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  1. This could be due to the fact that MK8D was release last week and again Switch hype. Honestly I think Nintendo sent this game to die with it's release date. We still need to see the Western sales, though I doubt on the Western's side the sales will do that much better anyway.
  2. I would love to get Bloodborne and MGSV on release day if I had a PS4 back then as it only recent get a PS4 for P5. These games deserve my money. Brought the TYH edition for P5 on PS4. 40 dollar is ridiculous for game that isn't even HD in 2017, perhaps not to people that only game on 3DS but as someone who own multiple systems you can really see the shortcomings of 3DS.
  3. I got new copy Bloodborne and MGSV both for 30 each. P5 is only 10 dollar more if you get it on PS3. Not only are these game better but also insanely give more value for its cost. Seeing these games and than see Echoes, 40 dollar for that low budget game is pretty ridiculous.
  4. Not surprised at this, I also expected the same in the west. Switch hype and all the great recent releases (Persona 5, Nioh, Horizon and others) is gonna hurt Echoes a bit. Also paying 40 buck for 3DS game in 2017 is pretty ridiculous now when I can get better PS4 game for same or less. This game is meant to please older fans, Nintendo probably didn't expect much either since Awakening/Fates made them loads.
  5. This is my feeling too toward the Switch FE, what I want really a conventions breaking FE game similar to what Breath of Wild did to Zelda. FE in general is getting extreme stale with virtually no changes in gameplay since FE1. I felt too much is limited by the current style of FE and with the power of the Switch, IS has no excuses sticking to the old formula. The more daring the better.
  6. My main complaints so far are that girls look like moeblob and the cutscenes look a total shit. But if the stuffs I am hearing about Alm being a ruthless mofo, who show no mercy then he probably will be my next favorite lord after Roy. The game character's designs looking too shounen for my taste, vastly prefer Kozaki. Music is ok, Fates set the OSTs bar a bit too high, won't blame Echoes for that. I hope for an T rating.
  7. Round 3 1200 cumulative 83k 1000 personal unrank 500 winning Round 2 800 cumulative 43k 900 personal 32k 500 winning Round 1 500 cumulative unrank 500 personal unrank 500 winning Funny that last round gave me the most feathers when I absolutely did nothing there.
  8. Honestly I will find it hard for anyone to replicate Lucina's domination in this gauntlet. A lead of 10 billions against Ephraim, heck even a inexhausted Ephraim with all his scores total together still short of Lucina in this round. I really hope the CyL poll doesn't betray my expectations of Lyn and Ike. The more I think about it, the more it excite me when the inevitable face to face with Ike and Lyn come.
  9. After Lucina alone amassed 10 billions, Nintendo still didn't raise the stakes. .. Even they are scared of Lucina's army. @Korath88 Yes, I can definitely see who being salty.
  10. I want a silence MU protagonist like the persona series and allow us through dialogue choices to mold his/her character ourself. Robin and Corrin are only avatar in name only, they never really reflect our choices in the game when they already have a default personality. They already have a silence Robin in Awakening, now just give us dialogue choices.
  11. You either make it unpopular by including only literal who? Or one-side massacre by including fan favors.
  12. Yes, 10 billions for 20 orbs. Lucina alone is 17 billions, they are too sacred to raise the goal because we Lucina's army can smash it easily...
  13. Me too, I don't know why I have this prejudices against casual mode and keep forcing myself to play on normal mode (I do have bias for permdeath because I did started with FE8). Every-time a small mistake or unlucky RNG forced me to reset and especially when I got a good level up really tended me to smash my 3DS. I am slowly adopting to casual mode hoping that I won't drop out of it halfway in Fates. I will be piss off if I can't choose casual in the beginning for the next game.
  14. I want a break-the-convention game for the FE like what BotW did with Zelda. Because honestly FE gameplay is getting very stale. I can bare with another Awakening-ish game but if it more like pre-Awakening then I don't know.
  15. Clearly one of the reason why Awakening is so popular is because there are a lot of fan favored characters. But among these characters one particular stand out, of course I am talking about Lucina. Seeing the success of Lucina, they tried again with Azura in Fates. This time they pushed for her more. While she is a popular character she is nowhere near the juggernaut that is Lucina. If they wanna do it again, what could IS done for the people that disliked Lucina to like the Switch FE's "Lucina"? Or do you dislike IS for having bias for these characters and pushing these characters down to you? Edit: I should clarified, what I meant to create another "Lucina" is: 1- Created to be universal appealing 2- Prominent in the story/Leading character status 3- Pushed by IS
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