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  1. It's finally the Hero King's time to shine
  2. We have all the main characters so at the moment there isn't anyone "deserving" outside of the major antagonists, laguz/other beast units, and characters who belong to a specific archetype in the series
  3. Well people get like this every time a gauntlet arrives despite knowing all we get is feathers so I'd say folks are pretty heavily invested in these things
  4. This map was pretty difficult this time around but nothing comparable to the turmoil fem!grima put me through, for the LHB Ijust had to requipquick riposte 2 onto Robin(M) and just sat back as the dominoes fell, that being said the failed attempts have burned My name is Ryoma into my brain.
  5. I hope that the accessories appear on manaketes even after they transform and my one wish is for there to be a bear mask that I can give to Frederick
  6. I don't think he's bad by any means I guess I was selling him short since I couldn't pin down his purpose initially outside of raijinto's built in distant counter, you guys are right though with flier buffs, his high speed coupled with good atk power, and the support fliers like camilla and hinoka can provide he's definitely going to be a dangerous force regardless of what phase he's built to operate on.
  7. Oh wow I've never gotten another nephenee to verify that being the case so that's pretty cool. Though I have wonder how Ryoma is gonna be able to significantly stand out from the sword fliers we already have
  8. Would it be wrong to assume that Wo Dao and Bushido can stack when paired together, and man the bride banner took away most of my orbs I needed for the christmas armors
  9. It's honestly really exhausting that every single banner as of late and even some refinery announcements send people up in arms I understand the worry of some over Sanaki but I feel like it's going overboard a bit
  10. Probably the same as Performer Shigure and Performer Inigo since her status as a flier won't affect her bst but it will definitely be impeded by her status as tome user and dancer
  11. I think your concerns are extremely warranted but I think it's pertinent to also wait until the other pieces of the unit are unveiled like her voicelines,castle quotes, and skill lines are available to get the full picture on what IS plans on doing with this and with the way her art has been handled tastefully I feel her designation is more tongue and cheek than IS being serious about this. I doubt she'd get anything overboard like suggestive art or a bikini since even Elise was given a one piece swim suit so your fears are understandably and hopefully in the future unsubstantiated.
  12. Tharja looks amazing here the colors look stunning and I like that her chibi has the darkish expression on her on at all times, curious to hear what her voice lines are since the seasonals usually have something interesting to say. Bridal Ninian's existence allows me to have couples emblem with best boy marth and eliwood which is the best thing to come from this banner, gotta say that I really enjoy her art it looks so smooth and appealing to the eye it fits Ninian to a tee. Sanaki... is interesting I'm happy her art isn't lewd whatsoever, thankfully the established from the get go these dresses are purely for aesthetical and nobody is getting married, her personality as well as tharja's don't seem to be flanderized or butchered so far. She looks fine but I'll be upset if they her voice lines are inappropriate, though I'm a little surprised Titania, Nephenee, and Micaiah were not used here but I guess Sanaki is the Neil Armstrong of Tellius, the Apostle of Firsts
  13. It's disappointing that Corrin can't reap the benefit of +6 to his stats like his support partner can but I think this refines pairs pretty well with takumi,brave lucina,hinoka, and camilla it's cool that it at least fits him thematically and references his personal skill
  14. Well Julius shares the same va with Akira from devliman crybaby maybe that's the reason for the vibe you're getting his voice is perfection tbh
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