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  1. It really depends on how players are distributed, with the pre registration system I assume that players of a similar caliber are in the same outrealm or maybe it will somehow distributed equally. I hope there is a room for a cooperation, really depends on how good Winning Army bonus is
  2. Discord will better for this, there going to be Separate Outrealms(game tells you in which one you are currently) and 3 armies in each, finding your allies on the internet shouldn't be hard if they are engaged in this
  3. So far judging by the description it seems very complicated, it is nice, I want some depth
  4. If you could assign teams, poor Alfonse would never win
  5. I said yes to everything except the last one, pls give us anything this game is getting rather boring
  6. Fe 4/5 Barons can use staves. But there are no notable users, except Chagall, but he will probably be a fire mage
  7. I would like Russian in the game if it ever comes out, but I am prepared for some cringe and disappointed just like you would. But at least it will give me some laugh
  8. Intricate healer builds? You mean just putting Fury on everything? Because that is what would happen
  9. Yeah, let's separate axes and blue mages too, this idea doesn't make sense, healers just got buffed, if you don't like them don't assume every one else does too
  10. Recover ring is a better version of renewal. Follow up ring is like the best B skill in the game, it SHOULD NEVER BE INHERITEBLE. Do you really want Quadhardt that much?
  11. Why Serenes forest Heroes page doesn't receive updates since May? And why does nobody even mentions that?
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