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  1. The problem is that the event was not set as a turn based event, so Noah never spawned
  2. I think that Noah spawn is broken, FEBuilder says he shows up turn 3, but he doesn't for me
  3. Sorry, I used the wrong rom base, will be fixed in a minute
  4. Hello, my name is AMH9000 and I suddenly got an idea for a romhack to make every playable unit in Binding Blade spawn as a promoted unit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mejlm5ttsgytu3/FE6 Doubled Growths Promoted.ups?dl=0 Idiot me forgot to say to apply this to a fresh FE6 rom So what exactly does this hack do? All units growth rates are doubled. (except for Fae, Karel, and Yoder) Unpromoted units have been promoted, this decreases exp gain immensely, so you have to deal with your character's bases for a while (luckily they got their promo gains) All units have had their level adjusted so that they only can get half of their levels. (except for Fae, Karel, and Yoder) So why did I make this? Lots of FE6 runs, especially on hard mode, are pretty RNG dependent on any character's levels to get through the early game because each unit's stats are very low (with the exception of Marcus, the christmas cavs, Rutger, and Jerrot). With higher growths and less levels, units will much more reliably get the stats that they need in order to kill units or survive against others. The average stats will barely change (except for units like Treck who have an odd amount of levels to gain normally, they had their level rounded down), but the variance is severely lowered (a lot of HP growths are over 100% now, and other notable growths are very close to 90%) and some other growths or outright removed (for example, Lugh will always have 39 HP at level 20 since his HP growth is now 100% and he has 19 levels to gain, where as normally Lugh has a... astronomically low chance of naturally getting 58 HP at level 20/20, or inversely 20 HP at level 20/20)
  5. I mean, that I knew, I'm on 11x now because I want any chance of getting scrolls because I only have 1 so far. (WHERE ARE THE SCROLLS???????)
  6. This door won't open in chap 8x https://drive.google.com/file/d/11FGbDlaSWolY8oy8inxlTWXpVXkfzlyu/view?usp=sharing pls help (also no, it doesn't work from the other side) (EDIT: THE DOOR OPENS FROM THE MIDDLE DOOR???????? WHYYYYYYYYY)
  7. I'd say do the vanilla game first. Chaos Mode should be played as if you know what you're getting into only for Klok to shout out a war cry and change almost everything. The only thing left behind is a question. "What the fuck is this hack?"
  8. I don't know if it was patched in one of the updates (I'm on v1.1), or if it was intentional, but when you get to the route split (same seed) with character classes randomized (at the very least so far) Tana and Amelia have different classes. (for me, Tana was a Mauthedoog in Eirika route and a Wyvern rider in Ephraim route). Again, I don't know if this was intentional, what with all the other crap in this hack.
  9. Here it is. This is not save data, but a gameshark snapshot (with the game 100%'ed but no save files). Go to FIle --> Import --> Gameshark Snapshot --> Then select the .sps file and you're good! This should NOT change any bit of the code in the game, just the save data. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Abd47ZQqcU3NSPURQsex96pq3npX77I/view?usp=sharing
  10. I feel like I should mention that there are a few things that are incorrect in that spreadsheet, but it was always like that. I checked this with Nightmare 2 and I do have the latest version of FE7 Chaos mode; 1.34 Dart, like everyone else (except for Ninian and Nils) has 0 luck growth. Also he did not gain that 45% skill, it's still 20... Dart's HP is 80%, Mag is 75%, Speed is 70%, and Def is 15%. I'm guessing that these growths were planned for version 1.35, but Klok is not putting any more work into Chaos mode. Dart was certainly the most changed, but there are some other things here and there. If anyone does want to release a spiritual FE7 Chaos Mode version 1.35, then use the spreadsheet in the quote. And here is the 1.34 info. I'll take a look at the weapons right now since I have absolutely nothing else to do. Give it about an hour. EDIT: That took a little longer than I thought, but the power of Nightmare 2 has given me the correct stats for items. The biggest change between versions was Forblaze, losing 15 might, hit, and crit in, what I assume is, the unreleased 1.35
  11. I'm having a little trouble with applying this patch. Neither Tsukuyomi nor NUPS worked with patching it and I am using a file named, "1997 - Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (U)(TrashMan)". Should I find another rom or use another patching tool?
  12. I just had a huge issue with FE7 CM on my 3ds (injected it in with a CIA) and I want to warn everyone about it, so forgive me for replying to a 7 month dead topic. I'm going to assume that everyone here knows about the opening animation thief crash (where the title screen shows the different classes and when it gets to thief the game crashes before going to the next class), but don't trigger it because it has a chance to wipe out your save data ENTIRELY. This happened to me yesterday and I wasn't able to restore my save data, so that sucked. If you just wanted the warning about the glitch then that's it, but now I'm gonna speculate as to why it only happened now instead of before. One theory is that the game tries to get a thief model from your save file (somehow) and if you have no thieves (either from promotion or death) the game sees it as corrupt and the data is then unusable. That or it's random. EDIT: I think the cause could also be how long you leave the game crashed.
  13. I got to Chapter 19, and I can't even go back to this game because I'm so confused from one thing (This is an actual spoiler, don't look until you know what I'm talking about) I'm so sorry.
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