text, once I have a ton of grails to spare---Bunyan because she's really good at being a level 1 buffer who's supposed to bite it ASAP during a fight. I'll level cap the one from the re-run, though.) Hopefully my ~1.5 million FP doesn't break my mind as I use them for CE levels.
  10. Debating between farming like crazy and holding onto the petals so I have a bunch of petals to exchange for boxes once the Merlin banner hits (for the exp rate up) or just using them as they come like I've been doing so I don't go crazy. Also want to spend my FP rolling for CEs since it's an exp rate up, but, again, don't want to go crazy. Caster Gil is on the Christmas banner with Medusa Lily & Ereshkigal, so I'm probably not going to ticket for him or Lily. Meaning it's mostly between a bunch of farming options: NP2 Liz for archer nodes, NP 1 Nito (which, unfortunately, will rely on her death rate rather than her damage, which isn't too high), or, I don't know, NP4 Helena and pray she gets a strengthening eventually? *shrug* I could also go for people like Herc, Fionn, or d'Eon for CQ stuff, but my box is pretty stacked already, and I basically never actually use Herc or Taunters (who aren't named Mash) anyway.
  11. Mind that despite the fact he spams his own taunts on your team, people with taunt are still pretty reliable at tanking hits. (1/3 chance to get targeted by the random taunt, like 30% or so chance of KH using a skill rather than attacking, which gives his mooks a chance to 'waste' the taunt, and then 50/50 to hit the person with their own taunt rather than the one KH targeted anyway.) This means that it's actually decently consistent to stall for the ~15 turns or so you need for him to get into OHKO range if you run a bunch of taunt people with guts---remember that you should have a ton of guts CEs from earlier events. I didn't bother with that since I'm fine with restarting the app when he procs the 5% instant death, and his regular damage even with crits isn't enough to beat down the sheer bulkiness of a triple caster front line, especially when two of them were healers. (Iri + Medea Lily.) Edit: TFW when you end up using all 3 command seals for the un-nerfed finale. (Used one during a test run to check how fast Summer Nero can run through the lineup---not fast enough, due to the huge ass Rider and Ruler speed bumps---and then used the other 2 for my 'real' run. Honestly I liked the CQ a lot, main issue is that it comes so late in the event that you have only 2 attempts where you have all 3 command seals, since the event's ending soon.)
  12. Huh... so apparently King Hassan was supposed to only use the taunt thing on the leftmost servant. Didn't know that. Edit: Because he taunts everyone in US. I just grabbed a Waver + Medea Lily + Iri stall team to out last his 20 stacks of damage reduction, and had 2 MLB damage CE casters in the back line. Used a command seal for an Iri NP near the end, which was probably unneeded since there were only like 5 stacks left at that point, but I used a lot of time on the CQ due to the fact that I was abusing reloads to shift RNG around to make sure everyone survives KH's regular hits, so I wanted to be safe than sorry. Double Edit: It's kind of silly how easy the finale is compared to King Hassan. Just throw an AoE DPS (I used Summer Nero) at the problem and everything explodes. Only took 11 turns, and on the first try at that. : /
  13. It took me 3 attempts before I realized the Da Vinci fight has the enemies lose NP when you hit them rather than the other way around. (Aside from the ghost with the trap, of course.) Yeah, the icon is blue, meaning it's a debuff rather than a buff, but the way it's worded made me think it's the attacker that loses NP gauge. *shrug* Pretty simple tank and spank after that, got to play around with Summer Nero as my DPS, which was nice. (Especially the part where she can do tons of damage even after I kill Da Vinci, since she has 80% Atk Up to counteract the 100% Defense Up that Da Vinci gives everyone.)
  14. The thing that annoys me about farming Nero Fest is that everything has just enough HP that I need to either trial and error to find the 3-4 turn clears, or else I can sit in front of a calculator for 30 minutes to figure out the right buff sequence. (I could also just not use 6 Cheers like a masochist, but where's the fun in that.)
  15. Turns out it's possible for my box to do a 3 turn with 6 Cheers, pity it needs pretty ridiculous card luck. It needs 1 card from Drake (ideally a quick), 2 cards from JAlter (Buster + Arts ideally) round 2, and then at least one Buster from JAlter round 3. And if the 3 turn fails there's like a 50% chance the quest goes to turn 6, lul. (Since my offense buffs last till the end of turn 4, meaning if turn 4 gave me crap for cards it's nothing except unbuffed face cards to try and chew through Holmes + Helena.)
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