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  1. Would you waste feathers on Navarre?
  2. Would Julia be a better option than Nino if my team does not include Erika? My team is Effie ,Azura, sanaki, Julia /nino I gave Sanaki axebreaker to counter vantage Hector and Julia bowbreaker to counter vantage Takumi. Is this a good move?
  3. But good Boon/Bane Hector is so hard to come by.. But he is just going to be a sacrifice for ike if he doesn't have close counter. Sighhh... Alright thanks for the advice man :D
  4. The difference between both account is only 1week. Lol But the different between both accounts is just feathers. But to me, it is secondary as the characters I am aftering will most likely be 5* focus. Furthermore, I have already spent all the gems from the past events in the main account..
  5. I know I have asked this question a lot. Which account should I keep? I'm tired of playing 2 account simultaneously. (Especially when they are going to implement 99stamina. ) The reason I am having trouble deciding is because the team/characters I want has not been released yet. So I am wondering if I should keep the main account (with most of them in perfect IV) or account with good inheritance skill. ( if IKE does not have close counter, I am ready to sacrifice Hector and karel has some nice skill to sacrifice) I am really happy with my main account but.. I am pretty certain I wouldn't use them in the future. However, I find it really a pity as that account really has some good IV Set and all these images characters made all the event quest grinding really easy unlike the sub account. But the sub account has about 200gems to spare.. So I'm not sure D: Main Account used up all the gems in storymode and events. + 250usd in this account 1x sanaki (+spd -def) 1x azura (+res -hp) 1x Julia ( +res -up) 1x Effie (+res -spd) 1x Nino (+spd -res) 1x Eldigan (+spd -def) 1x George (+hp -res) 2nd account Only spent about 100gems. Still have quite an amount of gems to spare. 1x Hector (+atk -spd) 1x Karel(+hp -res) 1xChrom (neutral) 1x Ceiceilia (+atk -spd)
  6. That will be the only April fool I am happy to accept. Lol But hey... It is Japan we are talking about...
  7. Are those obscene bunny version the new banner? I sincerely hope not. Lol
  8. I hope they didn't decrease the droprate because of the inheritance system.. I mean..200gems solely on red orbs and 0 lon'qu. Ohh come on! When I finally got a good IV Hector..
  9. I will most likely build a team that includes my favorite characters. 1) Ike 2) Soren 3)Horace 4) Alm what about you?
  10. He is dark affinity. So im going to assume he is going to be red. So what color do you think he will be? and why?
  11. Well spending a few hundred gems might not give you the 5* but re-roll is free and you can aim to get your favorite character as a starter which i think it is worth the effort.. But it indeed get frustrating..haha...
  12. Hey Guys! I need some help :( I really love this game but..i felt that after getting good re-roll and used up all the gems you saved up, I have lost the interest in that account. Therefore, i couldn't stop re-roll and restart the whole game. So i thought of saving all the gems after a good re-roll to make the game more challenging by not having too many 5* character with good stat. But one of my favorite character is navarre so i am afraid that i might not be able to clear the quest if i don't spend gems to get good team to beat. I know someone beat Ursula quest with all the free characters but it's hard to say for other hero battle right?
  13. It is my dream to have a team of Ikemen. So I really wish there is a belly dancing hot guy as I need a dancer in my team. No homo though. Which characters do you think has the potential to meet the criteria? I mean Lucius being a priest was a little unexpected so.. Who knows man.
  14. Spent 110 orbs aiming to get blue tome but... they just had to give me 2x Ninian..
  15. I don't think camus will be available anytime soon :( Is Triangle Adept 3 a good alternative? Sacrificing 4* Roy for it..ouch...
  16. Question about Leo. As i just managed to pull my first red tome which is Leo (-spd, +def) but i am not sure what is the ideal boon/bane for him. So i did some calculation, (Neutral Atk) Leo is unable to OHKO the typical threat such as Nino (Neutral) while Leo (+atk ) is able to. Since my boon is not +atk, i was wondering if i should focus on his defense to increase his chance of surviving until his special triggers. So my plan is to give leo the lote's shield skill. Weapon: Unchanged Assist: Pivot Special: Unchanged A: Lote's Shield B: Unchanged C: Unchanged Side Note: I just wasted 2k feathers to upgrade Michalis to 4* as i don't think i can ever defeat lunatic mode without any long range unit. Was it a bad move to waste the feathers on Michalis? The reason i upgraded him is because of his lote's shield skill. Do you think it is worth the feathers?
  17. I hope Hector will make this battle easier..
  18. Ops sorry, my bad. Yep that's pretty much my question Thanks Guys for the clarifying! :D So basically, +spd will allow me to avoid getting doubled and one shot by several units while +atk would be able to deal more dmg but unable to OHKO any units that +spd is unable to. Last question before i close this thread. For the bane, -res would be recommended because hector will get OHKO or 2HKO by almost any mage anyway right?
  19. So i have seen a few threads in gamefaq talking about how +spd Hector could help with avoiding getting doubled while gamepress would recommend +atk -spd as spd is already very low in hector so it is a useless stat to him. Is -res a good bane? I like to know your opinion. If you say it depends on my playstyle, then my playstyle would be like this. Hector is my current only atker with Ninian and a healer as supporter and a Blue Tome killing all the red.
  20. I really like the Character Camus but the artwork is really disappointing. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  21. Quality > Quantity :( Managed to get another Jaffar +Ninian pulls with good IV for jaffar. but from what i read, Jaffar is not a good unit because of his stat. D:
  22. Hector, Effie, Draug and Mounted Healer Priscillia. In order to make full use of Hector's Goad armor
  23. Well you are right but no harm aiming for a good rolls since re-roll is free xD By the way i updated a new re-roll which is slightly better. But do you think this startup is strong enough for the upcoming hero battle? Don't intend to spend anymore gems until Ike banner is release. So i will have to make do with what i have now.
  24. im sorry what isn't in game? Nah? there is actually a game term for it??
  25. I am thinking of creating a new F2P and was thinking of getting Ninian/Azura and Jaffar for a start and i am very happy with the result. But unfortunately the boon/bane aren't really great. So my question is, now that the skill inheritance has been implemented, will boon/bane still affect the game play as much as before? As i don't intend to spend any more gems until ike banner is release, i need to reroll a team that can carry me all the way. Especially the upcoming hero battles. Boon/Bane Jaffar (+def -res) Ninian (+atk -hp) Karel (+atk -res) Rebecca (+def -atk)
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