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  1. Thanks Blademaster. I always recommend your hack to my friends interested in romhacks. Happy 3H to you too; which house did you pick by the way?
  2. Are the later maps bigger with less room for error and more side objectives to complete? Will female mages benefit a lot more from the movement and canto from a mounted class over the additional spell uses of the gremory? I'm torn between making a bunch of holy/dark knights and gremories since stride is a thing but only good for 2 uses in battle.
  3. Thanks for the fixes Blademaster. I'll try them out now. Grateful for all the hard work you put into the hack. It's one of my favorites. I still can never not use Ulysses and Relina though.
  4. Oh I'm aware of Nereid. I use her to steal. In the latest patch in the Ch. where Artemis joins. I wanted a few gems but she wasn't able to steal them.
  5. Is there a workaround for Artemis not being able to steal? Also, who supports with who?
  6. What are the stat caps of the Landsknecht, Arbalist and Silver Knight?
  7. Cool thanks guess I'll try and get her in another playthrough I got her delphi shield anyway. Would someone mind PMing me where the treasures are and the secret shop are in the desert chapter? Thanks a lot. I only found the member card and a fortify staff.
  8. Did I do something wrong? Dione doesn't show up for me in Ch. 20. Does she also have to be attacked by both in the Ch. where she's a boss or will just one of them suffice?
  9. It's really fun although a bit on the easy side. I like the characters a lot. I know you said they've been busy but once the script gets polished it'll be even nicer. Bruce, Beo and Ray are OP though. I love how the healer has access to light magic right away like in SoA. Dancing and healing give too much xp I feel but it's your game. The mercy skill on the jeigan is also really neat. Beo and Fern are pretty adorable also. What were your inspirations for your hack? I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases; thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into it.
  10. Thanks Rainlash. Theo cracked me up. Wow, I didn't know you were a one man band. No rush, you put out quality plus you've probably got plenty of other things keeping you busy. Anyway thanks for all your hard work. It's definitely one of my favorites. That sewer level was so fun to figure out.
  11. Will you guys be working on future games after you're done polishing the engine? I really liked the characters, gameplay, story and base mechanics.
  12. Thanks Roosterton. Your hack’s a lot of fun. I like the characters and their dynamics. I wish it was a bit harder though but your mage knight enemies and promoted fliers are scary so that’s on point.
  13. Take your time Blade, hope things get better for you. Your hack is one of my favorites; quality can wait and focus on yourself first. Ulysses, Katherin, Nicole and Baryl are my favorites. I hope they stay how you made them; Ulysses especially bailed me out on HM so many times since he's so tanky.
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