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  1. I kinda like it, but rival domain battles take super long and get tiring after a bunch in a row. My outrealm is balanced so far but I can see how quickly one team or two can dominate the map and make it hard for comebacks. Hopefully this mode gets tweaked a bit for balance and convenience.
  2. Gerik/Tethys was really heartwarming. Seth/Eirika follows up on the prologue event and I love the knight/royalty pairing. Joshua/Natasha. I love their interactions.
  3. Echo here, but Faye. She's legitimately creepy, she lives and breathes Alm. Faye was kind of an ass to Silque in their supports too. She apologizes in the end but...eh. I would bench her but she's a good unit. Clive seems like a bland character, but I don't hate him.
  4. Hellooo I've emerged from the shadows and hope to be more active on serene's whenever uni isn't killing me. I think I've drawn enough FE art to make a thread and showcase, and hopefully get some exposure (Being an introverted artist is a hard life :x) or critique (Go for it! Would love advice on colors, lighting, and such). My favorite medium is copic and pen despite the painful amount of mistakes I make with the medium. For digital art, my favorite brushes are the crayon-like ones to lineart with. Just a hobbyist artist but I plan to sneak some art courses into my schedule. Deviantart: https://autumn0wl.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: https://desertbriar.tumblr.com/ My newest/favorite pieces: (most recent art, still working on my art style) (FF tactics :p) (Half a year old. I know the lance isn't straight lmao, messed up while inking it. The head anatomy bugs me too) (I just wish there was an easy yet effective way to take photos of my traditional art :/ But alas, I have no scanner.) (This one's a year old but it's aged well enough for me to still like it. I like painty styles but it is super time-consuming and annoying to execute)
  5. Although it's been a year or two since Fates was released, I haven't really had a chance to give my two cents on Fates yet. Cons Worldbuilding: Where even is everything. I miss the world map you can wander around/the game shows you wandering around like in Awakening and FE 7. It just feels like the game is dragging you around to some isolated important location every chapter. I still don't know what the continent is called. Plot: Too many to even list. Plus everyone's already said it. The Astral world or whatever: It's creepy that the kids grow up so fast, it's crappy parenting that you're even locking your kid there for their entire lifetime, and how Lilith transports Corrin there in ch 5 unnecessarily interrupts the story. Awakening handled the kids less stupidly and in a more plot relevant way. (also plot but something that's been bugging me) The dragonstone Azura gives Corrin after their rampage is too convenient. I was hoping for the story to address Corrin's struggle/lack of control over their transformation after watching the trailers. Pro The gameplay is absolutely fantastic and improved from Awakening. Conquest's, that is. Birthright is too dull. I thought Awakening's pair up system was too op, happy they fixed that a bit in fates with dual guard/attack stance. Plus, the Conquest maps are fun and challenging. I do like the characters. There's so many though. The music from both games is fantastic. MyCastle is great. I liked how you could interact with the characters more, and battling other castles is fun. I also like the skill inheritance from other players. I'm not going to spend 40+ hours playing eugenics or second sealing like Awakening requires.
  6. Well, it was good fighting with you Team Julia. Although Tharja won, the score gaps weren't too depressing like the last gauntlets. At least we'll get to see the legendary battle of of the stalker and her victim :D Time to tip the scales!
  7. Does Team Julia have a chance at closing that billion point gap with Team Tharja even with the 3x bonus? Hmm, maybe we should just save flags for Team Robin.
  8. Based off of what I've seen in the english footage, and that I haven't played Gaiden: -Male: Alm, Boey, Kliff, Gray, Leon I love Kliff's personality, and Gray's 'Shut up Tobin' is just the greatest. I obviously need to include Alm and Celica because ship they're pretty interesting characters lol. Boey and Mae's interactions are great, love them. Leon's design is cool too. -Female: Delthea (her design is cute and I spoiled myself on a bit of her backstory), Celica, Mae, Genny (love her design) Additionally, I like Faye's design but...didn't hear good things about her personality. Maybe the English version will improve her a bit? tbh, everyone's design in this game is great
  9. I play Casual mode for that reason too, but I'm planning on playing classic and using Mila's turnwheel as a challenge. You can also play casual limiting the amount of unit deaths or just resetting when someone dies but reload an earlier battle save.
  10. I'm pretty happy with this gauntlet, it's been pretty even so far. I thought Tharja would be destroying Linde even with the losing bonus, too early to assume anything though. Things might change in a bit when teams start running out of flags.
  11. Yessss this. I hate Gwendolyn with a passion. I wouldn't mind 3-4 stars if they were new characters or appeared only occasionally.
  12. Pulled: Lilina (one of my first units) Young Tiki Elise Effie Marth Ephraim Peri x2 (grinded them into feathers out of frustration of not getting Ninian/Azura) Bunny Xander (would've preferred Bunny Lucina sigh) Reinhardt I still don't have Azura/Ninian even after only summoning blue for the past few weeks asfsdf Promoted: Just Nino :')
  13. Well, my little assassin Beruka got beat by Subaki. The neck and neck battle was fun though, thanks for that Team Subaki. But now it's time to join Minerva to destroy him c: Plus I can't bring myself to join Camilla or Cordelia because Cordelia will get her ass handed to her roasted on a silver platter and Camilla...I'm not thirsty for those feathers as some are for her...assets haha.
  14. I happened to get Bunny Xander while pulling w/ 5 orbs (because I'm broke k). Initially was crushed that 5 star wasn't Ninian or Azura but at least I got a limited time character. Wish I got Lucina though, I'm going to try for her.
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