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  1. "Highest magic rank" Tell me, what is Garcia's highest magic rank in your run?
  2. Well great, that's another person who's worked on FE GBA who does the most awe inspiring work I've ever seen. I'm very excited to try these out!
  3. Besides, even if you did hack her in, I think she uses the generic palette that all Pegasus Knights without assigned palettes share, so you'd have to make one of those as well.
  4. I... think you mean Fee? I dunno. She's normally unused, you'd have to hack her in yourself.
  5. Ah, hello! I can't wait to see what you did! Btw, did you make Nino a druid? And if so... what palette?
  6. Did I kill the thread? I killed the thread, didn't I?
  7. Here's my God Arden. Clearly not as good, but still great, at least in terms of Strength and Defense, everything else is kinda crap.
  8. Ah, you're playing on hard? Man, that's gotta suck... Even on Normal, I had issues with that chapter... So yeah... Good luck. I'm on chapter 15, and because I didn't raise Dozla or L'Arachel, I'm trying to edit the rom to allow me to use other units in their stead. Not working out too well, but whatever.
  9. Damn, that's a real God Arden. Mine's not better by any means (+4 mov instead of +7), but I can relate to that. I might get a screencap of him, just finished Vigarde's Chapter. Nino's currently a Super Pupil for me. I'm trying to raise her Dark magic rank so she can try to use Nosferatu/Luna, which will be fun. She's steamrolling whatever's in her way as well. Poor Amelia, man. Outclassed by an illiterate child. Also, yeah, I know the Gromell you speak of... Let me put it like this to the lper. You NEED someone with good hit to beat that Gromell. You'll know the one when you see it.
  10. Here you go: Chapter1 has Alm holding a unforged steel sword. Chapter2 has Alm holding the Royal Shield. There is also Kriemhild held by Berkut (Act 5), as well as some other special units added in, so see if you can decipher the code for enemy units. 1.zip
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