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  1. I decided to make a thread to share all my sprites since most of them are free-to-use (Hackroms sprites are the exception) (they may also not be up to date). Feel free to edit/recolor them at your own leisure! Most of the hackboxes were done with Lenh's help. FE9/10 parts come from Nickt's GBA recreations. · Generic bosses/NPC (Free-to-use) · Mugging blitz (Free-to-use) · Ace Attorney Lawyers/Detectives (click on the character to see their full set of sprites) (Free-to-use) · Vision Quest (Pandan) · Faith and Blood (Bloopy) · Book of Eden (Rickochet)
  2. Great hack. Interesting map design with varied objectives, and a less black and white story than what we're used to. It's dark, but not TOO dark, and I like that it's mostly character driven. Landon and Elias are very relatable. On the negative side, I'm not a fan of the kind of fog of war used in it (but at least it didn't feel unfair). Also, the growth rates can sometime feel a little on the low-side; I often didn't up more than one or two stats. It made some chapter harder than they should have been. Otherwise I had a really good time playing this. Can't wait for the full release!
  3. I may be able to help with that. I really like the project so far and would love to lend a hand. Can I try something with Elias and send it to you in private?
  4. I can't thank you enough for this! My friends and I are having a blast. EDIT : Sometimes when you increase enemies growth rates after doing other edits they become stuck with the bases of their classes for the rest of the game. It seems random, because after redoing EXACTLY THE SAME THING it didn't happen again.
  5. Ah! No, it's a screen from Sands of Time. I wanted to show the help box I was talking about AFTER Valorous Roland. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
  6. They are only force deployed in the next chapter, but I don't remember if it's always the case. That explains it! Thanks. And yeah, he's probably not the best unit for this chapter.
  7. Oh, okay! Thanks. I don't know why but I was convinced he only joined in chapter 30. Never realised he was available for deployment before that. I feel silly now. Sorry for the inconvenience, I should have paid more attention!
  8. Hello! I wanted to share something weird that happened to me. Nils decided to join my team in chapter 28 instead of 30. Is this normal? At first I thought this was a glitch, but then he couldn't be deployed in the next chapter (and had a textbox like Matthew in Lyn's mode). I didn't find anything about it online.
  9. We can't read the changes you did anymore. Could you reupload the pictures?
  10. I really like your animations! They look great and are extremely fluid. Especially the Swordmaster and the finalized Soldier. Impressive stuff!
  11. For fun! I don't have the time to work on a hack myself. Maybe in the future? I would certainly like to.
  12. Here you go. Thanks again to Lenh for her help, and Solum and Capibarainspace for their advices !
  13. Thanks a lot ! I would never have been able to finish without your help. I'll submit them on the mug blitz as soon as possible !
  14. Thanks ! You did a really good job. I especially like what you did with the first one and Mustachio. Still, can I slightly change the colors of some of them ? They're good but I'm not a fan of FE8's brown (and lightning) for the skin in general. I'm currently planning on doing these ones myself So you can do these ones if you want You already helped me a lot ! EDIT :
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