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  1. Well... I completed Infernal after a few tries using standard methods. Though, I usually attempt the map a few more times afterwards for optimization / interesting strats (and to burn some stamina). So... the strat that I used, as shown in the images above, is a variation of one of my favourite enemy phase set ups that exploits enemy movement order and positioning (which I may do a write-up on in the not-so-near future). In the left image, The green dragon attacks Fae first and survives. Because of position of the blue lance cav, the red mage attacks Raigh and gets ORKO'd on counter-attack. Blue Lance Cav suicides on Fae. In the right image, Green dragon attacks Titania, survives. Red mage gets rekt by a max Goad/Ward/Spur/Support/Owl'd Ursula Blue Lance Cav suicides on Titania. The following clean up was simple as the four remaining units can be picked off easily. I tried other combinations such as Raven/Kagero and Anna/Fjorm... and it works as long as the green unit ORKO's the blue cav on enemy phase. Kagero and Fjorm don't quite OHKO/ORKO the red mage unless the have the appropriate skills / support; though this doesn't affect the movement order. Anyhow, the video featuring Raigh and Fae is in the spoilers below... Team + Relevant things: Raigh+1 [+Spd/-HP] - (Raighblade+ / (As) / (Sp) / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Hone Spd 3 / Spd+3) Fae+2 [+Atk/-HP] - (Lightning Breath (Spd) / (As) / (Sp) / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Spur Atk 3 / Spur Spd 3) Eirika [+Spd/-HP] - (Sieglinde / Repos. / (Sp) / (A) / (B) / Hone Spd 3 / Fort Def 1)... Reposition/Buff bot Eldigan+4 [+Spd/-HP] - Reposition... though mostly here to look good. ------------------------------------------------ Bonus No SI Askr Clear (Fjorm, Alphonse, Sharena, Anna) using the enemy phase set up as shown above.
  2. One-turned Infernal with busted flying horses. Team: Brave Lyn+3 [+Spd/-HP] - (Mulagir / - / - / Swift Sparrow 2 / WoM 3 / Hone Cav / - ) Eldigan+3 [+Spd/-HP] - (Mystletainn [Fury] / - / Galeforce / Fury 3 / Sword-Breaker 2 / Goad Cav / Quickened Pulse) Peri [+Spd/-HP] - (Brave Lance+ / - / Galeforce / Fury 3 / WoM 3 / Goad Cav / Spur Atk 3) Titania [+Spd/-HP] - (Slaying Hammer+ / - / - / Fury 3 / WoM3 / Goad Cav / - ) As for the other missions + infantry stuff... Just use Vantage Kagero + Dancer.
  3. As soon as I hit 20k... its promotion time. Though, I tend to avoid 3* --> 4* promotions (i.e. for skills) when possible and save up as much for 4* ---> 5* promotions instead. I don't think I've ever reached 30k feathers.
  4. Haven't updated this list in a while... Amount spent: ~25 USD. New characters since my last update are displayed in bold. Pulls (46): Brave Roy [+Spd / -Atk] Ayra [+Atk / -HP] Eldigan [+Spd / -HP] Eldigan [+Def / -HP] Ninian [+HP / -Spd] Nephenee [Neutral] Fjorm [Neutral] Spring Camilla [+Spd / -Def] Promotions (34): Titania [+Spd / -HP] Ursula [Neutral] Ursula [Neutral] Clarine [+Spd / -HP] A!Tiki [+Spd / -HP] Oscar [+Def / -Spd] Raigh [+Spd / -HP] Tempest (7) Arden, Joshua -------------------------------------- Si'd / Sent Home: 33 Merges: 19 Active: 35 Total 5*'s: 87
  5. Awesome work! There are a few numbers that are off though. Special mods grant HP+3 and not HP+2... or so I can confirm for the weapons that I do have (Mystletainn gives Fury 3, HP+3; Slaying Hammer+, Ignores armour buffs, HP+3...) Owl tomes have a "Base Atk" of 11.
  6. Here's an interesting one... Light Breath... After combat Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit and allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn... That's like ... +25 Atk for a bladetome user lol.
  7. Were Owl tomes on the list of weapons that could be refined? Because I don't think they were... but... it turns out that they can be refined. Effects are: +2 HP, + 2 MT +2 HP / +1 Mt / +2 Spd +2 HP, /+1 Mt / +3 Def or +3 Res Bolganone+ also has the same upgrades listed above. Wolf ---> Keenwolf adds 2 MT... nothing terribly exciting. Mystletainn adds Fury 3 when forged... fitting for Lionheart. This is interesting because it sorta "frees up his A slot" for other skills like DC, meaning he can have DC, Fury 3 and - 1 CD simultaneously... or just run Double Fury 3 for that nice +6/+6/+6/+6 and 12 Dmg recoil.
  8. Cleared Infernal using some Guidance warping strats. The two spaces in front of Michalis allowed me to convieniently warp over my two armoured units with the help of two fliers... from there, both Burger King and Wendy's proceeded to destroy everything. Team + Relevant things... Elincia [+Def/-Res] - (Guidance 1 seal) Black Knight [Neutral] - (Base Kit / Swap / Hone Armour / Quickened Pulse) Gwendolyn [+Spd/-HP] - (Slaying Lance + / Bonfire / Fury 3 / Hone Armour / Spd +3) Tana [Neutral] - (Guidance 3 / Spur Spd 3)
  9. My best defense team is my usual Horse Cancer set up which has probably gotten about 50 defenses this past week, though this number was likely inflated because of the Voting Gauntlet. In a normal week, they usually get about 20. Team members: Eldigan+3 [+Spd / -HP] - (Mystletainn, Repos., Aether, Fury 3, Renewal 3, Goad Cavalry, Squad Ace A 3) Ursula+4 [Neutral] - (Blarowl+, Draw Back, Glacies, Fury 3, Renewal 3, Hone Cavalry, Distant Defense 3) Peri [+Spd / -HP] - (Killer Lance+, Repos., Galeforce, Fury 3, Cancel Affinity 3, Goad Cavalry, Quickened Pulse) Brave Lyn+3 [+Spd / -HP] - (Mulagir, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing, Ward Cavalry, Spur Def 3) Comments: The merges are probably the most important thing here as it raises the over BST/scoring of the team, increasing the likelihood of being matched against others. While I don't use Peri for my primary Horse Team anymore, I've kept her on defense to stack the team rather heavily against red units. Blue Mage + Lance, Brave Lyn who ignores physical DC, and Eldigan who is physically bulky. Most of my defense victories typically have a Red Unit Lead (and while this doesn't provide any info about the remaining team composition, the frequency of red units such as the Black Knight were far greater than others). Peri has cancel affinity to prevent Green TA users from completely wrecking the team and to catch Green TA units off guard. Lyn also has a Brave Bow+ and CA but I can't be bothered switching skills (same goes for Eldigan's and Ursula's B-skills). For bonus points, I replace Peri with a bonus unit.
  10. Ending this tempest with a score of 132 575 which puts me in Top 10k (about 8500). Overall, this Tempest wasn't too bad since the maps were somewhat okay. I had 2 main teams going into this event: Team 1: HM grinding + 40% bonus, consisting of: Ayra, Brave Lucina, Elincia, Sakura Team 2: Cavs Going to miss using this Eldigan though :( ...
  11. The only GHB unit that I've promoted to 5" is Ursula and I plan on getting her to 5* Lv 40+4. Most of the GHB units have some form of useful fodder, though I try to keep atleast one copy of each. I did end up sacrificing both of my copies of Camus' for SI since I was expecting his GHB to return within several weeks... and here we are... 6 months later.
  12. Well... thanks to Arvis, I'm able to give Hawkeye the best C-skill in existence, Meme Ploy 3.
  13. Got a new high score of 4890 (Avg. 698, min: 696, max: 704) in AA. Hoping that this will put me back in top 5k. Starting team: Roy +3 [+Spd / -HP] - (Binding Blade / Repos / Luna / TA3 / Vantage 3 / Hone Atk 3 /Def +1) Gwendolyn [+Spd / -HP] - (Slaying Lance+ / Pivot / Bonfire / Fury 3 / QR3 / Hone Armour / HP+3) Black Knight [Neutral] - (Base Kit / Swap / Hone Armour / Panic Ploy 1) Ayra [+Atk / -HP] - (Base Kit / Repos. / Spur Spd 3 / Spd+1)
  14. Time for an update I guess. Draws (38) Promotions: (27) Tempest Trials (5) Not much change from last time other than two promotions; Reinhardt Goad Cav fodder and Bartre. By next Monday, I should be able to promote Titania. SI'd / Sent Home: 30 Merges: 14 Active 5*s (after merging, SI, etc...): 26 Total 5*s: 70
  15. I am currently prioritizing seals for the Cav team... planning on... Spur Def 3 on Brave Lyn (who also runs Ward Cav) - Completed Distant Def 3 for Ursula - At level 2; 3 after this arena season ends Squad Ace A 3 for S-Eldigan Spur Spd 3 for Titania (which will go alongside Goad Cav)
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