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    I like to watch Anime and play a decent amount of fighting games which are Melty blood, GG REV, and UMVC3.

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  1. Wow that looks significantly cooler. Thanks for sharing this!
  2. So I promoted an axe wielder to a berserker in FE6 and I can't help but feel that the animation for it is very underwhelming. All the animations so far are pretty nice or ok at the very least, but the berserker's attack animations just looks janky. Is this just me?
  3. Namid

    Hi everyone!

    Programmer... yeah.... *sweats* I only remember how to make random number generators. I swear I'm not a fraud
  4. Namid

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the forest Dolce! I'm new here too but everyone here has been really friendly. Hope you enjoy your time here. And I had a bit of a backwards experience with Awakening since it rekindled my interest in the series. Started it because it looked cool and stuck around for waifus tactical strategy. I also know very little Java. What programming language did you learn?
  5. Oh yeah, the programming teacher had quit so whatever reason the football coach was was in charge of teaching the class for the semester, so there wasn't much to do in there other than goof around. And thanks for the warm welcome!
  6. Hi SF. I've been annoying my friends about FE for the past few days and thought that this place would be fitting for me as I continue to descend further into Fire Emblem Hell. Anyway, my first experience with FE was in programming class where I was bored so I decided to play FE7. Since then I've finished Awakening and a little bit of Conquest and FE9. I'm currently playing through DLuna's FE6 patch where characters can actually hit the broad side of a barn. My other interests include fighting games, Shadowverse, and looking for a nearby gamestop that isn't sold out of Switches.
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