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  1. Yikes, I just came back super excited to join this again! Sad that this happened, if yall get all the formulas and he doesn't come back again I could attempt to try something for it!
  2. I am sadden to say this but I have to. I will not be able to join this rp due to !y life becoming super busy at the moment. However I do wish you a ton of luck with the rp and if you need to use any NPCs you can use Haylee!
  3. actually the only thing you need to add is only 10% in growths since your charatcer is level 1 XD
  4. We have Kingstaragna,possibly DialgaMatthews (they didn't update their characte info so idk about them), Sully Mcgully (I think), and I
  5. Is it alright if I could ask why some weapons weigh so much? Like the iron Lance for example weighs 12 which seems odd when compared to other entries in the games like in tearing saga it's 7, path of radiance 8, radiant Dawn being 9, Binding blade being 7 and so on and so forth.
  6. haha I did mean that sorry! Awesome I can't wait to see what you have for the plot then!
  7. so will all the females be from actual Fire emblem or could they be custom?
  8. Why not make the hack based off of the thorjan war but with a fire emblem twist to it!
  9. They might had been given permission to only use Marth for this episode XD
  10. ooo welcome welcome Talon! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. Wants to become the very best like no one ever was.
  12. @DialgaMatthews You still have two more points to put in for your bases and about 95% to add into your growths. Also where is your charatcer's Lck stat in general? Also side note for applying in more to bases and Growths. Specifically your charatcer's HP,Str,and Lck stats cost half the amount of points. Meaning if you place two points in any of the above mentioned stats, it will only cost one in terms of bases. While if you were to put 50% in growths it would only cost 25%. Also just a tad suggestion since you are new to fire emblem! You should try out some of the games to get a better idea how they work! Two I would suggest is Sacred Stones and Fire emblem 7.
  13. Well depnding on what you are doing for the promoting it will change your options! like if you only promote one per altar then I would make kliff the archer since at least by the time he is around level 15 in the bow knight he will have amazing atck,spd,skl,and pretty high def! but if you are doing a run where you promote anytime you want you may want to make Kliff a Merc and then later on if you can into a bowknight if you really love the 1-5+ range!
  14. Oh my gosh! I'm sorry if this sounds rude but that is just too funny! XD
  15. Well I am glad to have asked my question about forging then! By more lore limited do you mean foraging would be more rare and only be able to be used once in a while? Or like the extent of it is more smaller than Awakenings way?
  16. Awesome thank you for all this insightful information! All of this will be so helpful!! Two more questions then haha. Will there be a forge mechanic in this rp? If so, will it work like Awakening's or more like fates forge's system? Also will you be updating the document/spreadsheet every time a new player joins the party?
  17. Oh awesome so if Haylee becomes a summoner Ro will be her phantom! Actually may I ask how you will be calculating the avoid to the charatcers? Since I am wondering how much of a dodge tank Ro could be while dishing out on a good amount of damage hahaha. Edit: I have another question. With the gold how much will each unit start with? As well as will the gold be for indivituals or for the whole party? To add on how will units be able to earn gold as well? Also will there be secret shops too? Sorry If I am asking too many questions!
  18. oh I am very sorry about that part, I thought when I was looking the fe Spreadsheet for this it had ones across the board besides the con. My mistake and I am sorry about messing up on some of the growths and so on. Oh alright, to be honest I was looking more at the outcome of what they could become rather than at the moment. Also may I ask for your thoughts about Ro the phantom? I am curious to know what exactly made him a not really good unit. Edit: I just noticed there was no luck on the spreadsheet. Sorry again for wasting your time.
  19. Alright so I kinda was fooling around and made four phantoms that Haylee could potentially get (Whoops on my end OTL) so I can't really decide who would be the one she would actually summon even though I do have a favorite lol so you guys can decide! also they all have names because Haylee would totally name them! Hawk (sword): Noire (Lance): Hestia (Axe): May (bow): Also for a more traditional style of phantom Ro (Lance) So yeah pick your favorite! (I won't say mine just yet lol)
  20. Alright thanks for the info on the phantoms! I'll start thinking about stuff for the phantom even though summoner may not be her final class XD Also take your time on introducing Haylee XD I don't mind that!
  21. Ooooo he seems really cool! Heads up though Ena actually assign the affinity based off of the personality! So he might have something else in mind for the affinity based off of everything you wrote!
  22. Also I tried to make a sprite for Haylee, so here is her ref sheet XD
  23. oooooooooo I can't wait to see them in action then! Also after doing a bit of research I found out that the canon Fe8 Phantoms all have a total of 200% for their growth rates and they do not get any kinds of growths in the phantoms Def and res and I just wanted to let you know about that! Also a question for the phantoms will we be able to decide on a class for them? Such as archer, fighter, sword, or lance?
  24. Ah, thank you so much for the help!!! Actually here is a wip of what I am working on right now!
  25. OTL I didn't realized I never replied to you until now but anyways thanks for the critique! I do have a question though by transformative, what do you mean by that? Is it to try and mess around with the pose more?
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