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  1. I did Gauntlet Bernadetta in my Blue Lions run. I had to use the Knowledge Gem to keep her skill level up and put all my Energy Drops on her, but she did end up rather powerful. It helps that she also had high speed that run. The result was a paranoid introvert one-shoting beasts like nobody's business.
  2. I made Flayn my Dancer in the Black Eagles route, and I was so made when she left. It really made certain maps post time skip more difficult.
  3. It sucks that Marth didn't make it, but at least it makes it easier for me to pick Alm as my free summon.
  4. So Flora is basically a Hector killer. Plus Silas finally got in. There go my orbs
  5. Neku's moveset would be amazing, but I know he won't get in. So guess I'll be on Team Sora.
  6. Give me Smash, Three Houses, and something Xenoblade and I'll have a good time. Edgelord for Smash.
  7. Well, considering I dumped all of my orbs on Marth’s banner before it ended, looks like I won’t be trying for this banner to much. Quan seems pretty cool though.
  8. This was the easiest GHB I've ever done. I just picked one of my infantry teams and took at most two attempts on each difficulty.
  9. Welcome to the Forest.
  10. I didn't think CYL2 was a bait banner. I need orbs STAT! Please Marth, come home!!!
  11. I managed to roll Celica, Veronica, and Ephraim, as well as a 5-Star Male Morgan. Totally worth the 196 orbs.
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