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  1. Interestingly some hidden/impossible battle convos have been found in the game files. They concern Blue Lions Ch. 18 and seem to imply a different outcome on said route. I wonder what the idea behind this was?
  2. Thanks for his bio, he really seems like a great villain character. I just remembered the reason I didn't play Shadow Dragon DS, even though I own it. My DS charger broke years ago and I still haven't replaced it. Time to find one for sure! And good choice on Cilla, She is my main healer in Heroes too and just amazing in FE 7.
  3. My barracks are full all the time and some good banners came up recently, so I decided to start building my heroes with skill inheritance. And while at it, I made Zephiel my first 5* three days ago (and it felt great). Yesterday Sharena followed, as I think they will complement each other. Currently sitting on18k feathers after using some for skill inheritance. I somehow don't want to spend feathers on a hero, when I have the chance to pull a 5* version of him. So Michalis will probably be the next one or maybe Xander depending, which one will be better for my team.
  4. I still haven't played a lot of FE games (especially the older ones) and Heroes does a great job introducing me to new characters. Some of them even make me want to play their respective games and know more about their story. As for me: Lucina seems like a genuinly nice lord, great design and her story with Chrom etc. seems interesting. (I will probably buy Awakening after playing through Shadows). Jeorge for that matter is also good, but I don't use him. And I absolutly love Michalis and Zephiel, making the latter my first promoted 5*. I know they are baddies, but they both fascinate me and I can't wait to kick their *** in the future. And they both look rather glorious. Do you have some favorites of the ones you've never played before? And what makes them appeal to you? Artstyle/Quotes?
  5. Got absolutly nothing out of the Wyvern Banner (Amazing pull rate doesn't help, if you got zero green orb 6 times in a row). First pull Ike Banner: BOOM! Julia!!! 2nd round: BOOM! Soren 3rd round: BOOM! This beauty Finally great luck again. After that I decided not going for Ike anymore and saving my orbs for Celica. And after waking up today and seeing that new crazy banner, I'm happy that I restrained myself. Also bye Celica
  6. @MaskedAmpharos and @salinea Thanks a lot guys. Never imagined it to be that power-/useful. (Finally getting why she destroys that much) @Arcanite Well, I got a spare Nino and one Odin for every finger on my hands. Cecilia also just doesn't stop to show up. And I need a good cavalry team for some quests, so thanks for the tip.
  7. Ok, I should have asked that a long time ago. What does Ninos Gronnblade+ actually do? I don't get the desription (neither the English nor the German one). Does it mean, that if Olivia uses Hone Atk beside her, she gets that extra if she attacks? I just put her beside Effie and Eirika, because it seemed right (and people suggested it here). Thanks in advance
  8. Oh, I know that feeling just too well. He just doesn't stop showing up. Usually together with Barst. Honestly I pulled both of the duo around 10 times already, but never Beruka. And no 4* Bartre either. Nevertheless, congrats to your Lucina. About the worth? Thought so when I got my Nino, but after spending over 100$ and not pulling Ninian I was not so sure anymore and decided not to spend more money. But the high drop rates are tempting as hell.
  9. Just did it! But unlike the Ursula and Michalis one, my experimenting lead to nothing but failure, so all the credit to Mkv. (Awesome Swap-Drag back combination) Put Swap on Effie and used her together with Eirika/Klein/Olivia. This makes all my GHB will Olivia and Effie. Smite was great in the Michalis one, but I recently used her with Pivot. It somehow never occured to me, that swap would also be a perfect skill for her.
  10. I don't know if that helps, but I would just wait until you have amassed a fair amount of Orbs again. Then use them on a single banner, which has a high drop rate for one or two colors and only pull them (e.g. I've read that the current Wyvern Banner got a green drop rate over 16%). Try to use them on a banner that has a hero you like as a focus character. It won't guarantee a 5 star, nevertheless it worked quite well for me.
  11. After my Ninian Desaster some weeks ago I finally decided to pull again (amassed 170 Orbs)Just told myself that a Bunny Character would be nice so i tried to get one by going for Blue and Green. And I'm quite happy with what I got. Easter is saved and I can use my remaining 90 Orbs on the Wyvern Banner.
  12. Damn. I just learned about the LE this morning. Luckily the Swiss are quite slow when it comes to preordering. The biggest Swiss online game shop still had some, but now they are gone. So I'm quite happy now. I also managed to get the Fates one last year, so there are maybe not to many FE fans in my country.
  13. I gave up on Ninian. Last week I used over 150 orbs trying to get her, wasted to much cash for my financial situation and had a revelation, when I decided not to spend money on this game again. My ratio did go up to 5% and then I pulled a 5* Ephraim (already got him) and later a 5* Effie, which I already had one as well. Btw. There is a guy on Youtube that shows you the odds of summoning a 5* hero based on stone colour. This banner is quite good for colourless ones. Edit: Thanks Ice Dragon. We can always count on you.
  14. Honestly, I don't know how I just beat the Lunatic map, as I was just experimenting. Probably thanks to my strategic brilliancy a.k.a AI exploitation. Started the 3rd turn with Olivia beside Lucina to make use of Hone Atk. Then Effie pushed her up on the right side. Because of the extra ATK she could kill the rider in one turn and Falchion would heal her in the next. And I just needed this extra HP because the red flyer decided to come for her, what a weird move. The rest was Klein/Olivia (with a little help from Effie) cleaning the battlefield. Needless to say, I'm just happy that I managed to do it. I was already going through the skill list to find some useful ones for inheritance, as I don't have enough variety in my strong units.
  15. After spending the orbs you get from the Normal Campaign (and a few from the Hard one), the Family Side Quest and Special Maps I only got one 5* unit, Roy. So I decided to spend money for the Siblings Banner. First pull = 2 Kleins. On the princes and princesses Banner I got Lucina, Eirika and Ephraim. Spent for Nino, got her, Effie, Setsuna and Camilla on the way. Till that point, I thought that I had the money well spent. But this week I tried to get Ninian (should have stopped after Cilla) and after using my orbs I bought more for around 80$ (but not in a single purchase), all gone and no Ninian. (Could have used the cash to get myself a Zelda Limited Edition) So after some awesome pulls I really got the feeling that I can buy my luck, which resulted in a total waste of money. One reason is, that your odds get higher if you don't pull a 5*, so you tell yourself that some more pulls will do it. But I'm finished with spending money on the game. I will enjoy it and if Fortuna wants it, then I will pull Ninian or Azura another day.
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