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  1. Well, I sure picked a bad time to not have orbs, because I need them all!
  2. Day 7, and here is my complete ballot. Gave Chrom my last vote cause he has a special place in my heart and it'd be hilarious if he had a blindside victory. Can't wait to see if Three Houses actually sweeps or not.
  3. Day 6, and I have cast my vote for Raphael. He has some of the funniest supports in my opinion and he was an absolute unit in my Golden Deer run.
  4. Alright, Day 5 has arrived and my vote is going to Eirika. Sacred Stones was my first game and I want to see her shake up the results.
  5. After seeing the midterm results, I decided to cast my 4th Vote for Annette. We need to get her in her.
  6. My Day 3 vote goes to Mozu. I've voted for her every previous year and I just really want her in the game. Probably gonna go vote for a Three Houses rep tomorrow.
  7. Today, I cast my vote for Marth. Here's to hoping he can actually win despite the newcomers to the poll.
  8. My first vote of the year goes to Dorothea. I just really want her in the game. Tomorrow will be either another TH character or Marth.
  9. I'm leaning toward putting half my votes toward Three Houses (Claude, Dorothea, etc.) and the other half to characters I've voted for during previous years (Mozu, Eirika, etc.)
  10. I did Gauntlet Bernadetta in my Blue Lions run. I had to use the Knowledge Gem to keep her skill level up and put all my Energy Drops on her, but she did end up rather powerful. It helps that she also had high speed that run. The result was a paranoid introvert one-shoting beasts like nobody's business.
  11. I made Flayn my Dancer in the Black Eagles route, and I was so made when she left. It really made certain maps post time skip more difficult.
  12. It sucks that Marth didn't make it, but at least it makes it easier for me to pick Alm as my free summon.
  13. So Flora is basically a Hector killer. Plus Silas finally got in. There go my orbs
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