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  1. Farming is a lot more comfortable now that I have a lot of +damage on the CEs. (Still taking like 7-8 turns, but eh.) Pity I'm basically done with the shop already seeing how I have 100+ lamps and black beast grease, so I won't get to enjoy the easy farming for long. Still need to grab some bronze materials & about a million points, but that shouldn't take too long. Waiting for 500% damage before I do the CQ, although I doubt it'd make much of a difference. But it's not like I lose anything by waiting, so I might as well optimize a little. Edit: Did the CQ, card type damage buffs are pretty stupid on characters designed to spam their NPs, so Artoria cleaned up without any problems. That said, the CQ felt pretty undertuned to begin with, considering the fact we have access to damage up CEs. I 'like' how I bring Skadi and Merlin in to support Artoria rather than Tamamo, though... Until we get Caster Artoria an Arts servant probably live and dies on whether they have their own Arts Up buffs or not, because Tamamo is really hard to justify outside of extremely slow Arts based stall. (And even for that I think I'd rather have people like Jeanne and Merlin.)
  2. I've been averaging 10 turn clears, haha. (Full bonus servants + as much drop CEs as I can stuff into a team does that.) I've conceded one bonus servant slot to run Melt for the ferris wheel node, but that's because I don't have a good bonus rider and there's a foreigner so I don't want to use Beserkers. The closest to a 50% charge Quick Servant would probably be Avenger Ishtar, but she suffers from the issue of not existing yet & the fact that her refund gets cut down a lot if you use her Quick NP rather than her Arts NP. That said, it shouldn't be a problem to just bring in Nito with a damage CE to clear one wave, meaning you'd only need to pick up 50% NP gauge somewhere to clear the two waves left. (Between 3 Waver and Skadi you have 150% charge, so the servant would only need to provide 50% between battery and refund.)
  3. I guess the 'nice' thing about things like black beast grease and bicorn horns that you pretty much always have too much of (unless you just started playing or something) is that you don't have to waste AP farming event nodes to exchange for them. Farming seems to be going extremely well, I spent a few apples at the start (no real reason, I think I just felt like farming) but afterwards it was just natural AP regen, and I think I'm only a few days of natural AP regen away from clearing the shop. I probably won't be using apples on the raid because of that, but it's not like I need QP seeing how we just went through a lottery event. Still 300kish QP left, which is more than enough to get a 5* max level'd and 10/10/10'd.
  4. The White Vessel Command Code should make Summer Tamamo and Summer Ishtar a bit more usable, assuming it properly removes the stun timer debuff from their 3rd skills, although only offensively. It's not reliable enough for you to always have it ready when you need to invul something, but Tamamo's charm gives you two turns to draw it before an NP turn and Summer Ishtar has a dodge, so the two of them should be fine defensively regardless. Since I have Achilles Summer Ishtar isn't really interesting, though, and I don't have Summer Tamamo. Can't really think of another servant that would want the White Vessel off the top of my head, though. (There's people like Avenger Nobu, but she's fine with the 2* Command Code for her self burn.)
  5. Slowly grinding all the bones I need is pretty relaxing---no point doing the half AP embers since I have literally 0 servants left to level. A bit tempted to do some rolls just so I can get a 5* (or maybe even just a new 4*) to dump embers into, but I'm not that interested in anyone left in the year. Might not even end up farming all that much during the Christmas lottery because of that, since all the Embers would just get turned into mana prisms rather than anything useful. Sitonai isn't bad, but I already have Archer Artoria filling a very similar role of bulky single target Arts DPS with lots of refund on their NP. And AoE servants tend to get more use in general since that's just how farming works most of the time. The next servant I'm interested in is probably Kingprotea, but I'm not sure if I'll go for her rather than just stashing quartz for Arjuna Alter & a second attempt on Summer Jeanne. (It's a pity the rerun happens less than a month from the Anniversary that turns 10 rolls into 11 rolls, though...)
  6. Honestly from my perspective there isn't a significant difference between the Lostbelts and the Singularities in terms of morals. Goetia's end goal isn't the extinction of humanity, after all, merely it's replacement by what he considers a superior version by using the old Proper Human History as an energy source, meaning even if he succeeded there would still be humanity, just not as it was in Proper Human History. That is, in the event the Singularities were allowed to succeed Proper Human History would disappear, and a different one would take its place. Same for the victory of any particular Lostbelt. In both cases it's more or less a battle royale where the last history standing gets to continue existing*---there's no particular need to value the Lostbelts above the history Goetia would have created, so even in saving the case of saving proper human history from Goetia we killed a possible branch of humanity. *In the case of Goetia there's really only 2 major sides, though, so it's not much of a battle royale. In both cases, the result was (in the case of vs. Goetia) and probably will be (Lostbelts) 'wow, it sure sucks to try to erase the branch of history that the god damn Main Character is living in'. Given that Ereshkigal & the Goddess Rhongomyniad had methods to save a small subset of humanity (those already dead & under Ereshkigal's protection, the <100 chosen to live in Camelot), it's probably possible to preserve a small subset* of those from the history Goetia was going to create and the Lostbelts as well, but neither Goetia nor the leaders of the Lostbelts even bother considering that possibility. *Especially relevant in Lostbelts where the population is tiny. It's not the responsibility of Proper Human History to preserve the Lostbelts or Goetia's version of humanity, so if they decide to attempt suicide by Main Character the only thing you can do at that point is kill them, because they've chosen the path of either Proper Human History surviving or their own history surviving, their own choices meant that compromise isn't possible.
  7. I didn't need much from the silver shop anyway so it was pretty easy for to me farm the bronze & gold. (The gold node takes like 8 turns on average for me, but eh.) Honestly I'm fine with the spawn bonus where you have to face card grind things down as long as the drop rates are good. If you end up only getting as much per run as a regular event then it's just stupid, but if it's like a 50% increase then I don't really mind taking twice as long for a single map. I guess it helps that I'm used to loading up to the gills with drop bonuses (skipping non-event Servants and CEs) and taking ages even for regular events, though.
  8. The problem with Quick Crits is that a Buster normal does about the same damage (Buster starts at 150%, Quick at 80%, and a Buster lead adds 50%---this 50% also applies to Quick cards, but obviously you can't have a Buster lead for a 1st card Quick), so if a Quick servant isn't spamming NPs the Quick servant is probably costing you damage. Skadi somewhat gets away with it with a 100% Crit Up on her card type buff, but even so Buster Crits would still significantly out damage Quick Crits in exchange for being more difficult to set up---Although not always, some Quick Servants have awful hit-counts on their Quicks so that their stargen isn't much different from a Buster servant, Scathach's 2 hit Quick and 6 hit Buster comes to mind, but even a more recent servant like Rider Ishtar is also 2 hit Quick and 5 hit Buster. There's also a minor thing where Quick NPs do slightly more damage than any other NP type due to how the damage calculation works---A ST Buster is 600%, with the 1.5x buster bonus that's 900%, Arts is 1x of 900%, so exactly the same, but Quick is 1200% * .8, which comes out to 960%, so about 7% extra damage for being Quick. (This ~7% bonus is constant with respect to NP levels, Interludes, and AoE vs. ST.) So because of how the mechanics of the game work Quick face cards are atrocious at dealing damage while Quick NPs are the best by default, which ought to mean Quick face cards should be used to generate crit stars and NP... yet there's a awful lot of Quick servants with awful hit-counts on their face cards for some bloody reason. (And Skadi's existence probably means this will continue to be the case, a Quick servant is probably never going to get a 6 hit Quick like Drake or Helena.) Mind, I'm not complaining or anything, but it does weird like a weird design decision. It seems like it'd make more sense if Arts had the 80% base multiplier (which would also mean their NPs do ~7% more compared to the other two cards types---tying in with their NP spamming), while Quick has 100% for better face cards to tie in with their crits.
  9. Regarding Avenger Nobu, I think she's in an alright spot even without Nobukatsu, it's just that her particular niche is relatively rare. Face carding randos to death is pretty much only relevant in events where you have enemy encounter bonuses where you get waves like 5 or 6 waves of mooks to chew through. Or if you're farming bond points with a janky ass team, I guess. The comparison with Avenger Ishtar is also a bit worse now that Caster Artoria exists, meaning Ishtar finally gets to leverage her good refund when you keep her NP as Arts for farming purposes, making it more of a loss to use Avenger Nobu for general farming. (Before Caster Artoria most of the difference in farming comes from Ishtar's better battery vs. Nobu's better face cards, but face cards don't matter nearly as much when you can just Arts loop.) The real issue is that Buster has the weakest farming support, now, since Merlin has a mediocre battery and Buster NPs don't refund by default, but I don't see how you can fix that issue without giving a servant so much Buster Up buffing ability that you can consistently face card a wave down in a single turn (effectively saving 100 NP gauge from not needing an NP to clear a wave). And at that point they'd probably break CQs in half, especially considering the fact Merlin is already really good for CQs. We'll have more rare prism income soon from welfare giving prisms if you already have a NP5 copy and same for unlocking costumes you already have, so the cost should be easier to swallow. That said, is Nobu even unlockable via rare prisms?
  10. It's too bad Penthesilea exists, because otherwise I might use mecha liz more. : / Part of it is because I'm too lazy to swap mecha liz in and out depending on whether the map has Knights or not, though, so I just stick with the lazy option of Lancer Liz, Pent, and a support caster for everything, at least for now. (Also helps that there simply isn't a lot of sabers for whatever reason.)
  11. The final CQ felt a bit under-tuned. Took two attempts because I played the 1st attempt amazingly stupid* + didn't use optimal damage dealers, but it was pretty easy once I swapped to Achilles + Caster Nero in the back rather than Eresh + Medusa Lily in the back. * Took me like 6 turns before I went, 'hey, maybe I should kill the 100k hp beserker that prevents damage buffs---and I also killed 2 or 3 other people after that before finally killing bride. 3x Guts is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as damaging NPs not doing anything (this would be less annoying if I ran a double damage dealer comp, though, since 10 face cards in 3 turns is a lot more comfortable than 5 face cards in 3 turns---single damage dealer comps only get away with only 5 cards in 3 turns because you have NP cards). I do like how the buffs gives you a choice of going the face card route by leaving Bride alive or the NP spam route by killing her quickly, though. It was also slightly disappointing that Archer Gilgamesh didn't show up---expecting to face Archer Gil is basically why both my damage dealers were Lancers my first time around.
  12. Took 3 attempts*, but MHXA went down to B.B., Jeanne, and Merlin just sitting there and stunning/being invulnerable thanks to the fact that she loses 2 million hp per turn after a while. Pity you can't run duplicate servants, because double Jeanne would probably beat the CQ without even trying. *The first 2 runs were mostly just to discover the right stall comp, to be honest---the first run was a bunch of ST damage dealers since I didn't know what the mechanics were, the 2nd was to see if AoE DPS would work---doesn't feel like it since MHXA's damage output is just so damn high. Trying to damage race MHXA is probably possible, but it's definitely harder than just running a stall team. I was a little worried with MHXA getting a buff removal on attack buff, but since it only removes one buff and Jeanne's NP helpfully comes with hp recovery and Merlin's Invul comes with stargen the buff removal doesn't actually do anything. Jeanne was by far the most important of the 3, Merlin & B.B. have comparable replacements in people like Waver, Tamamo, OG Mash etc. If you're not running B.B. it might be useful to use a sacrificial DPS to break the bar before your team goes full stall, though.
  13. Ugh, the bones node has really bad drop rate for bones despite being a 40 AP node. (I got 1 bone in something like 6 runs or so.) I'll still keep farming it since I can use some of the materials you exchange hotdogs for, but one of these days I'm going to need to get like a thousand bones from somewhere. The Christmas lottery has bones in it, but 3 a box might not make a dent in the massive amount of bones my servants need. : / Hopefully Aurora Steel is more common once I'm done farming hotdogs, otherwise Skadi might not be maxed even by the end of this. Edit: Bought everything I cared about from the shop, so now it's Garden automation time. Pity that I'm running out of servants to level, so I'll probably be burning embers into QP and prisms soon. (If I hadn't been so unlucky this summer Summer Jeanne and BB would've been here to eat embers, but whatever.) Can't quite 3 turn Garden with a macro unless I bite the bullet and make a MLB Kaleidoscope with all the Kaleidoscopes I have, but a single turn of face cards is enough to end it in 4 turns, so I'm fine with it for now, even if I'm forced to use a Kaleidoscope & Plugsuit. NP4 Atalanta also works, since she misses the KO on Musashi due to damage variance, so an extra NP level would fix that issue. Everyone's face cards hit for a ton vs. Osakabehime so clicking 2 random cards kills her pretty much guaranteed. Oddly enough, only the first run I used to record the macro took 4 turns, so I guess it was bad luck. It's a 3 turn run most of the time. Double Edit: Also, I hope we get crit star overflow soon, Atalanta's NP dropping 100 crit stars only for 50 of them to disappear into the void makes me sad. Triple Edit: I just realized I'm an idiot. No reason to use Kaleido if I'm pushing a 50% NP button anyway, all I have to do is give Atalanta one of my 50% Battery CEs, which will give her enough damage to consistently 3T.
  14. Well this happened. Feels like another one of those fights where going solo makes it trivial. The rest of the team only managed to break a single bar*, but Achilles casually solo'd the rest of the fight. *Part of this was because I didn't expect Kintoki to die first, though, so the front-line had a period where it was Skadi, Waver, Merlin just sitting around twiddling their thumbs & buffing Sheba from late payments. Doing it 'properly' with a full team would probably require supports with damaging NPs, and also a good amount of crit star & NP generation, because otherwise the buffs and debuffs get too annoying to deal with (NP damage up buff on a non-damaging NP is basically stuck until your servant dies). The fact that the on kill taunt goes to the killer means that you can control who dies and when to some extent, though---it also frees up CE slots since Poster Girl doesn't really do anything in the fight. If I had to do it over now that I know the mechanics I'd probably run Caster Nero and Nero Bride as supports, and maybe Ozy over Kintoki as the first damage dealer (Achilles was in the very back of the lineup last time, and I'd put him in the same spot in a do-over). Not sure how well it would work, though, and I don't care enough to test the lineup.
  15. First attempt exploded because I went with a ST saber dominated lineup and got eaten by Archer Jeanne, 2nd attempt went better since I went with a gameplan of having Eresh kill Nobu and Jeanne and having Nero Bride in the backlines to finish off Jaguar, but I didn't quite have enough damage. (Jaguar had like 150k left, which is about 2 NPs worth, and I wasn't willing to command seal to finish the fight.) Part of the mistake was me running Nero Caster in the backline, though, since I was expecting to need another AoE Servant before Jeanne and Nobu are down, but since that ended up unnecessary Nero didn't really add a lot of damage. Backline is Hercules & Nero Bride now, hopefully that'll work better. (Honestly OG Nero might be better than bride, sure, her NP is AoE but she has Thrice Setting Sun, so the sheer amount of face cards she gets to use might make up for it.) Edit: Only Herc and Nero Bride were alive at the end, but done without using command seals. (Full lineup was Eresh/Merlin/Support Waver/Ortinax Mash*/Nero Bride/Herc.) *Probably worse than regular mash, but I'm setting up her command codes under the assumption she'll be Ort in all cases, since OG!Mash and Ort Mash want different Command Codes.
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