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  1. Do you have the link to the board? EDIT: Never mind, I found it: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/204445-fire-emblem-for-nintendo-switch-working-title/75846652
  2. I just had an epiphany. The Jagen who (unfortunately) shares my name may have been named that for a couple of reasons: 1. Huon of Bordeaux: A nephew of Charlemagne and a knight in the Crusades, supposedly met with the fairy king Oberon and married a Saracen princess. This gives us why he's a Great Knight and the overall religious motives to the humans of this game. 2. The Huon Pine: A tree that grows in Tasmania, Australia and is the world's slowest growing trees. That explains his old age and (probably) low growths. Meaning that whether or not Miss Leaker is faking it, she's Australian. Which would explain the fact how her "leaks" usually come out at a convenient time on an Australian timezone.
  3. I checked, they're both feminine romanian names
  4. I just need to get these out of the way: Kotaro Yamada as the artist? He has worked on the series before, but him as the MAIN ARTIST? Unlikely. The game following the previous aesthetics? Okay, we would have guessed that. Full Voice acting? Well, Echoes had it, so I guess that makes sense. The characters? I'll go in order. Huon: PLEASE NO MY NAME IS HUON I DON'T WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH A JAGEN Gwendolen: Don't we already have a character with that name? Godfrey: Calling it now, he's a bad guy. Mirela & Miruna: Okay, we now have an official Cain & Abel. Pretty standard. Felix: *sigh* not another Navarre. (P.S., I bet he gets a Killer Lance.) This REALLY hasn't helped her case for this. I now believe this even less than before.
  5. THE ONE TIME I DECIDE TO GO ON 4CHAN http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/394409203
  6. I just had a thought, in the case this is fake, what will Miss Leaker's excuse be? I hope it isn't the overused "I wanted to get people talking" excuse, because we were already doing just that before this sprung up.
  7. Well, if a group of dubious 4Chan posts are anything to go by, it's going to be called "Fire Emblem: New Moon"
  8. I'll be honest, at first, I was skeptical about this at the beginning. However as more information came out, I started to find it more believable. But this? It's just gone into the credibility version of the uncanny valley (meaning it seems so ALMOST credible that it just can't be). It's a good and interesting concept, sure. But I'll be amazed at this point if IS actually does something even remotely similar to this.
  9. How do I get on to this stuff so quickly? http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/392837489/fire-emblem-new-moon-more-gameplay-news
  10. That WAS the point brought up in the first trailer.
  11. don't worry, we have it screenshot on the first page. I've already taken the liberty of doing it for the other posts
  12. What? But she only showed a generic image of the Switch.
  13. 1. She straight-up admitted to reading this thread, I was even personally mentioned. So there's that 2. Her sources making a mistake? Sure, we all do. But using Google Translate? Just why? 3. It does seem a little suspicious, but she did state that she "made the wrong analogy". Although like I said, suspicious as all hell. 4. It did seem like it was the logical thing for IS to do, so that does seem kinda credible. 5. She was referring to if you can choose a personality for Dracul, which does seem very fishy the she or her sources know this very specific detail.
  14. http://boards.4chan.org/vg/thread/191577168 Oh shit fuckles, it's a new info dump.
  15. No... I just can't find anything definitive to prove or disprove this.It's incredibly annoying.
  16. This will be the first time Monsters will be playing a role in the game that isn't "grind fodder" or "servants of the demon king" (Unless you count the Manaketes as monsters, which you hopefully don't).
  17. I think it will be more like Echoes, where you control the 2 groups simultaneously, I mean if Dracul is an "Anti-Hero" like they were described as, why would they side with the Humans instead of the Kibaires?
  18. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Which one is it?!
  19. You know what? I'm ending this now. I'm going to ask Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, anyone that would be involved, whether or not Fire Emblem: New Moon is the real deal, or Pepe being a troll as per usual.
  20. Why do you think Corrin is one of the most hated characters in FE? (Well only the male version, for some reason.)
  21. It's not like they haven't re-used old drafts in later games, Roy's old name was Ike and was going to be in a title called "Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness" for the N64. So they may have taken inspiration from the Nohrian Vampire thing.
  22. I'm alright with the concept, as long as it's done right. Also Nosferatu is called Resire in Japan, so that's not even a line to draw.
  23. Just a couple of 4Chan posts so far.
  24. And Dracula means "Son of the Dragon", but can also mean "Son of the Devil" from the word Drac.
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