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  1. And many other fights too. She deserves only the best.
  2. Shimosa done. Now for some free quest farming and JP reruns.
  3. The Hell Riders will give people the most trouble. A Rider boss accompanied by double AOE NPs and charms every other turn is brutal.
  4. Parvati is waifu < 3
  5. Parvati is one of the best point servants for Quick after Dantes. Yes, second only to Dantes. She is an easy skip if you aren't rolling for Skadi, but if you are there is no reason not to.
  6. Doesn't matter to me as long as it's all Sabers. Gil tears this up like he usually does.
  7. Same, I've been pushing hard this event. Getting CE drops left and right and I'm over 60 boxes done at this point. Gonna keep going till I'm out of gold apples.
  8. The opposite for me. Went from 10 to 50 boxes in a single farming session yesterday. Gil makes it super quick. Meanwhile in NA land:
  9. Went with my gut and got Nursery Rhyme. 9/9/9 now, just need the Lores.
  10. I have Lv 100 Artoria on JP. Void Shiki is on NA. Shiki is in the 19k area at 90 pre-Interlude. I don’t think she outdamages Saber Alter either. That is some cursed luck though, geez. Hope it gets better.
  11. His character doesn't do him any favors, yeah. I have a Lancer Saberface Alter already. Taking Jailter off support list puts me in a situation I can't win. Also did you see my NP5 Daishouri Saber Alter hit Bond 10 a long time ago. I still use her for farming despite NP1 because I still don't have any AOE Saber that reliably hits harder than her. She's at 26,728 assuming no grails or fous so the difference is even bigger in practice. NP5 Nero swings for 19,559 on NP. If IP procs she hits for 28,165. NP4 Suzuka is 26,257...if I actually bothered leveling her skills. Saber Lily will eventually outdamage her post-NP strengthen at 27,987 but probably still loses to even grailed NP1. I'm torn because even if Wu is better, I like Nursery Rhyme and I've never pulled a copy of her. Edison manhandles full gauge Kama and is a lot of fun to use. He also has the most use as a support between those three so I think he wins. Barring any favoritism of course. Haven't seen you post in this thread for a while. Good to see you're back!
  12. People thinking Fionn is bad in the year of our Lord 2019. Why?
  13. Waffling between Wu, Alice, Saber Alter, and Emiya. Wu is the clear winner for gameplay while the other three are flavor. Saber Alter would give me NP2 while the other three would be NP1. What do?
  14. BB with Merlin and a support Jeanne manhandled the Prototype Finale. No CS. Just ignore Altria and Medea and kill everyone else. Sure you have to go through 20 stacks of Guts at the end, but by that point the fight is already won.
  15. Musashi's downside is that she can't crit. Ever. Outside of that she's great. She's not really a point servant for CQs--Hokusai is still better there. However her refund farm is fantastic. Ò̧̥̤͡k͍̝̖͉̗͙͕i̧̲̘͚͕͉̰ţ̬̲͢͜a͖͉̬̪̬͕̹̗-̱̮̠̳̥͇̖͟s͏̴̧̪̤̭ḁ̹̬̞̟͓n͔̘̤̺̖̦̖͜ ̧̲͙̟̪͔̟̥̕Ḓ̩̬̰̤̬͖͎À̸͇͙̗̀I̞̗͇̯̗̥̠S̷̳͇͖̤̻̬H̭̪͇͍̦͓͝O̶͙̯̦͎̰̲͍͜͞U̧̻͖̺R̻͔̟͚̣̞Í̶̭̟͎̯̀ Initially, I wrote her off almost immediately when I saw the stun demerit. Between her passives and Reines though, I think she's pretty good now. It's still very premature to rank the summer servants, but tentatively I would say: Musashi > Hokusai > Melt > Artoria > Okita > Osaka > Carmilla
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