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  1. I love CR! I’m super behind though, finals are gonna be rough.
  2. Olwen is underrated tbh, this is a very likable stat table, very satisfying...And yes, that skill is correct. Soon...
  3. In my defense, i did have Lucina. Unfortunately, she got blindsided by Nino and was taken out before Hector was an issue.
  4. Well, I thought my team could beat anything. Turns out I was wrong. Vantage Hector is absolutely ridiculous. Had him in a 3-on-1 with Effie (Full HP), Klein (Full HP), and Minerva (2 HP). He killed all of them without taking damage (except from Effie) because of his vantage-auto counter BS. Good God, and I thought Takumi was bad....
  5. Good god no. Hector is the biggest thorn in my side ever to exist. Nothing I have counters him, other than Lucina. Klein gets Distant Countered and dies instantly. Effie is at a disadvantage and will get destroyed. Minerva has no defence and gets bodied as well. And he has tons and tons of health. And does a butt-ton of damage. He is the biggest pain on the face of the planet.
  6. The number of Anna's will be pretty ridiculous. I've got a Lvl 27 4*, but I might not even use her. I've already set my team up to counter most options, so I'll probably just win the old-fashioned way
  7. That's pretty disgusting to be honest. However, the art is pretty tame for the most part. Lyn's...Assets may have been increased, but at least it's not as bad as Camilla. And Lyn going commando,maybe it's to maximize mobility? As for Catria, I think that's pretty tame. Even Linde isn't really enough to get riled up about.
  8. The team is coming together... Amazing results compared to last season. While I'm not top-tier in the offense area, it's much better than previous seasons. Not to mention my defense results are impressive. I think this may be "The team," but only time will tell
  9. Pretty much. Now that Inheritance is a thing, Cherche has moved up the power rankings for sure. Still not as good as Minerva or Camilla, but probably a solid 3rd or 4th
  10. Cherche's top weapon, the hammer, is a very good anti-armor. You might be able to find that useful for another green type. Otherwise, not much use.
  11. I hate it too. It always spawns my Effie in the corner behind Lucina, so she takes forever to get to the front. It's also difficult to get Klein into a position where he can work safely Still, adding Klein to my team has done wonders. Last season was 2200, kind of a disaster. This season was a full 7-advanced difficulty streak for 3546 to end it out.
  12. Est is... Complicated. I wouldn't use her, personally, but she has a niche. You can try to buff her attack and turn her into a heavy hitter. But then you might as well have a Minerva.
  13. And that's the way we like her. Especially when I've got a +ATT Effie. Absolutely evil.
  14. Hmm...Might be something to look into then... Minerva is very good, but she's only 32, and she's been falling behind the other lately because she's too weak to risk attacking with.
  15. Tends not to matter when they hit my Effie for a respectable 20 damage and then get erased from this plane of existence by her return attack.
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