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  1. Torappu

    April Fools

    I did nothing. Generally because I'm lazy as hell. Well, that and a lack of originality in everything, so like, nothing good could come out of my 'pranks.'
  2. I seriously wish this would stay forever. Just looking at one of my favorite characters every time I go on the forums would make me smile <3 Not like it's going to rip
  3. Hey! Corrin is not a horrible character at all. He/she is a very decent character and it's not a horrible, it's not dumb, it's not irresponsible and it's not a bad Lord at all you fucking retard.

    1. Torappu


      Woah, woah there, my friend. Just an opinion. Obviously, you have a very different opinion of Corrin and I can respect that. I just find Corrin myself to be completely idiotic in most of the things they did in all 3 routes. If you want another example, in one chapter of BR, he literally tries to break out of something indestructible that he LITERALLY called indestructible 5 seconds ago. And then he acts all surprised about it as if he didn't know.

      I'm not saying my opinion is fact but it is an opinion, and as such I have the freedom of viewing Corrin however I wish. You do too, so if you enjoy Corrin as a character, enjoy him/her! No need to call names here. C:

    2. StarWarrior


      So what! He's not a fucking IDIOT AND A DUMBASS AT ALL! 

      You know what! FUCK YOU!

  4. Okay, I don't necessarily LIKE him. Actually I hate him, though since I'm a very sympathetic person who forgives a lot, I'm indifferent. If I had to choose, though, I 100% hate him. For every reason everyone basically listed already. Dumb decisions, incredibly stupid moments, the fact that he is an avatar, etc. But I don't hate him to the extent that Fates' story was ruined because of him, it's more about how everyone else acts along with Corrin, so at least I can give him that. It's not entirely his fault (*cough* Xander *cough*) and his supports give him SOMEWHAT of a likeability (though nothing special compared to say Elise or Azura's supports, despite them having way less supports under their belt), though how little that likeability is. At least half of his supports in my opinion are just godawful for me personally, though I do somewhat like some of them to make me care about him in a way. If other characters have made better actions, then maybe Corrin wouldn't be so bad (example being that basically every character in Fates turns Corrins naivete into a strength of all things) but due to both how he/she acted and how other characters reacted, yes, he's a bad character and I dislike him. However, I can definitely see how one can like him.
  5. Honestly, all you need to win the Lunatic battle pretty easily is a strong archer, green or red mage, and a dancer. It was hard at first, but once I used a hit-and-run strat on the Pegasus next to Michalis, it was a steamroll from there. 5* Nino really helped me out here, was the only one able to damage Michalis (easy 0RKO for her, like ~36 damage and she doubles). I personally used 5* Alfonse, Azura, Nino, and Tacomeat to do it (even though Alfonse got no action :c) Then again, I'm sure you've all seen this strat, so I don't know why im even sharing this with you rip Congrats to whoever beat it with 3*, though! Until that video existed, I didn't think it was actually possible considering the stat differences between 5* and 3*, and somewhat between 3 and 4*. Now, I know I'm an idiot.
  6. Cuddle with them while I try to fall back asleep again. Surely they can't be a threat, and they look cute, so I trust them! ...hopefully
  7. Banned for looking too cute.
  8. Anna Anna's sister, Anna. I'll just call it a loan and eventually owe it back. Or something. WCWY spread rumors about?
  9. My bond with my musical instrument is so strong, that some fools dare to spread lies about us. Disgusting.
  10. Nina. All the drama that would come out of it would be amazing. WCWY be the sibling of?
  11. Usually for me it does work, though it most likely will make the game unbeatable (at least for me) so beware of that.
  12. Forrest, Joshua, Flora, Any of the shapeshifters (excluding Taguel), and Celica. Maybe Alm too if he's released.
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