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  1. I think you're just overreading into this; it is probably, likely, most definitely, just lighting. And even then, with the screenshot of the dance scene, you can hardly tell what color that's supposed to be.
  2. I've been playing GBF lately so I want to make a moveset for one of my faves Yuisis A skilled Erune sword fighter and former leader of the Ditoria Knights, Yuisis can utilize two different fighting styles that can be switched using neutral special. Each style has their own perks and will even change some special attacks. Use them to change the flow of battle. Moveset: Palettes:
  3. PLEASE MAKE A 2x SP SEAL!!! Literally just a seal that gives 2x SP to the unit holding it I would appreciate that so much its like the top of my feh wishlist edit: Honestly it's kind of pointless to list actual ABC skills because the wishlist is literally any of them that are good
  4. An echoes banner is all I want right now. Banner would be Silque, Forsyth, Conrad, Catria (Echoes). Kamui as a GHB or TT reward.
  5. I always thought Fomortiis was cool looking and I think he would've been a cool boss. Uhhhh other than that I'm not sure.
  6. Yeah that's a lot of the issue and happens for a lot of other artists and characters as well. Some characters and artists just don't blend well. I follow Pikomaro on twitter and they do very good with girls, but I hardly see any guys. Will say that they did a really good job with Wrys though.
  7. I'm not gonna say who I think is the worse, but I'm gonna leave my two cents here. Artists have bad days, artists sometimes do work that's heavily out of their comfort zone, and artists always improve over time. Yeah some of the art in this game aren't as great as others, but please don't let it be all that artist will be known for. Critiquing and having opinions is totally fine but I think it's fair to give them a chance to redeem themselves. Lloyd for example is considered as one of the worst by many for multiple reasons, but Pikomaro has some outstanding work like Sumia and Charlotte. Lachesis is given flak for being too "moe-blob", along with a couple others by Miwabe Sakura, but they've honestly improved a lot of the course of FEH's lifespan, which can be seen on twitter and their GD Mist.
  8. Mmm I'd say that being a bad unit won't really make me dislike a character, but being a good unit can make me like a character.
  9. Not sure if people knew but your FREE SUMMON is replaced with getting one of the four. Yeah, it still kind of sucks but it becomes a normal banner after your free summon. Which I'd say is a bit better than the Year 1 & 2 seasonal freebies tbh. Edit: Also vote Halloween Myrrh for red pls
  10. I've never felt strongly about Azura before but I use all three of the versions of her I have a ton (Young, New Year, PA). She's my go-to dancer basically and is S-supported with my three faves. Young is with Sakura, New Year with Catria, PA with Laslow.
  11. Hey I recommend checking these out for some adorable illustrations https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/category/character/ Some personal favorites: Edit: Whoops this was meant for general discussion
  12. No because that'd actually be dope as heck too
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