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  1. Sadly you cannot. Thanks for trying though. Nintendo region locked my castle for some reason. There is plenty of American Corrinquest.
  2. Thanks but nothing happened... Are you european/australian?
  3. Hi guys!!! My first ever post on this forum is about something I've wanted SOOOOO badly. A corrinquest run. A corrinquest run is a run of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest (Or Birthright (Corrinright) and Revelation (Corrinvelation) only using Corrin from My Castle battles, with units requested on forums. Please note: I am new to Fire Emblem and at the moment I only have the skill to play Casual Normal mode.... please don't criticize me. This is Europe / Australia only since I own an Australian 2ds. I will only accept non Nohr Prince(ss) and units level 10 and under. Remember to unequip any weapons of your corrin so I dont die trying to recruit them. Please leave your corrin's my castle up until I reply saying I have the corrin. Format example: (Let me know if I forget anything in my list below) Name: Bob Class: Mercenary - Hero Boon / Bane Robust / Excitable Skill: Elbow Room Castle Address: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Any help give will be very appreciated. Thanks ^3^ BTW I already have my corrin, (Dark Mage) Juno (Archer) and Crux (Mercenary)
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