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  1. Hey, I really want to thank everyone for replying. This is exactly the feedback I was hoping for. I think you all have definitely nailed what I like and don't like. I personally love the rebalancing of Awakening's gameplay systems and mechanics. And for me, something I don't think people said, was I loved the art style. The aesthetic of japan fighting against medieval europe was very very cool to me and gave the different sides tons of personalization. Especially with their weapons. And conquest was a blast to play through and felt very classic but yeah while the story was serviceable it wasn't compelling but it's not terrible so you end up feeling like it could have been so much more. As for the flaws I think I finally understand why this game is so polarizing. Because it certainly has a lot of flaws and there was a lot of hype. And playing it is so great as far as gameplay I think it comes down to how much the bad story, and weak characters, in a story and character focused game, hurts your individual experience. Or how much weaker gameplay of certain stories puts you off. And if you spent money on all of them but only enjoyed a few it could definitely feel wasted. Ertrick36 hit on what might be one of my biggest missing pieces of this game and that was world building. I was constantly asking things like "Where are we? What are the troop numbers?" And the writers seemingly didn't care to put a lot of effort in and would just plot write through any of that. Which was specifically disappointing because one thing awakening did really well was world building.
  2. Hi, Folks! I literally just made this account so I could ask this question. Fire emblem has always been my favorite video games series and I've played every western release. Slowly playing some of the older games on an emulator on my phone. I just want you to know where I'm coming from where I ask this question. What do you think of Fire Emblem Fates? I've play pretty much fire emblem on hard difficulty cause I like a challenge and I've been doing so with fates. I was stoked when I learned the series was on its last legs but was revitalized with Awakening. I felt the devs would get the budget they deserve and I had huge expectations. I bought all versions of Fates, BUT I'm only the last chapter of brithright, which I haven't enjoyed all that much because it is considerably easy. And I haven't beaten it a year later because I got to chapter 26 and one shot Xander and beat the level and now I'm slightly underleveled for the final level and I didn't want to grind so I went over to conquest which I find much more engaging. The challenge there is great and I feel very invested in it because I like all the characters and the stakes seem real because of how limited the game is in helping you. It has taken me a LONG time to work through certain levels of conquest, and I'm trying to match everyone up. That said the story has yet to land for me. I despise Corrin as a wimpy character, and the narrative hasn't paid off in either game. I assumed it would it revelations but recently I saw some fans in comments on a trailer saying you're better off not playing revelations because it is so bad. The game got critical success but I mostly just play fire emblem for myself so it has been weird to be so unsatisfied with the game. So now I'm at the one place on the internet where I know people who know what they're talking about are and I want to ask what does everyone think of this game? Do you like it? Do you hate it? And why? In a strange way I feel like if someone could point out its flaws to me it would be easier for me to come to terms with it.
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