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  1. Gacha is suffering, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter. (A look at my support list should give a pretty decent indication of what happened to me.) The rest of my budget this year is going towards NP5 Archuria and MLB Starry Nights, so there's no room to try for Summer Jeanne or BB anymore.
  2. I seem to remember using command seals last time I did the bull of heaven, so I guess I did better this time since I didn't have to use one. (Took a few tries, though.) It's kind of stupid that double Merlin + Jack somehow ended up being the winning front line. Sustain is just too important---yeah, Merlin gets KO'd from full hp if the bull focuses him, but between the 3k heal from Hero Creation, 1 turn invul & crit down, and Merlin's NP he's still one of the better choices. A more stall focused build involving Jeanne could also work, but that would make a long CQ even longer, since I'd have to ignore my damage dealer's cards to click Jeanne's.
  3. Personally I would put Drake above Ivan, it takes basically 100% Golden Rule to match 50% Battery because of how math ends up working. If you have 100% Golden Rule then getting 50% NP from regular attacks will end up giving you 50% from the Golden Rule, tying with a 50% Battery---because of how command decks work it's not really feasible to get more than 1 NP from face cards every 3 turns, which is how long Golden Rule lasts. Ivan's kit and bases are pretty amazing, but not having an NP battery really puts a damper on things. I'm not too big a fan of buff removal (it's nice to have, but it doesn't tend to change my evaluation of units just because they have them) since using buffs of the opposing type is pretty much the same as removing them anyway. Invul Pierce to 'remove' dodge/invul, Atk Up to 'remove' Defense Up, etc. There's also the slight issue of latency, since enemies get to use their offensive buffs for a turn before you get a chance to remove them. Drake having Invul Pierce also means that one of the most important categories of buffs to remove isn't as important when she's on your team. Ivan also has an Invul, which is great, and I wouldn't diss people for valuing it more than NP batteries, but my personal perspective is that killing things faster means you need less defensive buffs to survive. Achilles vs. Drake is pretty much how much you value refills and bulk vs. offensive consistency from Drake's Invul Pierce, so I'd put them more or less in the same tier. Drake probably does more damage and scales a little better due to her NP Interlude, but it shouldn't be enough of a damage difference to matter. Achilles should be better in CQs (unless Invul Pierce happens to matter) while Drake's better for farming.
  4. I don't remember the CQ being this much of a pain last time around. Then again, I probably had Caster Nero* being the main damage dealer last time around, and her sustained damage is better than Artoria's. (Better face cards for getting NP & 3 turn duration on her 50% Atk Up compared to a 1 turn Mana Burst.) *It's also possible that I had Archer Artoria as the main damage dealer last time, don't really remember what I did. Once the first two Lancers are gone she'd be able to kill things off one by one at a steady clip while avoiding NPs. Ended up brute forcing it by using 2 command seals near the end, but I can't be assed to keep retrying different team comps.
  5. The more important thing about helping a team is what drops during the aid battle itself instead of the rewards for ranking, tbh. Feathers and seeds are pretty decent to spam farm, and being an Assassin node means you get to bring Caster Nero (should be easy to find on support lists). Only downside is that the node drops silver mats rather than gold, so excessive farming isn't rewarding. (With a bunch of drop bonuses and using the boost item running a gold node drops about as much QP as doing 40 AP doors, so it ends up being really efficient since you get mat drops on top of the QP.)
  6. Pretty much just farming whatever I feel like right now. I need either new mats from lostbelts, hearts, or dusts, but it looks like none of the aid battles drop them so I'm just doing whatever. Also, seems like Command Codes are bugged at the moment, because right now the healing ones just apply a buff that does nothing. : /
  7. It's too bad Mash doesn't get 2 different set of command codes, since Ortinax wants some star absorb for at least one of her Buster cards, while OG Mash is a pure support, meaning star absorb is straight up counter-productive on a Buster. I'll probably just set her up under the assumption she'll be in Ortinax whenever I use her. Also it seems like we start with the QoL feature where 2* and below command codes can be removed by overwriting them, so that's nice. Not that it matters too much, most of the Codes we have right now are basically round error levels of improvement. Cure is probably the best, but it's niche.
  8. @QKumber I have Nero (in all), assuming you still need her. In game name is 'DNC,' and I sent a request.
  9. Huh... With Hokusai from the GSSR that makes it 3/3 in terms of me getting my highest priority servant from a GSSR. Only 4 copies of Salieri, but I don't really care about him too much, so whatever. I was going to shank wallet-kun for Skadi if necessary, so getting her wasn't a problem unless I suddenly ended up with F rank luck, but picking up another copy of Black Grail* in the process was nice. (Also picked up another copy of 2030, but I pretty much never use it.) A second copy of Parvati and NP1 Wu Zetian also popped up, but I doubt I'll use Wu much---not a fan of her art & Assassin is already covered anyway. *Already have an MLB, but I'm actually pretty close to a second MLB copy. Would've liked to pick up a copy of Tale of Hope and Love since it's limited, has good art, + the effect is pretty decent even non-MLB, but it's not important enough to roll for exclusively.
  10. Mind the main issue with the 2 arts deck is that she's worse at making arts chains. Her personal NP generation isn't much worse thanks to the quality of her Arts cards, but the team she's on has worse NP gen in exchange. The fact that her arts cards have good numbers means you get the option to put her card third in the chain and get buckets of NP for her, but generally speaking a damage dealer's NP is more valuable than a support's*, so it doesn't really change the fact that the best slot for her arts card is near the start of the chain rather than the end. *There are exceptions like Jeanne's NP, and Reines herself is an exception if uptime on her NP is important for survival, but the issue with prioritizing a support's cards is that the boss takes longer to kill, so there's a definite trade-off. Regarding the support Caster being eaten by Rider enemies thing, I personally don't have too much of an issue with it thanks to the fact that my roster is pretty deep, but I do see how it can be valuable. I have non-Caster supports like Nero Bride and Semiramis, and I don't mind if my Caster supports bite the dust since the replacement would be almost as good anyway---not too much of a loss to lose Waver during the middle of a CQ if Merlin pops up to take his place, for example. Regarding cost, Dragon's Meridian (50% NP) and Kaleidoscope is 5 + 12 = 17 cost, versus 9 + 9 = 18 cost for double MLB Imaginary Element. Usually damage would be an issue since Dragon's Meridian has worse Atk than Imaginary Element, but Waver's AoE Atk Up compensates for that. (And Reines' better single target buff compensates for the fact that Kaleidoscope has better Atk than Imaginary Element.)
  11. I mean, lots of people are better than Waver in their specific niches. Even Tamamo is better than Waver in her specific niche, minuscule as it might be. The issue is: A, Outside of their specific niches, Waver is better. B, Inside of their niches, Waver is probably something like the 2nd best pick anyway. Waver's NP battery is just way too good (yeah a lot of people tie him at 50% for a single target, but Waver has 90% battery if you consider the entire team), and his buff numbers aren't bad either. Reines specializes in supporting a single target, so Waver is noticeably better basically everywhere else. Take farming, for example, there are farming comps that only use a single damage dealer, but they're relatively uncommon. Whereas Waver's AoE Atk buff & better battery means that his teams have easier time farming, and even for single damage dealer comps Waver's not going to be significantly worse than Reines. For CQs Reines suffers from the fact that her face cards somehow manage to be worse than Waver's (double quick card deck rather than triple Arts, Atk demerit, and capping it all off with a Rider's star weight because why not) and that she isn't actually that much better than Waver's at preventing effective damage in exchange for her 2 hit invul buff. Assuming 2x effective damage to 1x damage, over 3 turns that's 300%. That is, we take 200% damage every turn, but we reduce it by 100% a turn, to 300% over 3 turns. 50% Stun prevents 100%---we take 200% a turn, but we have a 50% chance to prevent it for a turn. (Odds can be boosted with overcharge, item construction, and any debuff chance improving skills while lowered by stuff like magic resistance, but we'll ignore that.) And Waver's defense buff is also slightly better. Two Wavers would have 60% defense and 1k damage cut compared to two Reines with 50% defense and 800 damage cut. Over 3 turns a double Reines' team would take 600% -> 300% (Reines NP) -> 150% (50% defense, ignoring damage cut or enemy Atk Ups). Double Waver team would take 600% -> 500% (from 50% chance to stun for a turn on Waver's NP) -> 200% (60% defense, ignoring damage cut or enemy Atk Ups). Mind, I'm ignoring Reines' two hit invul here, which should be amazing for CQs. But I'm also ignoring the fact that you don't really run into situations where you take 2x effective damage on everyone unless you're a nutjob. 1.5x is more realistic (fighting Beserkers.) Reines would have the damage go from 1.5x effective to 1x effective, 3 turns preventing 150% damage. Waver's 50% stun prevents 75%---since we're taking 150% a turn. Double Reines team takes 450% -> 300% (Reines NP) -> 150% (50% Defense) Double Waver team takes 450% -> 375% (50% chance to stun for a turn) -> 150% (60% Defense). Double Waver and Double Reines is basically identical if you're fighting Beserkers, ignoring her invul. (Which, mind, is a huge thing to ignore.) It more or less just boils down to Reines having a heavier star weight, a worse deck (2 Quick cards, and crappy ones at that), slightly worse teamwide battery, and worse AoE Atk buffs in exchange for a 2 hit invul and slightly better single target Atk buff. Reines isn't bad or anything, but Waver's honestly kind of a freak.
  12. Definitely planning to roll during the GSSR. I have SSRs of every class except Beserker and Foreigner, but I'm probably going to wait for Arjuna Alter before I grab an AoE Beserker, and for ST Beserkers Summer Jeanne Alter is coming soon + I have Atalanta Alter, who I like for non-gameplay reasons, so I doubt I'm going for the Beserker Banner. The Lancer and Assassin pools have the highest portion of people I'm fine with. For Lancers Eresh and Scathach would only get extra NP levels, but I'm fine with that, although I'm not too fond of Karna or Enkidu. For Assassins I'd be fine with getting anyone except Shuten Doji, although 1 Okita Alter from the Extra pool trumps 2 Assassins unless they're both MHX. Biggest issue with the two classes is that between Eresh, Scathach, Jack, and Semiramis I already have both ST and AoE covered. The Extra pool is most interesting in terms of servants I don't have yet, and I'd be fine with getting extra copies of the Jeannes or Meltryllis. I'm not too interested in Amakusa, Sherlock, Kiara, or Abigail, though, so it's a almost a 50/50 shot of me getting someone I want. On the other hand, Okita Alter and Hokusai are the two SSRs I want the most in the entire pool. Third place in terms of SSRs I want would probably go to Ishtar, but the Archer pool has a lot of people I don't really care about. Randomly getting Archer Artoria to NP5 her would also be acceptable, but I really don't care about anyone else in there. (Strictly speaking, the SSR I care about the most is Archer Artoria, but rolling to NP5 a servant in the GSSR is too much of a big brain play for me.) All things considered, I'm probably just going to roll the Extra banner and pray I get someone I like. Bigger issue for me with the 3rd Anniversary is choosing event CEs, since there's a lot of amazing ones. (It's going to be Nero and either Eresh, Kiyohime, or Artoria Alter, I think. Mash and Atalanta also have a shot, but I don't see those two beating the other 4.)
  13. I'm not a fan of Sigurd personally. If you're using him you're using him for his high Atk and pretty much nothing else. Yeah, he has 50% Buster Up and 100% Crit, but that's literally what Merlin brings to the table, so you wouldn't notice much difference in damage between him and pretty much any other 5* Saber---although the difference is definitely there. I'd unironically like him better if his third skill was Instinct, because as is he still needs support from his teammates despite having Merlin's buff numbers, since he can't make stars by himself. (Yeah, he has 100% Stargen for 1 turn, but that type of effect is way worse than Instinct unless you go the Mash route and make it 300% or something.) On the plus side, since his 'niche' is being a giant stat stick to beat people to death with crits, he doesn't need high NP levels to function, and he doesn't fill the same role as lower rarity servants,* so there's reasons to bring him even with Saber Hokusai (and Caesar, to a lesser extent), existing. Lower rarity servants rely on supports to recharge their NP Gauge and to buff their NP damage, but someone like Sigurd mostly want supports who can manipulate draws and provide crit stars. Summer BB and Ruler Artoria are the obvious supports for him, but anyone who can die or cause other people to die reliably---taunters or sacrifice NPs---also refresh your command cards for face card manipulation. *Being a 'stat stick' is a job almost exclusive to 5*s, since they're the ones with good bases. Even for that job Avengers, Rulers, and Beserkers tend to trump Sabers, though, thanks to their 1.1x damage multiplier and arguably better class affinities. That said, the face card manipulation type of crit team is only theorycraft from me, since not playing on JAP means I don't actually have access to Summer BB, Ruler Artoria, or Chen Gong to test that kind of team. I feel like consistency might be an issue for a team like that, as well as getting enough damage buffs on your damage dealers on top of manipulating command cards. (Poster Girl is almost ideal for manipulating command cards, since you can just have a servant die every turn and trust in RNJesus to get a brave chain every time, but obviously that's inconsistent as hell in exchange for giving you maximum access to skillslots for buffing damage.)
  14. Not sure why the fights are undertuned in the 2nd Lostbelt. (Just about everything is level 88 recommended, meaning they're deliberately undertuned.) We've had harder fights in earlier story chapters, so it's not like they're worried about people hitting a wall. That said, it's possible section 6 is just the midpoint, so maybe the fights will get harder later. Edit: Oh, 'restricted formation' means I have to bring Mash, not that I can't bring Mash, lul. Mash is usually about as useful as my third front-line Servant, since I run jank, so it doesn't hurt to bring her in terms of combat. Main reason I don't is because 20% bond additive is slightly less than what she costs---putting a different, Bond gaining Servant is worth 25%,* and multiplicative at that. *You go from 4 Servants gaining Bond to 5, and it stacks properly with other Bond Point increasing effects. Double Edit: ...The Crypter is debuffing their own Servant, I think that's a gameplay bug?
  15. Engine update made the text instantly display if I click to fast forward now, which is, ironically, slightly annoying. (Before when I clicked to see all the text there was enough of a delay that I can usually read all of it without needing to backtrack by reading the log, but now all the text displays instantly.) That said, as long as the text fits within two lines it's a strict upgrade over the previous, where it lagged for a bit to display text, so I'm fine with it. Edit: Oh cool, looks like we finally got text speed options now. Double Edit: ...My reading speed is exactly fast enough that I can't use any speed except the fastest option (without feeling like 'this is too slow,' I mean), but I'm not a machine so I can't read a line in the split second before it moves to the next line if the text doesn't fit in the box. PepeHands. (Oh well, I'll just use the log more. For text that fits into the box the way it is now is basically ideal, so it's an improvement over the previous where I'd have to wait for the text unless I clicked to fast forward.)
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