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  1. As we all know, IntSys is being very generous with the February bonuses, like a free 50 orbs, our pick at a free 5 star out of the whole cast, and a completely new game mode. With the overwhelming amount of orbs we’ll be getting (they acknowledged so in the announcement) and free 5* unit, I personally don’t think they’ll be offering a free CYL unit, as I expect their business plan t be different. I expect them to rekindle interest in FEH, deplete orbs with the RD Ike banner and Hero Fest banner, then release CYL pt.2 to make their bank. Opinions? Hopes?
  2. Well darn. Sad to see they scrapped a perfectly good opening theme in favor of a catchy 20 or so second loop.
  3. I remember they used a remastered version of gaiden's opening theme in the FE direct reveal trailer.. did they not put it in SoV? I went through the sound test multiple times to find it but couldn't. Man, I was looking forward to that. Am I missing anything, is it somewhere I can't seem to find?
  4. Yeah, I'm surprised too, but the gamestops that don't take an hour to get to are in a mall, next to a college campus, and where all of my nerd friends live. All Prime places to have lots of traffic
  5. I was so excited to get the special edition, but I was chaperoning on a field trip the weekend it went for sale. I'm definitely not going to resort to scalpers on eBay, so does anyone know when or if the special edition will be restocked? I already asked my local gamestops, they ran out of in-store preorders.
  6. I accidentally killed Sakura because I tried to tackle Kana's Paralogue at lvl 12-15 or so, and Hinoka is the only female left to pair with either Jakob or Saizo. I'm personally in favor of Dwyer because he's a nohrian class, but Asugi is the only Awakening child I haven't gotten yet. I'm playing Birthright, by the way. Who do I choose?
  7. I will definitely be trying a Communist run, it sounds great! (Also I'll be counting lvl1 manually promoted units as lvl21, and prepromotes as lvl 10+current lvl as an added challenge.) Thanks! Fatigue sounds fun, too. Maybe I'll do it like Thracia and try to keep track of how many battles someone has, which might add to the challenge of a communist run if I decide to do them in tandem. Thanks to you too!
  8. I'm looking for a challenge in sacred stones, but I still want it to be 100%-able (completing map objectives without sacrificing levels through pre-20 promotion *ahem hardmodedistantblade ahem*, all chests, all characters) I've compiled a short list of self-imposed challenges that I might choose to use in my play-through, and I was hoping somebody could maybe suggest a combination of challenges to use, or suggest new challenges. Please keep in mind this is a vanilla game, I will not be using an emulator, so no hacked challenges like 0% growths. No Trainees No Seth Hard mode (obviously) No arena abuse (Yours here!)
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