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  1. That feeling when you find out you need to farm another 1k artorium just to do the CQ. (Gonna be a few days until I do the Dark Rounds, haha.)
  2. The fact that there's no eggs in the shop is a shame (especially considering Ishtar needs like 50 of them...), but at least the best node drops eggs, so that's nice. Ate like a golden apple's worth of bronze apples, I believe, but it seems like I'm on track to clearing everything with natural AP aside from that. And wow, new Elizabeth has a 4cd NP Gauge skill. Which is, admittedly, usually 5 cd due to the demerit, but you could maybe run the self cleanse command code for her. Probably not worth using someone else's skill to cleanse it, though.
  3. Huh... apparently the level up dialogue will always be the current ascension, even if you selected a different picture to display. So it'll play the voice of the current ascension with a different picture for the servant if you level up after changing the servant's picture. Rolls were pretty good. Wanted to get MLB 5* CE but the rolls said it wasn't happening. NP 2 Ishtar was nice, though.
  4. OG Artoria increases Artorium drop but she isn't a bonus unit for damage or bond purposes, according to FGO wiki. I don't think I'll be rolling on the pre-release banner (which should be MHX) or the craft essence banner. The craft essence banner is pretty much a worse story banner that---I assume---can't even get story locked servants. If the banner boosted 5* CE odds it might be slightly interesting, but I doubt it will.
  5. Ended up clearing shop a lot easier than I expected, but that's mostly because I don't want like 50% of the shop. (Don't even need hearts at this point since I killed Barbados so much and ended up with 200+.) Just farming eggs in main story free quests now.
  6. I'm personally trying to do the event on natural AP (ate like 8 bronze apples only, IRRC). Lots of QP from gilfest and I don't really urgently need any materials, so I'm trying to hoard apples. I'll probably end up eating some apples to clear the shop later, but we'll see. Point ladder is only halfway done so Kama only does a bit more than 1 million fully buffed (although I can probably double that if I run Plugsuit and a more serious comp), but as long as I run Kama the raid is easy enough that I don't care too much. Too lazy to math out whether I should run 1 damage CE or 2 (or 0, but I'm not gonna run 0 damage CEs for the raid...) to reach the point ladder around the time I'm finished farming, so I'm running 2 damage CEs for now.
  7. Summer Kama just casually has 7 passives. Her third skill is interesting in that you really want to have either cooldown reduction or run two of her in a team to take full advantage of it, because otherwise her damage up buff falls off right when you get the maximum number of stacks on the enemy, assuming I'm reading her skill correctly. The extra damage vs. charmed is a little unfortunate since her AoE charm also has her NP damage up, so if you use her charm to have the NP damage up for 3 waves you'd end up using the Charm on the 1st and probably easiest wave to kill. Her NP should hit like a truck, though, since it's a 1.5x multiplier even at overcharge 1 and she's only like 30 Atk less than Jeanne Alter. I was planning to get NP 2 Space Ishtar but given Kama's existence I'm not too sure anymore.
  8. The fact that I can't bring my best ST saber (Nero Bride) to the last CQ is kind of depressing... (She's 2000/2000 Fou'd and level 100, and I can't use her because she's Roman.) Also I have no idea why I brought Gilgamesh as my main damage dealer on my first attempt for that. 2nd attempt ended with 700k hp left, and the main reason seemed to be the fact I didn't have enough sustain, so hopefully a Artoria/Jeanne/Merlin frontline would beat it on my third. Edit: Fight took a while (1 hour or so)? But went pretty smoothly.
  9. Never bothered figuring out how Achilles duel works, so the CQ ended up a giant grind. Took me 2.5 hours to play this CQ. 3 attempts total, 1st try went blind and Achilles rolled my whole team, second try had BB with Prisma Cosmos and I figured out about 1 million damage in that Merlin needs Prisma Cosmos, not BB, and I shuffled the frontline to be Jeanne/Merlin/Kama rather than Jeanne/BB/Kama. The only duel I saw was the very first attempt where Waver died the same turn as the duel, so I couldn't even read the debuff text.
  10. Okay so I looked on the wiki since on my first attempt of the Achilles CQ he tried to duel Waver (who got bodied in a single turn by Achilles' regular attacks, obviously), but it didn't happen in my next attempt with a different team. And supposedly the requirements are: Will attempt to duel a servant in your frontline. Will only duel Male or Genderless servants, with their class being non-caster and assaain. If team has no servant that fits the criteria, he will charge NP to full every turn until he has a duel partner. How are you even supposed to find these requirements? And Waver is a Caster anyway. Plus Merlin was in my original lineup, and he survived after Waver died. But Achilles didn't try to duel Merlin at all. Anyway, I'm just going to pretend Achilles using his NP every turn is how his CQ is meant to be played. (Shouldn't be too hard to deal with considering Kama kind of owns him despite the Charm resist.)
  11. Did some of the new Gilfest CQs. They were either easier than the reruns or else bringing another damage dealer with the event CE just makes things a lot simpler when going in blind. The gorgon sisters one took either 2 or 3 attempts but I think I managed the other two or three CQs I did today in a single try. 3x support list is nice since it's easier to grab the support caster you want, and it'll probably let you ''reuse" the same CE three times, meaning you can have important CEs in different servants for your support list, which should also be a nice QoL change.
  12. Finally finished the rerun CQs. (Although I'm not sure if the Nero Bride one was a rerun.) The vast majority of them took multiple attempts, although I managed to avoid using any command seals. Dislike the Sheba one the most, it was just too RNG (it wasn't the hardest, I think the MHXA one was, although that might be because I kept bringing the wrong team for that fight). If your main damage dealer gets the card type buff which debuffs their main card type and you don't draw it ASAP that servant is basically out of comission for 5 turns right there.
  13. Having 2 lottery events going on at the same time in two different gachas is... an experience. (Konosuba: FD had its global launch ~2 weeks ago & a lottery event right now. The game seems to have memory leak issues so it crashes every 30-40 maps I run, but aside from that it's pretty okay.) I should probably stop playing multiple gacha games at once, but I know I won't. Good thing I have two laptops so I can play both at the same time with macros. Hopefully I can get my work done at work so I can spend the weekend finishing the CQs I've been ignoring.
  14. Oh wow, Illya just random got a 50% NP battery. R.I.P. Sanzang's hopes of ever seeing use. And Miyu no longer self-damages & gets a nice rolling Atk buff. Not sure when I'll use her, though. Stall heavy CQs usually also need debuff clear or some kind of teamwide defense buff, so Jeanne, Merlin, and Medea Lily tend to be brought over Miyu.
  15. Huh... the latest update caused all the event bonus servants to lose their bonus, that's weird. I actually care more about losing the bond bonus than the damage bonus, but it doesn't matter much either. Since event bonus is gone (for now?), I guess I'll make a Kaleidoscope NP spam team.
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