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  1. I'm looking to buy the following cards: 4 Ike B05-089SR2 Ike B03-001SR3 Ike S05-001ST 4 Ike B03-002N 1 Ike B03-003HN 4 Elincia B05-075R 4 Elincia B03-005N 4 Micaiah B05-051SR 4 Micaiah P05-015PR 4 Marcia B03-025R 4 Marcia B03-026N 4 Arvis B06-048HN 4 Emma B06-039N 4 Erin B06-039N
  2. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention, I have access to some cards from set 2 like the c5 Corrin F and c4 Elise. I'm mainly looking to buy singles, I was never really a fan of buying sealed product. Ike is one of the MC's I was looking into, do you have any suggestions on other cards to include?
  3. I just started playing this game and I was wondering if there are any control decks that can be built for around $200-$250? Every list I've seen online ends up being around $400.
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