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  1. The only thing they changed was the removal of the F-Word (which is totally understandable, considering Sm4sh is a "for-all-ages" game).
  2. Are we just going to overlook Bayonetta 2 in all of this? Platinum Games tried to make it more SFW to fit what they thought Nintendo's standards were, only to be met by a "make it more sexy/violent!". Because that did happen.
  3. Since when has there been a Lucina archetype? The only other character I can think of with the mysterious woman well informed of the plot description is Azura and that was just down to Fates's bad writing.
  4. Another Samael I've seen is one in Gnosticism. Also called "The Demiurge", he's an extremely arrogant (and arguably evil) being who created the universe, but (counter to his knowledge) is NOT the supreme being in his mythos (that honour goes to the Monad).
  5. They WERE in Warriors, but that doesn't really count.
  6. We have a discord here if you want to join https://discord.gg/sp48rm
  7. Well, things are going pretty well over on the fangame side of things. We at Team Shingetsu have been going through most areas (If you're a composer, PLEASE help us, we need you!) But things have been going well. We have an early image for Alain made by @Corrobin, too (We're using the blonde one).
  8. IntSys can't really be so stupid the think that the only female fans they have are Fujoshis. The only possible way that could have happened was a supposed employee at the company who pushed the Awakening-esque mechanics into Fates so she could bang her husbando. But even then, that turned out to be fake.
  9. The main problem with that was the characters they made available for the gay supports. Niles is a confirmed sadist, criminal and cold-blooded murderer, and Rhajat is a redux of one of the worst characters in FE (Seriously, Soleil is a fucking confirmed lesbian, and she only has male S-Supports, what's up with that?). The "Gay Fates" patch for Fates shows that Same-sex supports can be written well, even in Echoes, Leon was a really good character. All IntSys has to do is make an LGBT character who's personality goes beyond "I'm gay" or "I'm a Yandere stalker", and not go too deep into Yaoi/Yuri territory in the writing. It's so simple, they even got it right the last time.
  10. Samael could also be referring to one of the names given to the Demiurge in Gnosticism (also called Yaldaboth): A being who, while he supposedly created the universe, he isn't the most powerful being (despite the best of his knowledge.) He's described at best: An arrogant prick no better than your average Greek god.
  11. Huh, the reply chain is quickly turning the post into the Anna appreciation thread.
  12. Hawkatana

    Help Needed

    Do you have discord? We can discuss the general premise of what we could do with it. My tag is Hawkatana#2956
  13. The way things are going right now, I highly doubt we could be getting these games, but due to some of what has been mentioned sounding genuinely good, I think someone should probably make it a real fangame, and I'll be that person. Here's the link if you're interested: I will of course need help with the sound & graphics (and maybe the writing), but other than that, I can just pester @Lord Wolfram for help.
  14. Hawkatana

    Help Needed

    Calling all spriters & sound designers! There have recently been a chain of supposed leaks about the upcoming 16th Fire Emblem game (Found here: ) The legitimacy of these leaks are questionable at best, so I thought it could become a fangame, I however, am not particularly good at spriting, and I know nothing about sound design. So I require help in those departments. The game will be developed on FEXP.
  15. At least I don't have to daily scrounge around 4Chan looking for the leaks anymore. I'VE SEEN SOME SHIT
  16. Guys, get over it. Even in the case that this fake, what does it matter? We at least got some interesting shit out of it. There should be NO REASON to crucify someone on the internet for making a fake leak. You're being as bad as the guys on Reddit.
  17. That's not how that works, that's just extremely childish.
  18. Guys, calm the fuck down, pointing a finger & shouting "FAAAAAAKE!" isn't going to solve anything. I personally find it hard to believe, but at least give her a chance to explain herself.
  19. Whether or not she's Australian, due to her posts being convenient to the average Australian, turns out she's from New Zealand.
  20. MMMMMMM... *Mother of god...*
  21. Okay, more Hawk Talks it seems: Plot: Eeeeeh... It's alright, but how much do you want to bet Samael is some kind of Dragon? Mangs fangasm: Okay, if your senpai is a bald Norwegian man who's bad at video games, sure... You do you I guess. Pronunciation: thought so. Classes: Yes! The Myrmidon & the Mercenary are in the same game! Also I get the feeling that the thing on the models sorta makes sense. Day/night cycle expansion: +30?! That's a bit much. Cross-party Skirmish: I have no comments.
  22. Just when I thought we could catch a break... http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/395525430
  23. Guys, Mangs just posted a video discussing this.
  24. Never mind the Reddit posts, just take a look at the ones on 4Chan, I know it's 4Chan, but HOLY SHIT this comment is beyond scummy. *WARNING. EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE*
  25. I feel like that if this is fake, we're practically writing the story for her.
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