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  1. Hopefully it's something different. Ephraim's refine wouldn't be as useful on her since she's already relatively fast. And with her low def it'll be harder for her to stay above 90% hp.
  2. Wow Leif rose a ton from last time. He was 157 in first CYL i believe. Also Loki being that high up is shocking, but if the results stay the same I will be happy. I'm a big fan of Ephraim, Hector, and Celica, and while Camilla isn't my favorite I don't mind her. Also looks like Marth is getting screwed by the vote split.
  3. Kind of disappointed that there's not an alternate Ephraim to go along with Eirika. Also with Zelgius in the RD banner and Eirika in this one, I wonder if an alternate version of a character already in the game is going to become a regular thing.
  4. I decided to give my fae the +res lightning breath upgrade since she's -res. I'm still figuring out what to do for Michalis. Wrath is a pretty good skill but he already kills most stuff with ignis so the extra damage may just be overkill and it might be better to go for one of the stat boosts instead. Also I really hope Cymbeline gets added to the forge soon. The weapon could really use a buff.
  5. I can't believe both Soren and Shanna won! I wanted them to win but I didn't expect. I think this is the first time everyone I was rooting for progressed (Soren, Shanna, Takumi)
  6. i actually ended up using the same team comp I used for Valter infernal on this one. Rein, Klein and two dancers. I gave Klein axe breaker, and it was pretty simple with that comp.
  7. I actually have a decent selection of 40 bonus units this time (Sigurd, Deidre, Arvis). I'll probably just do a horse team with Sigurd but if that gets boring I may try an infantry team with Arvis and Deidre. I'm a little disappointed that Ayra isn't free, but i do already have a good selection of red units. I've not been having any luck with the dancer banner so I may switch to her banner and try for her instead.
  8. Probably Ashnard. It'd be cool to have a sword wyvern and he's one of my favorite final bosses.
  9. I cleared infernal with Innes, Celica, Hector and Tana. Hector baited the green mage and killed him. Ninian danced the lance cav to him and Hector killed him too. After that I had Hector Swap with Innes so he'd be in Ninan's attack range. This was to keep her from dancing anyone as Ninian would attack and do 0 damage. With ninian preoccupied the rest of the map was simple. I had Tana kill the two red. Celica used reciprocal aid to heal Hector and Hector switched with Innes. Hawkeye used wom to reach Ninian ( he had to appear behind her because they were still in the chokepoint on the right so he couldn't attack) and Ninian suicided on Hector. Finally Celica killed Hawkeye.
  10. I'm supporting Lilina right now, but I may change later.
  11. I think Ike will win but it can be hard to tell right now. The charts usually change a lot before the last day.
  12. Nice, mine's almost done, but still needs one more level of threaten defense and an assist skill. Then do it. I promoted my Shanna to 5* and gave promoted 2 other units to give her death blow and firesweep lance. It was completely worth it. And if ever get swift sparrow fodder that's going on her too!
  13. Well if anyone on team Ike wants to add me my Heroes id is 3620067834
  14. I think Camilla's is bigger. Just based on what I've seen online.
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