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  1. So a little bit of venting here with the New Heroes: A New Future Summoning Banner. 119 summons (not counting the free summons) produced 1 Lysithea 😊, 1 Igrene 🙂. But here's the thing; THREE, THREE Geriks. I get it, FEH is a gatcha game, but THREE of the same non-focus character (who isn't that good) to reset the appearance rate. Do you laugh 🤣or cry 😥. I spent 77 orbs on my last run trying to get Edelgard* (a second one) nothing, nothing, and I thought watch Gerik is coming. Sure enough with 6 orbs left and one green orb, who shows up GERIK! I hate Gerik 😠! *Note: First Edelgard was from hitting the 40 summon free character.
  2. The Gatekeeper is like my second favorite character. "Nothing to report!"
  3. Oohh, I’m not too far along(ch 12) but visiting Dagda and Brigid, would be very nice.
  4. What would you like to see in the DLCs? I would like to see some interaction with the cats and dogs and the ability to recruit them. I want to make Byleth a cat lady. Rather than sing or eat with her students, she would dine with two cats instead. Once recruited the cats would appear in her room. It would certainly put greater importance on the fishing mini game. Also, more outfits I guess.
  5. I made Flayn my dancer, because she asked and no one else did.
  6. While playing Three Houses, I had to rush to my "thinking seat" and I started to think about where I needed to go next in the monastery. Has anyone seen a restroom or outhouse in the Monastery? I haven't. Do they use chamber pots? Is that why Cyril is so busy, cause he has to empty all that? Maybe it's behind that one door in the Church that only opens once every year? Even the Starship Enterprise has one restroom.
  7. Q: Is there a way to change the starting position of a unit before the battle starts? I have been using my first couple of turns just to get the formations right.
  8. No sniping, summoned all 5 every time. I got a brave lyn and a brave hector, but that’s it. I’m just calling it quits on this banner. Kept thinking, maybe this time, but no.
  9. I got some bad luck on this banner. 300 some orbs and ZERO banner heroes.
  10. I thought it would be nice for Legendary heroes as well. This came up trying to get Legendary Erika. After what seemed like a thousand orbs, she appeared! In this case, I thought a little movie might be nice. But yeah, no movies for 3* or 4* characters.
  11. Anyone else miss the summoning movie introductions for special characters. Such as the ones for Camilla or Lyn when the game first started. You'd get a close up of an eye and then a little animation. I miss that, it made finally getting one of those characters a little more satisfying.
  12. Was there a way to review the results of the previous day? I don't remember seeing anything like this, it would have been nice to review what I did wrong. Also, did anyone else get messed up by the enemy having the same character? An enemy Lucina defeated my Lucina and moved into the same spot. I don't have the combat animation on, so it just looked like the enemy Lucina disappeared and mine lost some health, I kept wondering why I couldn't move her :P
  13. It's more a a pet peeve than a complaint. No reason to be so angry. I agree with you on the difficulty levels, it's an investment to beat Lunatic, some are willing, some are not. It's great that you finished Minerva's mission with Healers. You are one of those that has chosen to invest heavily in this game, and thus you see things from your perspective. I am more casual so I see it from a different perspective, but still enjoy the game. I do disagree that to properly challenge someone in a strategy game you must create new obstacles and break the rules. Chess is a good example, the core mechanics have remained the same for hundreds of years. If suddenly I said my bishops can now move horizontally across the board, that would be unfair to a lot of people. Some people might welcome the change, a good example of this is 3D chess. We are arguing from two different views. No hard feelings.
  14. I don't think it's that unfair but can be seen that way and is a big pet peeve of mine. I dislike it when a game has to break its core mechanics to provide a challenge. I call this the 8 bit Nintendo Boss Cheat. When you were playing an old Nintendo game and you built up an elaborate set of moves and abilities that you used to beat the level. When you finally got to the boss you might have thought to yourself, hey I'm going to use this super cool move on the boss. So you execute the move flawlessly, but surprise they are immune to everything but your basic attack. The game basically had a set of rules and then threw them all away to artificially create a challenge. The latest bound heroes map is a good example of this. A bunch of flyers, I should use Archers. Oh, they have a skill that makes them immune to archers. This I think breaks the core mechanics of FEH. It's a rock-paper-scissor game. Every unit has its counter. The exceptions irk me. Archers beat flyers, except when they don't. Swords beat axes, except when they don't. Cecilia is the queen of blasting colorless, except when she can't. You can see how the exceptions start to take over the game. A special ability had to be made to break the rules and add an artificial challenge. I say artificial because if the map stayed within the rules this map probably would have been a lot easier, almost not a challenge. So did they redesign or just put in a Deus Ex Machina. Yeah, they went with the latter. I dunno it's kind of like saying you can beat Kasprov in chess, because you knock all his pieces down and hit him in the face. Hey, it made chess more challenging for him.
  15. I think it depends. If you are a casual player like me, who wants to pick the game up and put it down in like 10-30 minutes. Yes, the maps are getting unfair. It seems like you need a certain character with a certain skill set, spend hours finding the correct strategy, or spend hundreds getting uber-characters. With each new map, movement seems more and more restrictive. I figure there will be a time when the map is just one large, one square wide hallway with level 40+40 Reinhardts with 50 speed and 100 defense/resistance, supported by Quad, Bride Cordelias with Iote's shield and +200 speed. If you are not a casual player then the maps seem very fair. Either you have every character at 40+10 or you like spending your time finding that perfect strategy. Then the maps would be fair. So there isn't going to be a clear consensus. But I tend to agree that the maps are more unfair, because I just want to pick up and put down the game at my leisure. I can understand other people who have the opposite reaction, because hey it's their choice what to do with their time and resources.
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