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  1. Bull of heaven was surprisingly hard---I could get it down to around 200k with just about every team comp I built, but I ended up getting lazy and just command seal'd my way through it after all. If Ishtar hadn't been dropping 10k crits all over the place I can probably just bum rush the bull down, but the fact that I needed to kill her quickly meant I had to go into round 2 with my buffs falling off. (There's probably a team comp that kills Ishtar by sacrificing front-liners, letting me go into bull with all my buffs ready, but I was too lazy to look for it.) Mebd's CQ, on the other hand, was trivial. Low incoming damage + low hp = face roll.
  2. Took me like 40 gold apples to farm a copy of Dive to Blue, feelsbadman. Honestly I'm pretty alright with Rider Alter after using her a bit, main issue with her is that she really wanted to have Alter's spread (high Atk, low Hp), rather than normal Artoria's HP focused spread. She's pretty much a dedicated secondary damage dealer, though, thanks to the way her deck and kit ends up working. If you want 80% Quick Up two of her cards are illegal to click, and outside of that Coaching's probably better spent on someone else. Someone else who, ideally, clicks their cards (with good hit-counts) a lot.
  3. The lore CQ was a pretty big slog since most of my box is single target stuff, turning it into a pretty annoying damage race (a 'race' that lasted 45 turns or something). On the plus side, Archuria turns kind of ridiculous once she's the last or 2nd to last person left, since she just loops her NP for days at that point. I'm not 100% sure, but I think she does enough damage fast enough to kill the entire rest of the CQ if the 2 starting lancers are taken care of. Kind of irks me that drawing her cards is better for her than having a third support, though. (Although it's definitely better to have the one single support than to draw her full deck every turn---she only needs to draw 2 cards most turns thanks to how spammy her NP is, anyway, so the support is basically 3 free skill slots.)
  4. Really wish Seaside Luxury had better numbers. I'd still use it over 2030 on someone whose cards I want to be clicking, but primary damage dealers want to be greedier for their CE options and secondary damage dealers aren't quite greedy enough for Seaside Luxury to be worth it. (You need to click a lot of face and NP cards for Seaside to be worth it, and only primary damage dealers click their cards that much.) If it had 5-6 star regen a turn it'd be nice on people like Scathach or Caster Nero who don't have a full deck of cards they want to click (since their Quicks are mediocre). More crit star generation rate would also be nice, but bump that up enough and even primary damage dealers will be carrying it. I'll still try it out if I ever end up getting Avenger Nobu and her triple 6-hit Buster deck. She's basically an assassin with better damage but lower star weight at that point, I think.
  5. Oh man, 10k hp break bars, that's pretty dope. Pity it's a giant waste of effort for them to go back to the earlier singularities to include mechanics added later, but I guess making it so event story quests have them are the next best thing. (Hopefully the lower AP nodes are merely time consuming rather than being time consuming and AP inefficient, though, since otherwise that'd be a giant slap in the face to the low leveled people just joining FGO.)
  6. Okay, apparently it's a theme with me that I get more of the rate up SSR on summer banners than the rate up SRs. -_- Still pretty happy with my haul, since everyone other than Nero would mostly be for the drop bonuses, but it's still weird that I only managed to pull a single SR (Frankenstein) vs. 2 copies of Nero. Quartz stockpile is completely bankrupt now, though. Edit: Oh actually I have 2 copies of Frankenstein. So it's 2 Nero vs. 2 Rate Up 4*s.
  7. Oh, hey, Summer 2017 drops Monday, looks like they did end up pushing everything forward rather than making a dead week or two where the Bunyan event used to be.
  8. It's a bit minor, but does it feel like the first card bonus applies to the first card to anyone else as well? (Beast lair's FGO formulas kind of imply this, but the in game hints or w/e imply the first card bonus is only for cards 2 & 3, IRRC.) i.e. Arts has 400% NP gain for the first card, Buster has 200% damage rather than 150%.
  9. Ugh, this CQ looks like it's going to be a damn grind. Incoming damage is extremely low for a bunch of mid level Beserkers, but 600k+ hp is a lot of chew through, especially due to the sustain requirements. I think I'm going to bring in Jeanne rather than use a support Merlin if this run doesn't pan, since for some reason every single Merlin uses 2030s (ignoring the ones using event CEs). Not like 2030s are bad, but it's about on the level of Merlin's Bond CE, and that's not really what I'm looking for when Prisma Cosmos and Golden Carp are both on the table. (One for better sustain, one for better Burst.) Edit: Turns out incoming damage was really low, despite the fact that later boars had more levels. The correct play was to run Waver in the front lines rather than using Merlin, but that's not something I could've known going in. (My team was basically my whipless Kiara team with Merlin swapped for Waver, lul.)
  10. Apparently in JP they're experimenting with letting past events be unlockable---Dante's Prison Tower is on sale in the Rare Prism shop if I've read things correctly---so maybe eventually they'll let even big events like a Summer Event be unlockable.
  11. Parvati has good NP gain by default, a 3 turn 30% Golden Rule and 30% Quick Performance Up , a single turn 50% Atk Up, 50% Def Up, and a very minor battery that heals for 3k, which covers damage, sustain, and bulk. All of her skills are on 5 turn cds too, so they have really good up-time. Of course, this comes with the downside of having an almost completely selfish kit, but the numbers are good enough to make her a very good primary damage dealer. She's even great at making stars for herself assuming the meta remains AoE focused. (For single-target fights Parvati's NP gets significantly worse in terms of refund and star-gen, which hurts her quite a bit.) And don't let her barely 8k Atk fool you, lancer's 1.05x damage modifier means that fully invested her Atk isn't as crippling as it looks, and her hp is above average at level 100 even for 5*s. Archer Artoria*, for example, has 12,343 Atk at level 100 (without Fous, and effectively 11,726 Atk after the 95% Archer damage mod), and 15,943 Hp. *Mind Artoria has fairly low Atk and she's in a class with a bad damage mod. Parvati has 9,840 Atk at level 100 (without Fous, and effectively 10,332 Atk after the 105% Lancer damage mod), and 16,069 Hp. The difference comes out to be 1,394 Atk, and the more Fous and high leveled CEs you invest in the smaller the difference becomes (due to the damage mod), so you can napkin math the difference to 1k and not be too far off. If you're on a budget in terms of quartz the fact that she's 4* means she's easier to max out in terms of NP level, but if you're on a budget in terms of grails the fact that she's 4* means she'll take 2 extra grails compared to a 5*. My main issue with her is that she doesn't crit well despite being someone who slots into the primary damage dealer role, but it's better to have bad crits but lots of stars than good crits but no stars. There should also be team comps that can leverage the fact that the primary damage dealer doesn't care too much about criting to let supports use the crit stars for resource generation, for example with Reines or Osakabehime, but that's something I'd have to test when everyone actually gets to the US. All in all I'd probably rate Parvati around the level of OG Mash. Comparable to 5*s in her specific niche, so basically one of the best 4*s, but not something I'd consider broken relative to actual 5*s.
  12. My main issue with Quick servants in general is that Quick cards tend to be awful if they aren't NPs. 80% damage by default means that card up doesn't increase the damage very well compared to Atk or Crit Up. Both Atk and Crit Up scales with the 50% damage from a Buster lead, but Performance Up doesn't---nor does Performance Up increase, for example, Arts lead NP gain. This means that unless your team is very biased in terms of its buffs (for example, 100% crit up to only Quick cards), non-NP Quick cards are only for resource generation. And for some reason most servants have awful NP gain and awful hit-counts on their Quick cards, so they give crap for stars and crap for NP gauge a lot of the time. Atalante very much suffers from this. She doesn't even have the mixed Quick and Buster deck like Scathach, MHXA, Atalante Alter, OG Lancelot etc. who all have at least 2 Buster cards each to actually do damage with their crits. By default, a Quick Crit only does 7% more damage than a non-crit Buster. So 'normal' quick Servants like Jack or Atalante pretty much always slots into the role of a secondary damage dealer unless they have triangle advantage---their NPs will do serious damage, but their face cards would be to generate NP for themselves and crit stars for the team, neither function needing them to get buff priority for single target stuff. Which isn't to say Atalante's bad, mind. The closest comparison to Atalante would probably be Drake, both of them have a team wide 'mana burst,' a Golden Rule, and tons of stars from their NPs. The main trade-off is that Drake has a 50% battery in exchange for a dodge---I'd take the battery most of the time, since I'm willing to lose servants to clear a map faster, but I'm not going to call anyone stupid for taking a survival skill over a battery. Drake's bases are miles better, though, with a better deck for face carding and a Quick card that's as good as both of Atalante's combined. But 5*s are gonna 5*. Personally I'm more looking forward to Osakabehime than Skadi for Quick Servants---my gut feeling is that Buster Up, Atk Up, and Crit Up are all more important than Quick Up in terms of damage, although I'll have to test it. Pity her Buster Up is tied to her NP, meaning she'll also be slotting into the secondary damage dealer role I'd slot most Quick servants in, since you'll want to click her cards for NP.
  13. Ah, I tend to bring 2 Drakes + Ozy. (Lots of people have the MLB CE + Drake combo for some reason.) My back-line is just underleveled dorks. There's nothing that special about the run given my Servants, the 2 Drakes clear the Beserkers (and I sneak in a little extra NP gen by using the NP as the third card), and then Ozy goes to town on the eye. Since I don't take any damage from the golems unless I fuck up it means my team goes into the eye with full hp, and Ozy's NP having an NP Seal means that I have 4 turns to kill the eye before it does its AoE, and even if it does Ozy's Imperial Privilege means he can pretty consistently survive. Coming into the eye after a Drake NP means I should have 2 cards that crit + Ozy's NP, which, ideally, is backed by 2 Voyagers of the Storm + his Imperial Privilege & Charisma, and if the map goes long at least one of my Drakes tend to be able to fire off another NP for second round of crits.
  14. Oh, actually, I suck at math. I only get like ~150 Iron for the cave. Don't know why I thought I had +14 drops for Iron. (If my MLB Knights were broken into 5 pieces I think I'd get 200 Iron on a good day, but it's not.)
  15. Mind, I don't play JAP either, but here's how I break down loopers, conceptually. (For farming, at least, for Challenge Quests loopers draw an NP card every turn for the 3 turns your buffs are up, which gives your main damage dealer 8 cards over 3 turns (5 in the deck, 3 NP cards---on average), letting you almost fully leverage a maximally invested unit.) People with 50% batteries can probably NP twice in any map where a looper can NP three times, and it's easier to find high Atk stats on people with NP battery skills than people with the ability to loop. This means that a looper can't afford to lose so much damage in exchange for their ability to loop that they end up needing 2 NPs to clear a single wave (not necessarily over 2 turns, something like Looper + Arash or Looper + Helena also counts). The main draw of a looper, at least for farming, is the fact that they're an 'extra' NP you have available to clear all the waves. But if their damage is so low that it ends up costing you another NP then it'll end up being a wash. So you'll probably want a 4* looper to be NP2+ to keep up with your 5*s. (Rider Mordred doesn't have an interlude, either, so she'll probably have problems competing with 5*s that have interludes or are at NP2+ regardless of how many copies you roll, at least in terms of damage.) A 5* looper has less damage issues, but they're also harder to come by. And, mind, looping isn't the only way to cram more uses of AoE NPs into a team. Arash, Nitocrisis, Plugsuit etc. can all do that. Doesn't help that a looper's team comp requirements doesn't really jive with how I farm, although that's a personal thing. I'm a gigantic lazy ass when it comes to farming, as few clicks as possible and as little time taken as possible is best, meaning I tend to not use people like Waver or Arash unless the team doesn't work without them. For example, right now I'm using Gorgon, Helena, Artoria all with Kaleidoscopes for farming doors and hands because it means I only need 3 clicks to setup all the teamwide buffs (18% Charisma, 20% Battery, 20% All Card), and at most 1 button a turn after that to setup the mana burst equivalent. For event farming I don't get NP Gauge CEs consistently enough to care about being optimal in terms of turns spent, so I tend to maximize drops and bond gain, which usually means a looper wouldn't do anything special. Since loopers function best in situations where most of your damage is coming in a 3 turn burst, rather than just grinding things down like I do for most events.* They fact that loopers tend to have lower than average NP gain from face-cards also means they depend on starting NP CEs a bit more than most. *I think I'm averaging 7 or 8 turns clears for the Summer Rerun, for example. (Getting 200+ Wood/Iron/Stone per run is damn sweet, though.)
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