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  1. @QKumber Rider Mordred is great for farming the next Nero Fest. However, when it comes to refund farming we’re getting better options very soon—even among Arts servants. Arts looping is largely inferior to Quick looping overall due to lower NP damage and smaller margin of error—Quicks only need to refund 50% while Arts has to refill the entire gauge every time. -Signed by an actual JP player. @Glaceon Mage I was 5-6 turning the Cave node by overcharging Kintoki’s NP. Double Ozy for charging NP and a K-Scope AOE Rider for Wave 2. He does something like 238k at neutral. Absolutely disgusting. Then again my Black Grail is Lv 100.
  2. I got Tamamo Lancer from GSSR. Going full circle from getting Caster in my first GSSR, huh. I’m considering rolling Parvati to NP2 later this year, but otherwise I’m not pulling for at least another year.
  3. Funny enough, Kenshin isn’t a Saberface. Having gone through their ratings myself and discussing them with people who actually look at stuff besides the final score, Appmedia is not as much of a meme as people make it out to be. I disagree with a good chunk of their placements, but the list is generally accepted as accurate among the more experienced players. And yeah, Nobu is an awful servant. That 70% steroid after waiting 3 turns only amounts to 24k neutral NP damage. She needs an interlude, and fast. Heck, I don’t think even an interlude is enough to make her good. Her kit is way too dysfunctional. She can’t crit, and she can’t instant NP with Merlin + Waver. And for Divine-slaying, there are a dime a dozen options. Arthur and Iskandar are unironically better than her. One of the greatest figures in Japanese history is the worst SSR in the game. We’re in the bad timeline boys.
  4. Seeing as the event started less than 24 hours ago, it’s too soon to say anything definitive. At least on the surface, Kenshin is pretty good. Her NP hits harder than NP1, post-Interlude Scathach when not hitting Divine; Scathach sits at around 54k at neutral while Kenshin squeezes ahead at 56k. While Scathach has much better damage output overall due to Self-Modification (ish?) and Anti-Divine, a free SR coming close to one of the hardest-hitting NPs in the game is no mean feat. Where Kenshin really shines is in her internals, though. A 1.8 Arts card in a QAABB deck is almost unheard of, and that’s before her skills are factored in. At 10/10/10 her NP refill is absurd, letting her loop with just her base kit. And on top of all that she has a star absorb. The main problem I have with her is that the Arts and NP gain buffs last only one turn. A lower scaling on 3 turn duration would have been more desirable. I don’t think Kenshin is one of the best welfares in the game, but she is still pretty good. I can’t say as much for Nobu and the new Berserker, sadly.
  5. I would like to see it too @eclipse I really need to get a Velouria. Being able to run Galeforce or high CD specials makes a big difference in these maps. Same with Leg Azura.
  6. I really appreciate you putting in the effort. You didn't have to but you did anyway. Thank you so much! I was able to do Abyssal with a few tweaks to the team. Inigo at +0 and neutral defensive IVs died to the Cleric by 2 points of damage. Since I was too impatient to give him a Res refine on Dancer's Ring, I gave him Summoner Support C for the same effect. He also had Ally Support with Celica from Alm Abyssal a while back, which I took advantage of here because I didn't have any Brazen fodder to spare How dare you fodder best boy Ares!? It ended up mattering because the whopping 1 point of Attack from their S Support was needed to KO the Cleric. Towards the end the enemies didn't move exactly as they did for you, so I had to improvise towards the end. But Abyssal is done. Once again, I really appreciate your help with this.
  7. Yeah, this isn’t going to work. Without a green melee Dancer, those two blue cavaliers take too long for Celica to KO. Would it be possible to build around a Dull tank? I recently gave Sharena DC, but the Green Cavs will give me issues.
  8. I have a Leanne, but I used my only copy of Legault for fodder a while back. I didn’t think about having Celica get hit to proc Desperation, so I’ll work with that for a while. My only issue was Nohrian Azura having to tank two blues in one turn since I don’t have her, but I may be able to improvise. My Dancers are +10 4* Olivia, Leanne, and Young Azura. Normally I use Drive Atk on Olivia, double Spur Atk on Young Azura, and a flex seal on Leanne. Usually Drive Spd. My other Dancers are, uh...Inigo, Shigure, and Ninian. Not exactly great.
  9. Skadi rerun, of course. I'm thinking we will get Captain Nemo as the new SSR for anniversary.
  10. Nasu is moving on to other projects after FGO Part 2 is done. This doesn’t say anything about the game ending. And why would they? It’s a literal money-printing machine.
  11. Arjuna doesn’t really qualify as powercreep. Berserkers in general have not been very useful for recent content. Arjuna is no different. If debuff immunity starts to become more common, Raikou will be more consistent DPS-wise because Arjuna is highly dependent on getting his Debuff powermod and Buster Down to apply for most of his damage. The only situation where he’s straight up better is for farming, because he is basically Spartacus with SSR stats. It’s the same deal with Snake Mage vs Irisviel, except the degree of “lack of relevancy” is kicked up to eleven.
  12. Agartha done. My newbie JP box handled this easily a year ago. To the surprise of no one it was a joke NA-side. In my opinion, Arjuna Alter is the best Berserker in the game. NP battery is a significant advantage over Raikou, and his damage is across 3 turns.
  13. My team doesn’t have an answer to Ike outside of baiting with Corrin. Which probably won’t pan out well depending on placement. I only have one Astra team, but I’m hesitant to invest into another unit for now.
  14. This week is going pretty well. Naga being a bonus means I can field a Dancer and laugh harder at bad defense teams. Slowly climbing up with the usual Corrin / Jamke pair.
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