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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses and encouragement so far! I'll say for the record that I have only played through Blue Lions as of now, and will probably go Black Eagles for my next runthrough. I play on Hard Classic, since I was told Normal is too easy. As for other FE experience, I've played through all 3ds games (all Fates Routes included), the Elibe duology, and Shadow Dragon. Something I noticed is that there wasn't always a good opportunity to do this, since the enemy crowd was too diverse. Like, I felt I couldn't warp Dedue since there were Gremories in range, or I couldn't warp Mercedes because of Moral Savants (I actually did try this strat during the final chapter, but both died despite high defences).
  2. The problem is that I'm not exactly the most creative sort...I tend to spend too long considering all the options in front of me (which is part of the reason FE takes me a while to finish). Having some more concrete strategies that other smarter players have come up with will help get the ball rolling. You poor soul. I'm surprised you didn't develop PTSD to the word "Gambit" after that.
  3. Reflecting on my finished playthrough of Blue Lions the other day, I realised I barely used the game gave me to my advantage to make the maps quicker and more 'efficient', which may have actually done something to make them less long. Granted, I was playing blind, but I don't think that excuses me from not knowing how to use utility Gambits like Retribution and Stride to my advantage. To explain, my main playstyle in Fire Emblem as a whole is the tried and true "bait" method (where you put a unit just in range of enemies, so you can finish them off with surrounding units once player phase starts). It keeps my units alive (except when it doesn't), and I've become better at aggroing multiple enemies at once, but it still takes a lot of time, especially when I don't use all my mov to my advantage. My reluctance to send units like cavaliers or pegasus knights into enemy territory stems from knowing getting them dog piled will likely end up with them getting killed, which is also why I feel reluctant to use Warp (especially when Lysithia is too busy nuking other units, but that's neither here nor there). So what can I do to overcome this phobia? Besides stuff like using gambits effectively and becoming bolder in strategy, is there something I should keep an eye out when building units? I remember I missed skills like Speed +2, the various positioning combat arts this first time. Also, I heard there was something about cavalry giving a negative speed growth? Any suggestions on improving would be appreciated!
  4. Yes, that would be the best way to do it. I might be able to help set up a call-out to places like r/TMSFE, r/FireEmblem and r/FireEmblemWarriors if you give me a place where they can direct their findings. Maybe send them a Discord link or something so you can relay what you want to them directly without having to go through a middle man like me. I'm most obviously interested in helping out for TMS, but I don't imagine that Encore is going to completely overhaul every piece of dialogue, down to the topic and npc dialogue. I'm thinking we could make a start to the script using the vanilla version, and then simply compare it to the script of encore, adding in any extra lines that are new. Obviously there's quite a bit of logistics to get through with that plan, but it's a start. Anyway, if it sounds good to you, sending me a detailed outline of what's needed from TMS would be most beneficial for getting this done, so people know what to look for.
  5. Hey, you made this post quite a long time ago, but with TMS#FE Encore coming out has got me and the TMSFE reddit reignited with interest into the game. I'm not sure if you still need help on that front, but if you need any quotes from specific chapters/scenarios, I can do what I can. But for the most part, you can get most of the script from Serenes forest own TMS page: https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Tokyo_Mirage_Sessions_♯FE
  6. Hope this isn't too outlandish a request, but is it in any way possible to have it so that the smaller/thinner font is able to be used when naming a weapon? For example, if you delete the name 'Master Sword' and try to retype it, it won't fit. There were tons of names I tried to type in, but were short by a letter or two, so it'd be nice if we had the option.
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